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Glossary of Scottish Words (PermaThread)

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Subject: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: John in Brisbane
Date: 21 Mar 00 - 12:25 AM

Full Scots Glossary

This may ultimately become a useful resource for Mudcatters who wish to understand Scottish song lyrics, and was prompted by recent discussions about FAQ's for newcomers. For the sake of reasonable brevity I have posted the A-C section only. I have longer term hopes of expanding it somewhat to include dialect beyond Scottish, maybe even Australian. A Glossary of about 5,000 words/terms is probably achievable over the next year or two. In the meantime I would appreciate advice as to the best place to house it. Regards, John

PS I'm not emotionally ready to accept detailed reports of errors and omissions just yet, and certainly not in this forum. Please do so via a personal message if you care to add or discuss fine detail.

A Glossary of Scottish Words

A Ah I
a a
A' all.
A' all
a bodie someone
a haip a lot+ often
a maiter o as much as
A' THE GO extremely popular
a thocht the least bit
a wee a little while
a while sin some time ago
aa a'+ aw all
aa ither thin everything else
aa weys aw weys in every way
aabodie awbodie a'bodie everyone
aagates awgates everywhere
aamaist awmaist almost
aareadies awreadies already
aaricht awricht all right
aathegither awthegither altogether
aathing awthing everything
aawhaur everywhere
aback behind
abee as it is+ alone
abeelitie abeilitie ability
abeich abeech aloof
abi’s abeis+ abees compared with
Abiegh aloof
Ablins v. aiblins.
ablo ablow below
Aboon above up.
aboot about
abraid abroad
Abread abroad.
Abreed in breadth.
abreest Abreist abreast
abuin abune; aboon above
abuise abuse
ABUNE above
accoont account
accuistom accustom
ackwart awkward
acquent acquainted Past t.
acquent acquant acquaint
acquentit acquainted Past perf.
acre acre
adae ado going on+ being done+ the matter with
admeet admeet admit
admoneetion admoneition admonition
advocate barrister
ae one+ the only one
AE one+ any
ae day one day
aefauld honest
aefauldlie sincerely
aff off
AFF off
aff luif aff-lufe+ aff-loof off-hand
aff o away from
Aff-hand at once.
Aff-loof offhand.
affuird afford
A-fiel afield.
afore before+ in front of
AFORE before
Aft oft.
AFT often
aft(en) affen often
Aften often.
again agen agane again
age age
agin again against
agley aglay aglee off line
aheid ahead
Ahin behind.
ahint ahent ahin behind
Aiberdeen Aberdeen
Aiberdour Aberdour
Aiberfyle Aberfoil
aiblins perhaps
aicht echt+ aucht+ eicht eight
Aidin Eden
aidle liquid manure
Aidle foul water.
aigle eagle
aik oak
AIK oak
Aiken oaken.
ail ail
ain (on it's) own
AIN+ ANE own+ one
ainimal animal
ainsel ainsell own self
aiple epple apple
air air
Air early.
airch erch arch
airieplane aeroplane
Airle earnest money.
airm erm arm
airmie army
airn iron
airt art aim+ direction
airticle article
airtit directed
AIRTS directions
aishan issue
ait oat
aith oath
aither ether either
aits oats
aiven even
aiven on even+ straight+ right
Aiver an old horse.
aix axe
aixle axle
aizle ember+ spark+ cinder
ajee awry
A-jee ajar; to one side.
akis acause because
aks ax ask
alairm alarm
Alake alas.
alane alone
ALANE along
alanerlie entirely
alang along
ale ale
alenth alength along
alike alyke similar+ the same
aliment alimony
aller alder
allou alloo allow
alowe alight+ on fire
altho although
am am
Amaist almost.
amang amo among
AMANG among
ambeetious ambeitious ambitious
amens amends
Americae Amerikie America
amissin missing
amna am not
amoont amount
an and
An if.
An' and.
AN' A' also (and all)
an aa an aw an' a' also+ as well+ too
an aa that an aw that and all that sort of thing
an that and so on etceteras
AN+ AN' and
ance ance once
ANCE once
ance eerant eirrant+ eirrand specially for that alone
ane one
ANE (THEIR ANE) their own
ane anither one another
ANE+ ANES one+ ones
aneath aneith+ aneeth+ anaeth beneath
anent concerning+ opposite
anerlie only
Anes ones.
anger anger
angry angry
anither another
ANITHER another
annoonce announce
annual annual
answer answer
anter venture
antie aunt
antrin occasional
anxeeitie anxiety
A'PLACE everywhere
Apryle Aprile April
Aqua-fontis spring water.
Aqua-vitae whiskey.
are ar+ ur+ ir are
ARENAE are not
argie airgie argue
ark airk chest
Arle v. airle.
arna arena are not /aren't
AROUN' around
arrae arra arrow
artifeecial artifeicial artificial
as als+ uz as
asclent asklent oblique
Ase ashes.
ashet serving dish
aside asyde beside
Asklent askew
Aspar aspread.
asteer asteir astir
astragal glazing bar
at at
at ane mair at the last push
ataa ataw at all
A'thegither altogether.
athin within
athoot ithoot+ athout without
athort across+ over
Athort athwart.
ATHWART across
atterie attery infested+ grim+ angry
atweel atweill indeed+ in any case
Atweel in truth.
atween atwein between
atweesh atweish between
atwixt between
aucht aicht echt due+ owed+ own
Aught eight.
Aught possessed of.
Aughten eighteen.
Aughtlins at all.
Augist August
auld aald aul aal ald old
AULD LANG SYNE old memories; days gone by
Auld Reekie Edinburgh.
AULD+ AULDER old+ older
aulddame grandmother
Auldfarran auldfarrant
auld-farrant old fashioned
Auld-warld old-world.
aum a'um alum
aumers embers
Aumous alms.
aumrie aumry pantry
Austrailae Austrailie Australia
ava at all+ without stopping
AVA' at all
AW all
awa away+ along+ ago
AWA' away
awa aff leaving
awaby at home+ off home
awaird award
Awald backways and doubled up.
Awauk awake.
Awauken awaken.
AWAUKENS awakens
awaur aware
awe owe
awesome awful
awfu awfae+ awfie awful
Awkart awkward.
awn own (belongs to)
Awnie bearded.
ay aye yes
aye ey always+ still
AYE yes+ always
ayebidin ayebydin eternal
ayont beyond
AYOUT across
Ba' a ball.
baa baw+ ba' ball
baccie bakkie tobacco
back back
backarts backwards
back-end autumn
Backet bucket
backin address
Backit backed.
backlins backwards
Backlins-comin coming back.
backsey loins of beef
Back-yett gate at the back.
bad baud bad
badderelocks edible seaweed
bade endured
bade stayed
Bade asked.
baff a slipper+ a blow
baggie a swede
Baggie stomach.
BAGS bagpipes
baignet bayonet
Baig'nets bayonets.
baillie magistrate
Baillie magistrate of a Scots burgh.
Bainie bony.
baird bard
bairge barge
bairn child+ baby
BAIRN+ BAIRNIE little child
bairnheid childhood
BAIRNS children
Bairntime brood.
baith both
BAITH both
bak bake
Bakes biscuits.
bakken baked
bakkit baked
balderrie wild orchid
ballant ballad
Ballats ballads.
BALLOCH mountain pass
ballop opening in trousers
Balou lullaby.
Ban swear.
Ban' band (of the Presbyterian clergyman).
bananae banana
band baun+ baund bound
bane bone
BANES bones
Bang an effort; a blow; a large number.
Bang to thump.
Banie v. bainie.
Bannet bonnet.
bannock small loaf
Bannock bonnock
Bannock nicht Shrove Tuesday
banstickle stickleback
bap bread roll
bapteese bapteise baptise
bar baur bar
Bardie dim. of bard.
BARDY scolding
Barefit barefooted.
bare-scud ber-scud naked
Barket barked.
Barley-brie or bree
Barm yeast.
Barmie yeasty.
Barn-yard stackyard.
barrae barra+ borra+ borrie+ barrie barrow
barrie fine+ excellent
Bartie the Devil.
bash a drinking bout
Bashing abashing.
bass a mat
bastardin devilish
bastart bastard
Batch a number.
bather bother
Bathkit Bathgate
batters book cover+ to paste
Batts the botts; the colic.
bauch bad tasting
bauchle bachle+ bauchil distort
Bauckie-bird the bat.
baud bade
baudrons cat+
Baudrons Baudrans
bauk beam+ unploughed ridge+ balk
Bauk v. bawk.
bauken bat
Bauk-en' beam-end.
bauld bold+ bald
Bauldest boldest.
Bauldly boldly.
Baumy balmy.
baur joke+ bar
baurber barber
baurley baurlie barley
baurrel barrel
Bauss Rock Bass Rock
bawbee half penny
bawd(rons) baud a hare
Bawdrick Baldridge
Bawdrons v. baudrons.
bawheid fool
Bawk a field path.
bawkie backie bat
bawsant having a white streak
Baws'nt white-streaked.
bawtieS rabbit+ hare
baxter baker
be be
beadle church officer
bear bear (carry)
Bear barley.
beard baird beard
beardie stone loach
beas beis beasts
Beas' beasts
beast beist beast
beastie insect
Beastie dim. of beast.
beat bait beat
beat beaten
beb drink
beck curtsey
become becum become
bed bed
beef any butchers meat
beek beik warm
been been
Beet feed
begesserant sparkling
begin begin
begoud begude began
begowk begeck deceive
begrudge grudge
begrutten tearstained
behauden obliged.
beheid behead
behuve behuive behove
beil biel+ beel suppurate
Beild v. biel.
bein be-in being
belang belong
Beld bald.
belike probably+ probably+ likely
bellaes bellas+ bellies bellows
Bellum assault.
Bellys bellows.
Beltane Mayday
belyve soon+ quickly+ at once
ben mountain
ben inside (a room)
Ben a parlor (i.e. inner apartment)
bend bend+
benmaist innermost
BENMAIST furthest
Benmost inmost.
benorth north of
Be-north to the northward of.
bent bent
bent(s) common hair-grass
bere barley
berk bark
berm ferment
bern barn
Berrick Berwick
besaunt canonise
beseek beseik beseech
besmerten besmairten smarten+ tidy
besom bizzom broom+ hussy
Be-south to the southward of.
best best
bestmaid bridesmaid
beteach to entrust
Bethankit grace after meat.
better better
betterment improvement
beuk buik+ buke book+ baked
Beuk a book: devil's pictur'd beuks-playing-cards.
bewaur beware
bewave lay in wait
bi by+ beside
bi crivens crivvens Christ defend us
bi fegs by faith+ truly
bi(s) in comparison with+ besides+ than
bick bitch
bicker skirmish
Bicker a wooden cup.
Bicker a short run.
Bicker to flow swiftly and with a slight noise.
Bickerin noisy contention.
Bickering hurrying.
bid bid+ stayed
Bid to ask
bidden bid+ endured+ stayed
biddin invite
BIDDIN stayed
bide byde endure+ dwell+ stay
BIDE stay
BIDE A WEE stay a while
Biel bield
Biel comfortable.
bield beild shelter
bien bein comfortable
Bien bienly
BIEN in good condition
big bigg build
biggen built+ swollen+ pregnant
biggin building
biggit built
Bike v. byke.
Bill the bull.
billie billy companion
bing heap
Bingrie Ballingry
Bings heaps.
bink bank shelf
binna don't be+ unless+ except+ be not
binnd bin' bind
bird bird
Birdie dim. of bird; also maidens.
birk birch tree+ cheer
Birken birchen.
birkenshaw birch wood
birkie lively
Birkie a fellow.
birl turn+ spin
BIRLIN' spinning
birr whirr
Birr force
birrie bury
birriet birrit buried
Birring whirring.
birse birss+ burs bristle+ bristles+ anger
Birses bristles.
birsle scorch
Birth berth.
birze squeeze
biss bizz bustle
bit piece
Bit small (e.g.
Bit nick of time.
BIT but
Bitch-fou completely drunk.
Bizz a flurry.
Bizz buzz.
Bizzard the buzzard.
Bizzie busy.
blab blister
Black-bonnet the Presbyterian elder.
Black-nebbit black-beaked.
blad a leaf+ a portfolio+
Blad v. blaud.
blae blue grey+ livid
blae-bunnet blue tit
blain blane scar+ weal
blairt outburst
blame fault
blash splash
blashie windy+ rainy
Blastet blastit
Blastie a blasted (i.e.
blate bashful+ shy
Blather bladder.
blatter rattle+ heavy blow
blaud spoil
Blaud a large quantity.
Blaud to slap
blaw blaa+ bla blow
Blaw to brag.
BLAW+ BLAWN+ BLAWS blow+ blown+ blows
Blawing blowing.
blawn blaan blown
bleb tipple
bleck black
bleckie blackbird
bled bled
blee blie dim
Bleer to blear.
Bleer't bleared.
Bleeze blaze.
BLEEZE blaze
bleize bleaze+ bleeze blaze
Blellum a babbler; a railer; a blusterer.
blenk moment+ blink
blenker blinker eye-lash
blether bleather babble+ idle talk+ blather
blether bladder
Blether blethers
bletheration nonsense
Bletherin' talking nonsense.
BLETHERSKATE silly talker; one who talks too much
blew blew
Blin' blind.
BLIN' OORS hours of darkness
Blink a glance
Blinkers spies
Blinkin smirking
blinnd blin' blind
blinnd-bat moth
Blin't blinded.
BLINTERIN glimmering
blirt weep+ cry
bliss bless
Blitter the snipe.
blomaist blowmaist lowest
blowst brag+ boast
Blue-gown the livery of the licensed beggar.
bluffert bliffert a squall of wind
bluid blude+ blid bleed+ blood
BLUID+ BLUIDY+ BLUIDIE blood+ bloody
bluidshed bloodshot
Bluidy bloody.
bluim blume+ blim bloom
bluiter blooter+ bluter obliterate
Blume to bloom.
blunner blun'er blunder
Bluntie a stupid.
Blypes shreds.
blythe blithe pleased+ happy
boar boar
BOATIE small boat
Bobbed curtsied.
bocht boucht bought
Bocked vomited.
bodach old man
Boddle a farthing.
Bode look for.
bodie body+ boadie+ buddie (some)one
Bodkin tailor's needle.
Body bodie
Boggie dim. of bog.
BOGIE boogie man
bogle boggil spectre
Bogle a bogie
bogshaivle distort
bole recess
Bole a hole
Bonie bonnie
Bonilie prettily.
bonnie bonny beautiful
BONNIE beautiful/handsome
Bonnock v. Bannock.
bonspiel bonspeil curling match
BOO bow
'Boon above.
boond bound+ boundary
Boord board
Boord-en' board-end.
BOORTREE elder tree
Boortress elders.
Boost must needs.
Boot payment to the bargain.
Bore a chink
born born
borrae borra borrow
bosie embrace+ a bosom
boss hollow+ boss
bossie basin
Botch an angry tumor.
BOTHAN cottage
bothie bothy cottage
bou boo bow+ bend
bou-backit hump-backed
boud boo'd+bou'd bowed+ bent
bouer booer bower
bougle boogle lurk
bouk body+ bulk
Bouk a human trunk; bulk.
boul bool bowl for game of bowls+
bouls bools The game of bowls or
Bountith bounty.
Bourshaa Bowershall
bourtree boortree elder tree
'Bout about.
bowder bolder
bowe bow (weapon)+ arch
bowf bark
Bow-hough'd bandy-thighed.
bowk boke+ bock retch+ vomit
Bow-kail cabbage.
bowl bowel bowl
bowlie bow-legged
bowlt bent
bowster bolster
bowt bolt
Bow't bent.
box boax box
boy boay boy
brace mantelpiece
Brachens ferns.
BRADE broad
brae slope+ hill
BRAE hill
braid broad
BRAID broad
Braik a harrow.
Braing't plunged.
brainsh brainch branch
braird sprout
BRAISANT brazen faced
braith braeth breath
brak brek break+ broken
BRAK break
brakfast brakefast breakfast
Brak's broke his.
brammle bramble blackberry
brander a grid iron
branderin scaffolding
brang brought
brank prance
Brankie gay
Branks a wooden curb
Bran'y brandy.
brash short illness+ burst of
Brash short attack.
brast burst
brat ragged garment+ pinafore
Brats small pieces
Brats small children.
brattle clatter
Brattle a scamper.
Brattle noisy onset.
BRATTLIN rushing noisily
braw bra fine
Braw handsome
BRAW fine
brawlie splendidly+ thoroughly
brawlie altogether
Brawlie finely
brawlike fine
braws finery
braxie braxy sheep's disease
Braxies sheep that have died of braxie (a disease).
Breastie dim. of breast.
Breastit sprang forward.
brecham horse collar
Brechan ferns.
breckens bracken
bree brie brew+ the brunt+ gravy
breed breed
breeks breiks trousers
BREEKS trousers
breekums very short trousers
breer breer brier
breeshle breeshle rush
breest breist breast
Breetish Breitish British
breid breed bread
breil breel race
breinge breenge barge
brent brand v.
Brent brand.
Brent straight
bress brass
breuk bruik+ bruke+ brook broke
brew broo+ brou liquid
brewster brewer
bricht bright
brickle brittle
BRIDLE wedding
Brie v. barley-brie.
Brief writ.
Brier briar.
brig bridge
Brig o Dee Bridge of Dee
bring bring
brinkie comely
Brisket breast.
brither brother
brittle difficult
Broad-claith broad-cloth.
broch burgh
Brochheid Burghhead
brocht brought
brochten brought
Brochtie Broughty Ferry
Brochtoun Broughtown
brock badger
BROCK badger
brockit having black and
brod goad+ board+ having
brog pierce
broggle bungle
Brogue a trick.
Broo soup
Brooses wedding races from the church to the home of the bride.
brose oatmeal dish
brose soup
Brose a thick mixture of meal and warm water; also a synonym for porridge.
broth soup
brou broo brow
brouk brook soil
broun broon brown
brounkaities bronchitis
brousle broosle crush
browden pamper
Browster wives ale wives.
brucken broken
bruckle brittle
brucklie brittle
Brugh a burgh.
bruim brume broom
Bruimhaa Broomhall
bruind flare
bruit brute
brulyie brulzie brawl
Brulzie brulyie
BRUME broom (the shrubs cytisus or genista)
brung brought
brunstane brimstone
brunt burnt
Brunteelan Brunteilan Burntisland
brushers bottles of beer
brust burst
bubbliejock bubblyjock turkey
bucht sheep pen+ bay
bucket pale
Buckhyne Buckhine Buckhaven
Buckie dim. of buck; a smart younker.
Buckle a curl.
Buckskin Virginian: the buckskin kye
bud had to
Budget tinker's bag of tools.
Buff to bang
buffits mumps
bug built
Bughtin folding.
buird burd table+ board
buirdlie burdly stalwart
Buirdly stalwart.
buit bute+ bit boot
bul bull
buller bellow
bullie bullfinch
bum drone
Bum the buttocks.
Bum to hum.
bumbaizie confuse
bumbee bumble-bee
Bum-clock beetle
bummle hum+ a wild bee
Bummle a drone
bund bound
Bunker a seat.
bunnet bonnet
Bunters harlots.
Burdies dim. of bird or burd (a lady); maidens.
bure buir bore
BURGENET duvet+ quilt
burn burn+ stream
Burnewin the blacksmith (i.e.
Burnie dim. of burn
Burns nicht 25th January
burrae burra burrow
Burr-thistle spear-thistle.
burst burst
bursten bursen burst
burstit burst
bus omnibus
busk adorn
Busk to dress; to garb; to dress up; to adorn.
BUSK to dress+ make ready
buss bush+ dress
busskie bushy
Bussle bustle.
but bit but+ except+ outer
But without.
But butt
butter butter
buy buy
by by+ past
By beside.
By himsel beside himself.
by wi't done for+ as good as
Bye attour (i.e. by and attour)
bygae pass
bygane past times
bygate byway
bygaun passing
byke bike bees+ wasps or ants nest
Byke a bees' nest; a hive; a swarm; a crowd.
byle bile boil
bylt biled boiled
byne bine bowl+ washtub
byordinar byordnar unusual
byous special
byre cow shed
byspale wonderful
Ca' call
CA' THRO' work on
CA'+ CA'D call+ called
caa ca'+ caw call
caad ca'd called
caain vocation
cabbitch cabbage
cabble quarrel
cack defecate
cackie defecate
caddie carrier+ bearer
cadge peddle wares+ carry
cadger carrier+ disagreeable
Cadger a hawker (especially of fish).
cadie a mans cap
Cadie caddie
Caff chaff.
cahoutchie cahoochie rubber
cailleach old woman
caird card+ tinker
cairiage cairriage carriage
cairie kerry+ cairrie+ cairry carry
cairie-on behaviour
cairiet carried
cairn pile of stones
cairpet carpet
cairt cart+ map
CAIRT cart
cairts playing cards
caition deposit+ caution
caiver caver mumble
Calf-ward grazing plot for calves (i.e.
Callan callant
callant youth
caller fresh
Caller cool
Callet a trull.
cam came
CAM came
camceil sloping ceiling
cammelt crooked
camshauchle disordered
camsheuch crabbed+ cross grained
camsteirie camsteerie+ camstairie perverse+ difficult to
can kin may / can
canalyie rabble
candibrod sugar-candy
cangle wrangle
Canie cannie
canker fret
cankert ill-tempered
Cankrie crabbed.
cankrif cankrife cankering
canna canny+ cannie may not / can't
cannach cotton grass
cannie canny gentle+ skilful etc.
Canniest quietest.
Cannilie cannily
CANNY carefully
CANNY GAUN easy going
cant sing softly
cantie canty cheerful+ happy
cantle lilt
Cantraip magic
cantrip magic spell+ frolic

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Joe Offer
Date: 21 Mar 00 - 02:47 AM

CARL+ CARLS fellow+ fellows
carle old man
Carl-hemp male-hemp.
Carlie a manikin.
Carlin carline a middle-aged
carline carlin old woman
Carline's lowp Carlups
Carmagnole a violent Jacobin.
carnaptious irritable+ quarrelsome
carrant expedition+ sudden
CARRY firmament
carsackie an overall
carse land along river bank
Cartes playing-cards.
Cartie dim. of cart.
carvie caraway
cast cast
castock cabbage stalk
catalog catalogue register
catch catch
catchen caught
catcht caught
Catch-the-plack the hunt for money.
cat's een germander speedwell
cattle birds and beasts in
caucht caught
caudron ca'dron caldron
cauf ca'f calf
Cauf-leather calf-leather.
cauk kalk chalk
cauld caul'+ caal'+ cald cold
cauldrif cauldrife chilly+ indifferent
Cauldron caldron.
caum ca'm calm
Caunadae Canada
caunle can'le candle
Caunlemass 2nd February
caup cap
Caup a wooden drinking vessel.
caur car
caur calves
cause cause
causey causie+ cassie causeway
Causey-cleaners causeway-cleaners.
Caustrim Coldstream
Cavie a hen-coop.
caw ca' drive
CAW drive
Cawcuttie Calcutta
cawd ca'd drove
cawf cauf+ cauff+ caff chaff
ceetie ceety+ ceitie city
ceevil cievil civil
ceilidh dance+ social gathering
cep except+ unless
cepna ceptna except not
certies certainly
chack check nip+ a notch or groove
chaff chafe+ rub+ wear
chaft chin+ jaw+ cheek
chaft blade jaw-bone+ cheek-bone
chaiple chapel
chairge charge
Chairlstoun Charlestown
CHAISE carriage
Chamer chaumer
champ mash+ crush
chancie chancy lucky
Change-house tavern.
channel a gutter
channer grumble+ shingle+ gravel
CHANTER bagpipe chanter
chantie chamber-pot
chap knock+ strike a bargain
Chap a fellow
Chap to strike.
chapman packman
Chapman a pedler.
chapper door knocker
chatter shatter
chattert nibbled+ frayed+ tattered
chaumer chalmer chamber + room
Chaup chap
chaw chow chew+ provoke+ make
cheap chape+ chaip cheap
Chear cheer.
Chearfu' cheerful.
Chearless cheerless.
Cheary cheery.
cheat chate+ chait cheat
Cheek-for-chow cheek-by-jowl (i.e. close beside).
cheen cheen+ chine chain
cheenge cheinge change
cheenie cheinie+ cheeny china+ porcelain
cheep cheip whisper+ squeak
Cheep peep
cheet(ie) cheitie+ chittie a cat
cheordag geordy
CHERLIE Charles Edward Stewart (Bonnie Prince Charlie)
CHEVALIER Bonnie Prince Charlie
chief cheif friendly+ chief
chiel cheild+ chiel lad+ young man+ fellow
child chilld child
childer children
Chimla chimney.
chimley chimbley chimney
chimley-heid mantelpiece
chincoch chincough whooping-cough
chitter tremble+ shiver+ chatter+
Chittering shivering.
chock choke
chosen chosen
choukie chookie chicken
chowe chew+ a quid of tobacco
Chows chews.
Chuck a hen
Chuckie dim. of chuck
chuckie-stanes pebbles
Chuffie fat-faced.
chuise chuse choose
chuist chosen
chum accompany
Chuse to choose.
Cit the civet.
Cit a citizen
clachan village+ hamlet
Clachan a small village about a church.
CLACHAN village
CLAED clothe
Claeding clothing.
claes clothes
Claes claise
clag clog+ smear+ block up
claik gossip+ a barnacle
claith cloth
Claithing clothing.
clamihewit a blow+ a thrashing+ uproar
clamjamfrie clanjamfrie+ clamjamphry a mob+ vulgar crowd+
clang clung p.t.
Clankie a severe knock.
Clap the clapper of a mill.
CLAPPED OOT worn out
Clark a clerk.
Clark clerkly
Clarkit clerked
clart clairt+ clert soil+ stickiness+ mud+ dirt.
clart(ie) dirty
Clarty dirty.
Clash an idle tale; gossip.
Clash to tattle.
clashmaclavers clashmaclaivers gossip
clatch splash+ dirty person
Clatter noise
Clatter to make a noise by striking; to babble; to prattle.
claucht claught+ clacht grasped
Claught clutched
Claughtin clutching
claut clutch+ hoe+ handful+ claw
Claut to scrape.
claver claiver gossip
Claver clover.
Clavers gossip
Claw a scratch
Claw to scratch
Clay-cauld clay-cold.
Claymore a two-handed Highland sword.
CLAYMORE large sword
clean perhaps+ probably
cleck cloak hatch
Cleckin a brood.
cleckin-hen brooding hen
Cleed to clothe.
cleek cleik catch+ hook+ grasp+ link
Cleek to snatch.
cleekit grasped
Cleekit linked arms.
Cleg gadfly.
cleid cleed+ claid clothe+ clad
cleuch cleugh gorge+ ravine+ cliff+ crag
cley clay
clim clim' climb
clinch limp
clink strike+ a rough curling stone
Clink a sharp stroke; jingle.
Clink money
Clink to chink.
Clink to rhyme.
Clinkin with a smart motion.
Clinkum clinkumbell
Clips shears.
clish repeat gossip
Clish-ma-claver gossip
cliver cluver+ klivver clever
clocher expectorate
clocher bronchial mucus+ to clear
clock klok brood
clockbees flying beetles
clocker beetle
Clockin-time clucking- (i. e.
clood cloud
CLOODS clouds
cloot cloth+ patch+ hit
Cloot the hoof.
Clootie cloots
close n. closs narrow alley to a courtyard
close v. close
clour cloor bruise
Clour a bump or swelling after a blow.
Clout a cloth
Clout to patch.
CLOUTS clothes
clowe a clove
clowt clout strike+ slap
Clud a cloud.
cludgie lavatory (slang)
cluif clufe hoof
cluit cloot+ clute hoof clove
Clunk to make a hollow sound.
clype clipe inform
clyte clite rap knuckles
coat cwite coat
Coatbrig Coatbridge
Coble a broad and flat boat.
Cock the mark (in curling).
Cockie dim. of cock (applied to an old man).
Cockinnie Cockenzie
cockle scallop+ totter
Cocks fellows
cod coad cod
Cod a pillow.
coff buy
coft cofft bought
cog coag pail
Cog a wooden drinking vessel
Coggie dim. of cog
Coil Coila
cole haystack
colf fill in+ stop up
collieshangie brawl+ uproar
collogue conference
collop slice of meat
collop portion
comatee committee
come cum come
comed came
comen came
commands commans the ten commandments
compare compeir+ compear appear before court
complein compleen complain
complouter complooter agree+ fit in or mix with
conceit consait conceit
confab talk
conflummix an unwelcome surprise
confuise confuse
connach waste+ spoil+ consume
conseeder conseider consider
conteen contein contain
conteena conteina continue
conter oppose+ against
contermacious contermatious perverse
contrar contrair contrary
convoy escort+ accompany
cooch couch
Cood cud.
Coof v. cuif.
Cookit hid.
cooncil council
coonsel counsel
coont count
Coor cover.
COORDLY cowardly
coorse stormy+ course+ coarse
COORTED courted
Cooser a courser
Coost (i. e. cast)
Cootie a small pail.
Cootie leg-plumed.
corbie crow
Corbies ravens
cordiner shoemaker
Core corps.
Corn mou corn heap.
Corn't fed with corn.
corp body+ corpse
corrie-fistit caur-+ caurie- left+ left (handed)
corrieneuch converse
Corse corpse.
Corss cross.
cosy cosie cosy
cottar cotter cottager
cou coo cow
couart cooart+ cooard coward
coud coud+ cud could
Cou'dna couldna
couer coor+ cooer cower+ crouch
coum cu'm+ coom culm
Countra country.
Coup to capsize.
Couross Culross
couter cooter nose
Couter Cooter Coulter
couthie couthy agreeable+ comfortable
Couthie couthy
COUTHY affable
Cowe to scare
Cowe to lop.
cowp coup overturn+ buy or trade
cowper a horse dealer
cowt colt
crabbit bad tempered
crack chat+ news
Crack tale; a chat; talk.
cracker craker boaster
CRACKIN' gossiping
craft a skilled trade+ cunning+
craft croft
Craft-rig croft-ridge.
craichle croak
craig crag+ neck
Craig the throat.
Craig a crag.
Craigie dim. of craig
Craigy craggy.
craik croak
Craik the corn-crake
craitur creature
cramassie crimson
Crambo-clink rhyme.
Crambo-jingle rhyming.
crammock crooked staff+ walking stick
cran crann iron tripod over fire for pots+
CRAN Scots measure of herring (37 1/2 gallons)
crane cranberry
crank difficult
crankie unsteady+ insecure+
Crankous fretful.
Cranks creakings.
cranreuch hoar-frost
crap crop
Crap crop
craw craa crow
CRAW crow+ boast
CRAWIN' crowing
crawn crowed
crawt crowed
creash creish grease
creashie greasy
creel creil basket+ creel
Creel an osier basket.
creenge creinge cringe
creep creip creep
CREEPIE three legged stool
Creepie-chair stool of repentance.
creepie-stuil child's stool
creepit crept
Creeshie greasy.
creuk crook+ cruke+ cruik hook+ lameness+ lame+
crew crowed
crib curb
crochle cough
crock kill
Crocks old ewes.
cronie crony companion
Crooded cooed.
Croods coos.
Croon moan
Croon to toll.
Crooning humming.
Croose crouse
crottle crumble+ a lichen
Crouchie hunchbacked.
croud crood crowd
croun croon crown
CROUSE arrogant
Crousely confidently.
crouss crooss+ croose cheerful
crowdie a soft cheese
Crowdie meal and cold water
Crowdie-time porridge-time (i. e.
Crowlin crawling.
crub curb
cruddle congeal
cruds curds
cruisie crusie a lamp
cruive cruve fish trap+ pen
cruldge contract+ cower+ crouch
Crummie a horned cow.
crummle crum'le crumble
crummock short stocky
Crummock cummock
Crump crisp.
crunkle krunkil rumple
Crunt a blow.
cruppen crept
cruppen shrunken
cry call+ name
cryne crine shrink
cuddie cuddy donkey
Cuddle to fondle.
cude hair-brained
cuid cood+ cude cud (cows)+ shallow dish
cuidna cudna couldn't
cuif coof+ cufe+ kufe fool
Cuif coof
cuil cule cool
cuisin kizzen cousin
cuist cast
CUIST cast
cuisten cast
cuit cute ankle
cuitch caught
culyie fondle+ cherish+ coax
cummer cum'er cumber
Cummernaud Cumbernauld
Cummock v. crummock.
cundie cundy drain
cunyie cunzie coin+ gutter
Curch a kerchief for the head.
Curchie a curtsy.
curcuddoch sitting side by side
Curler one who plays at curling.
Curmurring commotion.
curn a few
Curpin the crupper of a horse.
Curple the crupper (i. e.
curran curn currant
currie small stool
curtchie curtsey
Cushat the wood pigeon.
CUSHAT starling
cushie ring-dove
Custock the pith of the colewort.
Cutes feet
cuttie cutty short
Cutty short.
CUTTY STOOL wooden chair in which one had to sit in full view of the congregation if one was caught sinning.
Cutty-stools stools of repentance.

John, as usual with just about anything I've seen you do, it's excellent. What I'd suggest is that you do the same thing I've done with the FAQ and the seminal HTML thread - commandeer the thread and post a caveat that all posts to the thread are subject to edition or deletion - I'll be glad to do the editing/deleting. You can post a link to the thread on the "links" page.
Your other option is to get a free website and post it there, with a link posted in Mudcat Links - but I think the idea of commandeering a thread would be just fine. putting a to c in one message is good - makes it easier to edit if it's broken into reasonable parts.
Good work, John.

In fact, let me make that commandeering declaration now:
This thread is intended for use as a permanent reference. You are free to post messages to this thread, but be aware that messages posted here are considered temporary, and may be edited or deleted.
-Joe Offer

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Wolfgang
Date: 06 Apr 00 - 11:49 AM

The Tannahill Weavers Scottish Glossary (for their songs, that is less comprehensive than John's).


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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: GUEST,Jim Dixon
Date: 06 Apr 00 - 12:48 PM

Anyone interested in the Scots language should know about these sites:

Scots on the Wab and especially their Scots Haunbuik

Wir Ain Leid (Our Own Language).

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Bob Bolton
Date: 08 Apr 00 - 06:44 AM

G'day John,

I note that the Panther edition (mine is 1966 and cost 8/6d) of The Merry Muses of Caledonia has 8 double column pages of glossary of Burnsian lowland Scots, as found in his ballad collection. A lot of this appears in you A - C, but some iss omitted (or, possibly, censored).

If you don't have this particular set (which, maybe, should fit in a particular time/location frame), I can scan it in on my new scanner (thereby giving my OCR program a heart attack!) and forward the file to your email address.


Bob Bolton

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: John in Brisbane
Date: 08 Apr 00 - 08:21 AM

Hi Bob and all. I musy admit that this is becoming an interesting but fiddly project. I have deliberately delayed providing any further episodes for a couple of very good reasons (1) My thanks to Mary and others for providing me with info and Web sites which already provide much of the same information, including ultimately the complete downloadable works of Burns courtesy of Project Gutenberg. In short I was replicating work done by others. (2) I added a published work to my library which has about 1500 entries of Scottish, Irish and a few English folksong terms (from A Thousand and One Gems of Song circa 1880). I've been working through it, lost quite a lot of hours of tedious work in a corrupted file and I'm scratching my head about how to get some momentum again.

Not being an English graduate I don't know the best way to maintain a dictionary - and I'm not sure that I'm going to try. What I do need to do though is to attempt to merge the Gutenberg Burns text file with the new one that I've been creating. If anyone is well versed in this please let me know. (In the first instance I envisage that duplicate entries for a given term could peacefully co-exist). Regards, John

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: John in Brisbane
Date: 09 Apr 00 - 02:21 AM

To everyone who has posted above, and to those who have sent other information via personal messages, may I please say thank you. In particular I really appreciate the fact that people have sent me some really fantastic liks re the Scots language, which in turn has saved me a lot of duplicative work.

I have sent my draft manuscript to the publisher (Joe Offer) and it contains over 6,000 Scottish words (some duplicated). That probably means about a 4,500 word vocabulary and probably enough to decipher all but the most obscure references in Scottish song, for which a real dictionary or help from qualified linguists would be a better answer.

Wolfgang, I did initially include the Tanahill Weavers list, but it was largely covered by the other work. Because I don't have unlimited time to de-duplicate the Glossary I have therefore omitted it completely.

Bob, I hope that the new Glossary adequately covers Burns Lowlands usgae. I know how much work it is to transcribe from written sources, so my suggestion is to spot check the new Gloossary against your 1966 reference and vice versa. If (say) more than 10% of your sample is not extant in the new Glossary then maybe we can collectively pursue it, otherwise I would suggest opening a Guinness or concertina case instead. I expect my dictionary dalliance to be shortlived.

I'll await news from the publisher. Regards, John

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Bob Bolton
Date: 09 Apr 00 - 03:12 AM

G'day again John,

I shall await the magnum opus with some equanimity. I had merely observed that a few of Burns' (richer) terms were absent, such as arselins fpr 'backwards' and variants like atweesh for 'between'.

I will see how the whole set compares and submit anything that looks like a worthwhile addition.


Bob Bolton

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: John in Brisbane
Date: 09 Apr 00 - 03:56 AM

Sorry Bob, 50% success rate only - arselins would have definitely had I known of it. I note that erse means arse, while Erse means Irish. I'll refrain from any jokes about the connection. Regards, John

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: John in Brisbane
Date: 10 Apr 00 - 09:02 AM

Now that wasn't too bad with my 56k modem, and is approx 3,500 of the 7,000 words I've compiled to date.

More detailed Biblio stuff to follow, but this is basically an amalgam of three Scots word databases - The Burns Glossary, A more recent on-line dictionary, Tanahill Weavers Glossary. The three different types of source can be identified if future scholars would like to investigate further, but I'll add that guff later.

Likewise the presence and number of commas can be used to give an indication as to whether words which follow the main alphabetic entries are Scots synonyms or English meanings - the average folkie won't care I suspect.

In the meantime Joe and I would be keen to hear whether the Glossary downloaded quickly enough for you to be able to look something up with reasonable speed.

MSIE users can press CTRL-F to do a text search on this page. I'm sorry I don't know how Netscape works.

Regards, John

dab peck+ pierce+ push
dabbitie ornament+ a picture game
Dad daddie
dae dui do
DAE do
daein doing
Daez't dazed.
daff play+ flirt
Daffin larking
daft mentally deranged+
DAFT mad
daftlike foolish
dagie marbles game
daich daigh dough
daidle dawdle
Dails planks.
Daimen icker an odd ear of corn.
daith deeth death
dale deal plank+ portion+
Dam pent-up water
dambrod draughts board
Damie dim. of dame.
dams damss game of draughts
DANE done
dang struck
Dang pret. of ding.
DANG to hit with a blunt object
Danton v. daunton.
Darena dare not.
darg a day's work
darger casual labour
Darklins in the dark.
dask a pew
daud dod+ dad strike+ a large piece
Daud to pelt.
Daulkeith Dalkeith
daunder dander+ dauner stroll
daunle dandle
daunton subdue
Daunton to daunt.
daur dare
daurd dared
daurk dawrk dark
daurken darken
DAURKNIN' darkening/twilight
daurna darena+ darenae daren't
DAURNAE dare not
daurs dares
daursay suppose
Daur't dared.
daut pet+ fondle
Daut dawte
daver wander aimlessly
Daviely spiritless.
daw daa dawn+ a lazy person+ slut
Dawds lumps.
Dawgittie Dalgetty
dawin dawn
dawk drizzle
dawt caress
Dawtingly prettily
Dead death.
Dead-sweer extremely reluctant.
deal dale+ dail deal
dealer trader+ dealer
deave deive+ dieve deafen
DEAVE deafen
dee die
deed indeed+ to be sure
dee'd died
deek deik a glimps+ a look
deem deim doom
deemster deimster judge
deer deir deer
deevil deivil devil
defeat defait defeat
defender defendant
deg pierce
deid dead
DEID dead
deif deef deaf
deil devil
DE'IL devil
Deil-haet nothing (Devil have it).
Deil-ma-care Devil may care.
del dell delve
Deleeret delirious
deleerit deleirit delirious
delf hole or pit
delite delyte+ delicht delight
Delvin digging.
demit resign
DEN valley
denner dainer+ dainner dinner
dentielion dentylion dandelion
depone deposit
derf difficult
dern hide
dern darn
Dern'd hid.
dert dairt dart
Descrive to describe.
deser deserr deserve
destrict destrick district
deuk jouk+ jeuk duck n.
deval devall cease
Devel a stunning blow.
diced dyced chequered
dicht wipe
dichtie dirty
did duid+ daed did
Diddle to move quickly.
didna didny+ didnie+ daedna didn't
DIDNAE did not
DIEIN' dying
difeecult difeecwalt+ dificwalt difficult
differ quarrel+ dispute+
Dight to wipe.
Dight winnowed
dill soothe
dilse dulse (seaweed)
din noise+ mousy coloured+
Din dun
ding strike+ hit
dingle tingle
dink spruce
Dink trim.
dinna dinny+ dinnie don't
DINNAE do not
dinnle shake
dint affection+ liking
dird strike
dirdum tumult
dirk durk short dagger
dirl vibrate
dirlie-bane funny bone
dis diz+ daes does
disjaskit dejected
diskiver discuiver+ diskivver discover
disna daesna doesn't
dispone arrange
dit obstruct+ close+ block
div do
divna don't
divot divvot turf
Dizember December
Diz'n dizzen
dizzen dozen
docht could
dochter daughter
dochtna cannot
docken doaken dock plant
dod chunk
doddie hornless bull+ cow or sheep
DOESNAE does not
doilt dazed+ confused+ wearied
doit small copper coin
Doited muddled
doiter stumble
doitert witless
dominie headmaster
donnert stupid
Donsie vicious
dooble double
doocot doucot dovecote
Dool wo
Doolfu' doleful
DOON down
DOONFA' downfall/setting
door dure+ doar door
dort sulk
Dorty pettish.
doss tidy
dottelt senile
dou doo dove
douce gentle
Douce douse
Douce doucely
Doudl'd dandled.
Dought (pret. of dow) could.
douk dook dip+ bathe+ duck
Douked ducked.
doun doon down
dounfaa downfall
dounhauden oppressed
dounsittin sitting
Doup the bottom.
Doup-skelper bottom-smacker.
dour sullen
Dour-doure stubborn
dout doot doubt
douth dooth depressed+ gloomy
dover doze
Dow dowe
Dow a dove.
dowe dow to be able to
dowe fade away+ wither
doweless feeble
dowf duff gloomy
dowie sad
Dowie drooping
Dowilie drooping.
Downa can not.
Downa-do (can not do) lack of power.
dowp the bottom of an eggshell+
dowp bottom+ buttocks
DOWS dares
dowt cigarette-end
Doylt stupid
Doytin doddering.
doze stupefy+ stun+
dozen become cold or numb
Dozen'd torpid.
dozent stupefied+ dazed+ stupid
dozen't confound it
Dozin torpid.
drack absorb
drade dread+ dreaded
draff draff+ dregs
draible besmear+ dribble
draig drag motion of the tide
draigelt soaked+ besmeared
draigle draggle bedraggle+ dirty+ mix
Draigl't draggled.
draik soak+ drench
drake drake
drank drank
Drant prosing.
drap drop
drappit dropped
draucht draught
draunt drone
Draunting tedious.
drave drove
draw draa draw
drawn drew
dree drie endure
dreel driel+ dreil drill
dreep dreip drip
DREEPIN' dripping
dreg draig dredge+ drag
dreglins dregs
dreich tedious+ dull
DREICH gloomy
dreid dreed dread
dreidit dreaded
dreidit dread
Dreigh v. dreight.
Dreigh tedious
drew drew
drib a drop (liquid)
Dribble drizzle.
dribs dregs
Driddle to toddle.
drien driven
dring loiter
drink drink
drive dryve drive
drob prick
Droddum the breech.
drog droag drug
Drone part of the bagpipe.
DRONE bagpipe drone
Droop-rumpl't short-rumped.
droucht drought
drouchtit parched
drouk drook drench
Droukit wetted.
droun droon drown
drount drowned
drouth drooth thirst
drouthie thirsty
Drouthy thirsty.
DROW wet mist
drowe cold wet mist+ drizzle
drucken drunken+ drunk
Druken drucken
drum hillock+ ridge
drumlie muddy
DRUMLIE crowded
drumlin glacial deposit
Drummock raw meal and cold water.
drunken drunk
Drunt the huff.
drunts the sulks
Dry thirsty.
dryte drite defecate+ dirt
dub dib a puddle
dubs mud
Duddie ragged.
DUDDIE worn out
Duddies dim. of duds
duds rags+ clothes
dug dowg dog
duin dune+ din done
duin ready +done+ finished
dule dool grief
Dumfaurlin Dunfermline
dumfoond dumfoon dumfound+ amaze
dumfounder dumfooner amaze
dumfoundert amazed
dumpie depressed
dumplin dumpling
dung struck
Dung v. dang.
dunk dank+ moist+ damp
dunner dunder rumble
dunt hit+ blow
Dunted throbbed
Dunts blows.
Durk dirk.
durst dared
durstna dared not
Dusht pushed or thrown down violently.
dwaible dwabble pine+ feeble
dwall dwal dwell
Dwalling dwelling.
Dwalt dwelt.
dwaum dwam swoon
dwaumie dwamie sickly+ feeble+ dreamy
dwyne dwine dwindle
dyke dike wall
Dyke a fence (of stone or turf)
dyst doist a blow+ a thud+ fall or
dyte dite writing+ compose+ indite
dyte doit act foolish+ crazed+
Dyvor a bankrupt.

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Joe Offer
Date: 11 Apr 00 - 01:52 PM

Ear' early.
earlie early
Earn eagle.
east aist east
easter aister farther east
Eastlin eastern.
eastmaist aistmaist easternmost
eat ate eat
eaten aten eaten
eatit ate
ebb foreshore
ee eye
E'e eye.
'EE LANG live long
E'E+ E'ED eye+ eyed
E'ebrie eyebrow.
eebrou eyebrow
eehole eye-socket
eejit eijit idiot
eelid eyelid
eemock eimock ant
een eyes
e'en very well+ even
E'en evening.
eenin evening
eenou eenoo immediately
eent indeed
e'er ever
eerant eirant errand
Eerie apprehensive; inspiring ghostly fear.
eetch eitch an adze
efter after
efternuin efternune afternoon
egg urge on
eggle urge on
eik eke+ eek extend+ add
eild age
Eild eld.
eilie eely+ eelie disappear gradually
eith eath+ eeth easy
Eke also.
elbuck elbow
eldritch unearthly
Elekit elected.
Elfin fairyland
elie'n eleven
elie'nt eleventh
elieven eleven
elievent eleventh
Ell (Scots) thirty-seven inches.
Eller elder.
Embro Edinburrae Edinburrie
eme maternal uncle
EMERANT green+ lush
empie empy empty
En' end.
end en end
endlang enlang along
endweys straight on
eneuch enough+ quite
Eneugh enough.
Enfauld infold.
Enow enough.
ense else
Enster Anstruther
equal-aqual balanced+ similar
erse arse
Erse Irish
Erse Gaelic.
erselins backwards
ERTS arts
esh aish ash-tree
esk newt
esp aisp aspen-tree
ess ass+ ais ash(es)
Ess-Wadensday Ash Wednesday
Ether-stane adder-stone.
ett eaten
etter fester
ettercap spider
ettin ogre
ettle endeavour
Ettle aim.
Evermair evermore.
Ev'n down downright
ewest most contiguous+
excuise excuse
exerceese exerceise exercise
explore an exploration
expone explain
eydent eident industrious
eyntment ointment
Fa' fall.
Fa' lot
Fa' to get; suit; claim.
FA' fall
faa faw+ fa' fall
faain falling
faan fallen
faddom fathom
Faddom'd fathomed.
fadge faggot+ bundle of sticks+
fae from+ foe
faem faim foam
faik abate
Faiket let off
fail turf
faimish famish
faimlie faimilie family
fain affectionate
Fain fond
FAIN glad
Fainness fondness.
fair quite
Fair fa' good befall! welcome.
fairfaa fairfaw bless
Fairin. a present from a fair.
fairly certainly
FAIRMERS farmers
faither fallie father
FAITHER father
faize annoy+ ruffle
fallae fallie+falla fellow
Fallow fellow.
Fa'n fallen.
FAN found
fand found past t.
fang a capture+ capture+
fank sheep pen+ rope coil
fankle tangle
fantoush fantoosh flashy
Far-aff far-off.
fardel three conered cake
FAREWEEL farewell
farin farein food+ fare
farl scone
Farls oat-cakes.
fash annoy+ irritate+ trouble+
Fash'd fash't
fasherie trouble
fashious troublesome
fasht troubled+ bothered
Fasten-e'en Fasten's Even (the evening before Lent).
Fastern's een Shrove Tuesday
FAT what
fatterals ribbon ends
fauch fallow+ pale
fauchelt tired
Faught a fight.
Fauld the sheep-fold.
Fauld folded.
FAULD fold
Faulding sheep-folding.
FAULDING putting sheep in fold
Faun fallen.
faur fer far
FAUR far
faur back long ago
faurdin farthing
faurer farther
Fause false.
Fause-house hole in a cornstack.
faut blame+ fault
FAUT fault
Fautor transgressor.
Fawkirk Falkirk
Fawkland Falkland
Fawsont seemly
fear fear+ scare
FEARFU' fearful(ly)
FEARS ME frightens me
feart feared+ scared
feasible faisible feasible
Feat spruce.
Februar February
fecht fight
feck amount
Feck the bulk
Feck value
Fecket waistcoat; sleeve waistcoat (used by farm-servants as both vest and
feckfu powerful
feckless weak
fecklie mostly
Feckly mostly.
fee engagement as servant
feem feim violent heat
feenish feinish finish
feeroch feiroch bustle
feet feit feet
Feg a fig.
fegs truly+ faith
Feide feud.
Feint v. fient.
Feirrie lusty.
fell strongly+ keen+ stun. kill+
fell fell+ a hill
Fell the cuticle under the skin.
FELL cruel
FELLAH fellow
Felly relentless.
Fen' a shift.
Fen' fend
Fenceless defenseless.
fend defend+ shelter+ guard+
fendin provision
fent opening in garment
fere feir+ feer companion+ healthy
ferlie wonder+ marvel
Ferlie ferly
ferm fairm farm
fermer fairmer farmer
FERMER farmer
fernyear last year
ferrier farrier+ vet.
fesh fetch
feshen fasten
fest fast
Fetches catches
Fetch't stopped suddenly.
fettle condition+ suitable
feuch fought
feuchen fought
few fyoweNE few
fey doomed
ficher fumble
fickle puzzling+ puzzle
fidder flutter
fiddle feedle fiddle
fiddler fiddler
fidge fidget
FIDGIN' FAIN extremely impatient
Fidgin-fain tingling-wild.
Fiel well.
fieldie hedge-sparrow
fient feint+ feent devil+fiend
Fient a not a
Fient haet nothing (fiend have it).
Fient haet o' not one of.
Fient-ma-care the fiend may care (I don't!).
Fier fiere
Fier sound
fift fifth
fifteen fifteen
fifteent fifteenth
fimmer skip
Fin' to find.
FIN when
fine fine+ comfortable+
finger finger
finger-neb finger tip
finnd fin find
finnich fussy person
fire fyre ignite+ fire
fire-flaucht lightning bolt
fir-tap fir-cone
fir-yowe fir-cone
fish fush fish
Fissle tingle
fit fuit+ fute foot
FIT foot
fitbaa fitba'+ fitbaw football
Fittie-lan' the near horse of the hind-most pair in the plough.
fiver fivver fever
flae flea
flaff flaf flap
Flaffin flapping.
flaich flea
Flainin flannen
flait flate scolded
flang flung
flannen flannel
flaucht flash
flauchter flutter
flaunter tremble
FLECKIT dappled+ flecked
flee flie fly
FLEE fly
Fleech wheedle.
Fleesh fleece.
fleet fleit float
fleet fleit scold
FLEET fast+ quick
fleetch fleitch flatter+ coax+ cajole+
fleetit scolded
fleg frighten
FLEGS frights
fleir fleer jeer
FLEITS floats
flesh meat
flesher butcher
flet flat
Fleth'rin flattering.
fleuk fluke a flounder+ flatfish
flew fleu flew
Flewit a sharp lash.
flewn flown
fley frighten+ scare
flichan flake
flichter flutter
Flichterin fluttering.
flichtermoose bat
Flinders shreds
fling fling
Flinging kicking out in dancing; capering.
Flingin-tree a piece of timber hung by way of partition between two horses
flird flaunt
flisk whisk+ frisk
Fliskit fretted
flit shift+ move home
flitten moved
flitter flutter
Flittering fluttering.
flittit moved
flocht flutter
floor flour
flotter float
flouer flooer+ floo'er flower
FLOW'RS flowers
fluff disappoint+ blow+ puff
fluffer flutter
fluid flude+ flid flood
fluir flure+ flairC fleerNE floor
flung flung
flunge caper
FLUNKIES servants
fluther confuse
flype flipe fold+ fall heavily
flyte flite scold
FLYTE scolding
flyten scolded
flytin a scolding
flytit scolded
focht fought
fochten fought
Fock focks
Fodgel dumpy.
fog fogg moss+ lichen
follae folla follow
fond fon' glad+ happy+ anxious+
fool foul
foond found foundation
foonder founder collapse
foonds founds foundations
Foor fared (i. e.
Foorsday Thursday.
for fur for+ notwithstanding that
for aa that notwithstanding+
for fear lest
foraye forever
forbears forefathers
forby besides
Forby forbye
fordle advance
fore before
'FORE before
forehaimer sledge-hammer
foreland beach
foremaist foremost first
forenenst in front of+ facing
forenent before+ in front of
forenicht evening
forenuin forenune morning
foreside front
forestair outside staircase
Forfairn worn out; forlorn.
forfecht be overcome
forfochen exhausted
forforn worn out
Forfoughten exhausted.
forgain opposite
forgaither assemble
forgat forgot
Forgather to meet with.
forgie forgive
FORGIE forgive
forgit forget
forgotten forgotten
forgrutten tear-stained
forhou forhoo forsake
forjaskit forjeskit fatigued
Forjesket jaded.
fork fork
forker earwig
forleet forleit forsake
forordinar forordnar usually
forrit forward
forritsome bold
forsay deny
fortuin fortune
fotch shift+ turn position of
fother fodder
fou fu+ foo full+ drunk
Fou fow
Foughten troubled.
foul fool fowl
foulie fully
foumart polecat
Foursome a quartet.
fousome loathsome
foust foost rot
foustie foostie decayed
fouter footer bungle
fouth footh abundance
fouthless barren
Fow v. fou.
Fow a bushel.
fower fouer four
FOWER four
fower-oors afternoon meal (tea)
fowert fourth
fowerteen fourteen
fowerteent fourteenth
fowertie forty
fowertiet fortieth
fowk folk+ foak+ foke people
FOWK folk
foze soft spongy+ dull+ stupid
frae fi+ fra from
FRAE from
fraik frake flattery+ a flatterer
fraith froth+ foam
frammle gobble
fraucht freight+ load
Frauns France
frawart contrary+ perverse
Freath to froth
freelie freely completely
freend freen+ freend+ frein+ frien friend
freenge freinge fringe
freeze freeze
freit freet superstition+ saying
fremd foreign
Fremit estranged
fremmit foreign+ strange+ alien
Frensh French
freuch dry and brittle
fricht fright+ frighten
frichtsome frightful
Friday Friday
fro froth+ foam
froun froon frown
frozen frozen
fruit frit+ frute fruit
FRUITFU' fruitful
fruize fruze froze
frush crumbly+ bold
fryne frine fret
Fu' full.
FU' full
fud animal tail
Fud a short tail (of a rabbit or hare).
fudder hurry
fuff puff+ huff or rage
fuffle ruffle+ rearrange+ fuss
Fuff't puffed.
Fu'-han't full-handed.
fuid fid+ fude food
fuil fil+ fule fool
fuird foord+ furde ford
Fuirsday Fursday+ FeersdayNE FairsdayC Thursday
fuish troubled+ bothered
fuish fetch
fuishen troubled+ bothered
fuishen fetched
ful full fill
fullie filly
fult filled
fulyerie foliage
fummle fumble
fund fun found past perf.
Fur furr
FUR for
Fur-ahin the hindmost plough-horse in the furrow.
Furder success.
furm firm form
Furm a wooden form.
furr fur furrow
furrin foreign+ abroad
furst first
furth forth+ outside of
furthset publish(ed)
fushion vigour
fushionless weak
Fusionless pithless
fyke fike fuss+ fidget
fykie fussy
fyle file foul
Fyle to defile
FYLED soiled+ fouled
gaa gaw gall+ irritate+ a gall+
gab chatter+ mouth
Gab to talk.
gaberlunzie gaberlunyie beggar
Gabs talk.
gadge dictate
gadgieSE a man+ fellow
gae go
gae gave
GAE+ GAED+ GAEN go+ went+ gone
gaed geedNE went
Gael a highlander
Gaen gone.
Gaets ways
gaff(aw) a guffaw+ chatter
gaig a crack+ chink
gailey gaillie+ gailley galley+ ship+ garret
gain suit
gainder gainer gander
gair gare become streaked
gaird guard
gairden garden
gairdner's gairtins
Gairs gores.
gairtin gartin garter
gaishonSW thin person
gait gate goat(s)
gaither gedderNE gather
GAITHERED gathered
gaitherin meeting
gaithert gathered
gaivle gavel gables
gallants nobles
gallivant goad about
gallus gallows bold
galshachsNE sweets+ titbits
gandge grin
gane gaen gone
gang go
GANG go+ gone
gangrel vagrant
GANGREL vagabond
ganner gainer a gander+ wander
gansey genzie a Guernsey jersey
gansh snap
gant yawn
gantry a bottle stand in a bar
gar compel
GAR+ GARS give+ gave
Garcock the moorcock.
gardieNE the arm
gardies the hands or fists
gardiloo gardyloo warning call
gare gair piece of cloth+ opening in
garron a kind of horse
gart compelled
GART made
Garten garter.
gash prattle+ shrewd+ wise+prudent
Gashing talking
gat got
gate gait road+ way
Gatty enervated.
Gaucie v. Gawsie.
Gaud a. goad.
Gaudsman goadsman
gauger exciseman
gaun going
GAUN going
Gau'n. gavin.
Gaunted gaped
gaup gape
gawk clumsy person+
Gawky a foolish woman or lad.
Gawky foolish.
gawp gaup+ gowp gawp
gawpus gaupus a clumsy stupid lout
gawsie gausie fresh complexioned
Gawsie buxom; jolly.
Gaylies gaily
gean wild cherry
gear equipment+ belongings
Gear money
GEAR wealth+ effects
geck mock
Geck to sport; toss the head.
Ged. a pike.
gee jee a fit of temper
geegle geigle giggle
geese geese
geg a gag+ trick
geggie a travelling theatre+
geing geeng human excretement
gell a crack in wood
gelt gelled cracked or split drying
gemm gemme game
gentieF+NE graceful
Gentles gentry.
Genty trim and elegant.
Geordie dim. of George
gesserant brilliant
get called+ child
gey very
geylie a good deal
geylies rather much
geysent wizened
ghaist gaist ghost
GHAIST ghost
gib(bie) a tomcat
gibble-gabble chatter
gibbles tools+ things
gibblet a tool+ utensil
gie give
GIE+ GIED give+ gave
gied gave
giein giving
gien given
gien name nem Christian / first name
gies gives
gif if (conj.)
Giftie dim. of gift.
Giglets giggling youngsters or maids.
gigot jigot leg of lamb
gill a ravine+ gully
gillie male servant
Gillie dim. of gill (glass of whiskey).
Gilpey young girl.
gilpie tomboy
gilravage greedily+ enjoy noisily

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Joe Offer
Date: 11 Apr 00 - 01:55 PM

Gimmer a young ewe.
gimNE neat+ spruce
gin if / whether+ by+ before
GIN if
ginge ginger
gingebreid gingerbread
gird hoop for a barrel
gird a knock+ blow+ rush+ push
girdle griddle+ a circular iron
girle tingle
girn snarl+ grimace+ complain+
Girn to grin
girnal girnel meal chest+ grain silo
GIRNED wept+ screwed face up
girse girss grass
girsie grassy
girsle gristle
girth a hoop
girthie fat+ heavy
git got
gizz face
Gizz wig.
gizzen cracked+ leaky
gizzent over full+ soakedNE
glack a hollow between hills
glaik fool
glaikit stupid
glaister a thin cover of snow
Glaizie glossy
glamp snatch
glaum stare+ snatch+ grab
Glaum'd grasped.
glaumer glamour bewitch
glaumerie magic
glaur clay+ mud in puddles
glaurie muddy
glaursle all mud
glebe kirk land for minister
gled glaid kite (bird)+ glad
Gled a hawk
gledge glance
GLEDLY gladly
gledsome joyful
gleed gleid burning coal+ peat
Gleede a glowing coal.
gleet gleit glitter
gleg smart+ sharp+ smooth
Gleg nimble
Gleg smartly.
glen valley
GLEN valley
glence glance
glent glint sparkle
Glesgae Glesgie Glasgow
gless glass
gley a sideways glance+
glib smooth+ slippery+
Glib-gabbet smooth-tongued.
glid glide+ move smoothly
Glieb a portion of land.
gliff glaff frighten
Glint sparkle.
glisk glimpse
glittie slimy+ greasy+ oily
gloam become dusk
gloamin dusk
Gloamin twilight; gloamin-shot
glob a blob
glock gurgle liquids
glog swallow+ gulp+ gurgle
gloss a bright glow+ (a) doze
glowe glow
glower frown
GLOWER'D glared
Glow'r stare.
gluf sullen
gluive gluve glove
glumf lumph be glum+ sulk
glumsh be sulky+ grumble+ whine
Glunch frown
glunsh sulk
glunsh look cross+ scowl+ sulky
glut glit filth+ slime+ mucus+ puss
glut gulp
glutton greedy person
gnap bite+ gnawNE + speak posh
gneckNE a notch
gnib quick in action or speed
goam pay attention to+ greet
goamins greetings
goamless stupid
Goavin looking dazedlyl; mooning.
GOB mouth
golach an insect
goller roar+ shout+ bawl+ gurgle
gollop gulp
gomerel blockhead+ half-witted
good at cheating.
GOON gown
gorb(lin) nestling
gorble gulp
GORCOCK moorcock
GORLIN fledgling
gormaw cormorant
gornal button
gorrochSW mix+ stir+ make a mess of
gote gwite ditch+ drain+ sea inlet
gotten got
goum goom gum
goumbyle gumboil
goun goon gown
gove stare
gowan daisy
Gowan the wild
Gowany covered with wild daisies.
gowd gold
gowden golden
GOWDEN golden
Gowdie the head.
gowdspink goldfinch
gowf golf+ savour
Gowff'd struck
gowk cuckoo+ fool
GOWK fool
Gowkhaa Gowkhall
gowl howl+ yell+ roar+ weep+
GOWL cheer
Gowling lamenting (as a dog in grief).
gowp gulp+ scoop up
gowpan a double handful
gowpanfu double handful
gracey devout
Graff a grave
grain branch of tree+ stream+
Grain'd groaned.
graip a large farming fork
Graip a dung-fork.
graith equipment+ armour+ prepare
Graith implements
Graithing gearing
gralloch deer's guts+ the removal of
grammle scramble
grane graen+ grain groan
granichNE sicken+ disgust
grannie granny
grap seized
grape graip grope
grat cried
Grat wept.
graund grand
gravat grauvat woollen scarf
grawn grown
gray grey
grayback hooded crow
great graet great+ big+ stout
gree grie agree
Gree the prize (degree).
green grein green+ covered with grass
green grein green
green grein long for
greeshoch greishoch embers
greet greit cry
greets greits cries
gremmar grammar
gresp grasp
grew grew
GREY cloth
grieve greive+ greeve over seer+ foreman
grilse young salmon
grippie mean
Groanin maut groaning malt
GROAT four old pence piece
groose grouse
groset gooseberry
grosets gooseberries
grougous ugly
grounch grunt
group group
growe grow
growed grew+ grown
growthe weeds+ over grown plants
growthie warm moist weather
Grozet a gooseberry.
grubber large heavy hammer
grudge complain+ unhappy+ unwilling
grue shudder
gruel thin porridge+ oatmeal foods
gruesome horrible
gruip grupe the gutter in a byre+
grumf grunt
grumfie pig
grumlie grim+ muddy
grummel grummle rubbish+ rubble+ mud+
grummle grumble
grumpf grumph complainer
Grumphie the pig.
Grun' the ground.
GRUN ground
grund ground+ reason
gruntle snout
Gruntle the face.
Gruntle dim. of grunt.
grunyie grunzie snout
Grunzie growing.
grup grip+ seize
gruppen seized
gruppit seized
gruse grooze+ groose to shiver
grush crumble+ grit+ fine gravel
Grutten wept.
gryce grice pig(s)
guddle muddle+ a way to catch trout
Gude God.
GUDESAKE goodness sake
gudge gouge+ anything short
gudgie short and thickset
guess guess
guff smell+ a fool
guid gude good
GUID SOOTH an exclamation
guidbrither brother in law
guiddame grandmother
guiddochter daughter in law
Guid-e'en good evening.
guider manager+ organiser
Guid-father father-in-law.
guidman husband
Guid-man husband.
guidsin son in law
guidwife wife
Guid-wife. mistress of the house.
Guid-willie hearty
guil gule+ gool corn marigold
guise masquerade+ decorate+
guiss guse goose
gullie carving knife
Gullie gully
gulliegaws gashes
Gulravage riotous play.
gumf gumph a fool
gumfs gumphs the sulks
Gumlie muddy.
Gumption wisdom.
gundie toffee
gunk a bitter disappointment
gunsh gunch a think piece+ hunk
gurl growl+ roaring howling wind
gurlie rough
GURLY roaring
gurr growl+ snarl
gurrie dogfight+ brawl+ hurry+
gushet gusset
gust taste
Gusty tasty.
gutcher grandfather
Gutcher goodsire
GUTCHER grandfather
gutter gurgle
guttie anything made of rubber
gutties gymshoes
guy gy(e)+ gui guide+ steer
guys handlebars of a bicycle
gype gipe stare foolishly+ play the fool
gypit silly+ foolish
gyte gite mad+ insane
Ha' hall.
HA' hall
Ha' folk the servants.
haa ha+ haw hall
haar cold mist
haar-frost hoar-frost
habber stutter
habble hobble+ confuse+ tangle
habile able+ valid+ admissible
hackit ugly+ unattractive
HACKS blow with a sharp instrument
haddie haddo haddock
Haddin holding
HADDIN estate
hae have
HAE+ HA'E have
haed haid+ hud had
haedna hadn't
haein having
haen had
haes his+ hes+ hus has
haesna hisna+ hisna+ hasna+ hasnae hasn't
Haet a thing.
haffet the cheek+ temple
Haffet hauffet
haffets side hair
Haffets side-locks.
Hafflins half
hag hew
Hag a moss
hagger hack
Haggies-Haa Halkets-Hall
Haggis a special Scots pudding
haigle carry
haik hake wander
hail hale+ haill whole
hail watter a downpour
hail-hertit undaunted+ stalwart
haillie completely
hailscart unscathed+ scot-free
hail-skint having an undamaged skin
hailstanes hailstones
haimer haimmer+ hemmer hammer
haims hems part of a horse collar
hain hane conserve+ store
Hain to spare
hain (by) reserve
hainch a haunch+ underhand throw+
haingle move about feebly+ loiter+ lazy
haingles influenza
hainin enclosed piece of ground
hair herr hair+ a small portion
hairm herm harm
hairp herp harp+ sieve+ riddle
hairse hoarse
hairst autumn+ harvest
Hairst har'st
HAIRT heart
hairth haerth hearth
haisk croak
hait haet particle
hai-tear at full speed
Haith faith (an oath).
haiver talk nonsense
haiverel half wit
haivers nonsense
Haivers v. havers.
haizer dry+ bleach+ air
Hal' hald
Hale hail
Hale health.
Hale hail
HALE whole
Halesome wholesome.
halie holy
Halla’een Hallowe'en
hallan inner wall
Hallan a partition wall
HALLAN cottage
hallion a rascal
halliraker hare-brained
Halloween All Saints' Eve (31st of October).
Hallowmas All Saints' Day (1st of November).
Haly holy.
ham bacon
hame haim home
HAME home
hamelt domestic
hamesucken assault
Han' haun
Han-darg v. darg.
handsel hansel welcome+ inauguration
Hand-wal'd hand-picked (i.e.
Hangie hangman (nickname of the Devil).
hank hook
hankle entangle
hanlawhile little while
Hansel the first gift; earnest.
hant haunt
hantle quantity
hap cover
Hap a wrap
Hap to shelter.
Hap to hop.
HAP wrap up
happer a hopper in a mill
Hap-step-an'-lowp. hop-step-and-jump.
harigals animal guts
hark listen
Harkit hearkened.
harl drag+ pull+ roughcast
harn brain
Harn coarse cloth.
harnish herness harness
harrae harra a harrow
haselt dried
hash slash+ hack+ mangle
Hash an oaf.
hask short dry cough
Haslock woo the wool on the neck of a sheep.
hassock round turf or peat
hat hit
hauch cough to clear the throat+
haud had+ hud hold
HAUD AWA' stay away
haud on stop
hauden held
HAUDIN' turning away
haudit held
hauf half
HAUF half
haufgate half-way
hauflins half+ partially
HAUGH (river) bank
Haughs low-lying rich lands by a river.
Haun v. han'
HAUN hand
haund hand
haunnle haundle handle
Haunsel Monanday 1st Monday of new year
haurd hard+ heard
haurdlie hardly
Haurl to trail.
hause hass the neck+ throat+ gullet+
Hause cuddle
Haveril hav'rel
Havers nonsense.
Havins manners
HAW have
Hawbaeth Halbeath
Hawkie a white-faced cow; a cow.
he he
Heal v. hale.
Healsome v. halesome.
heap haip heap
hear hear
hearken eavesdrop+ listen to
heat hait heat
heave heave
Hech exclamation
hechle pant
Hecht to promise; threaten.
heckle hackle
Heckle a flax-comb.
Heels-o'er-gowdie v. gowdie.
Heeze to hoist.
heft a haft
heich heech high
Heich heigh
heid head
HEID head
HEIDS heads
heifer heefer a young cow
heist heest+ haste haste
helm helmet
helt held
Hem-shin'd crooked-shin'd.
hen term of endearment for a
hen break a bargain or agreement
her hir+ hur her
herbour harbour
Herd a herd-boy.
here here
Here awa hereabout.
hereanent concerning
hereawa hereabouts
HERN heron
herpuin herpune harpoon
herrin hairrin herring
Herry to harry.
Herryment spoliation.
hersel hirsel herself
hersh hoarse
hert hairt heart
hesp hasp+ clasp+ fasten
het hait hot
heuch crag+ cliff+ quarry+ mine
Heugh a hollow or pit; a crag
heuk huik hook
hey hey
hicht heicht height
hichten heichen+ hichen heighten
hidlins secretly
hie high
hiegate high street+ highway
hieland(s) highland+ Highlands
Hilch to hobble.
Hiltie-skiltie helter-skelter.
him him
himsel himself
Himsel himselfk
hinder delay
Hiney hinny
hing hang
Hing to hang.
HING+ HINGIN+ HINGIT hang+ hanging+ hanged
hingit hung+ hanged
hinmaist hindmaist hindmost
hinna haven't
HINNAE have not
hinner hinder rearer+ behind
hinnie sweet+ honey
hint hent+ hin belonging to back or rear
hintside reverse
hippit useless
hird herd+ shepherd
Hirple to move unevenly; to limp.
hirsel shuffle+ sort sheep
hirst barren piece of ground
his his
hishie whisper
hissel himself
Hissels so many cattle as one person can attend (R. B.).
Histie bare.
hit it (emphatic)
hits its (emphatic)
hitsel itself (emphatic)
hiv have
hizzel hissel+ hizzle hazel
hizzie hussie hussy
hoast cough
hoch hamstring+ upper leg
hochle host shamble
hochmagandie sex
hocker crouch
hodden coarse woollen cloth
Hoddin the motion of a sage countryman riding on a cart-horse (R. B.).
HODDIN cheap
Hoddin-grey coarse gray woolen.
hog hogg a young sheep
hogger stockings
Hoggie dim. of hog; a lamb.
Hogmanay New year's eve
Hog-score a line on the curling rink.
Hog-shouther a kind of horse-play by jostling with the shoulder; to jostle.
hoise raise up+ heave up
hollin holly
Hoodie-craw the hooded crow
Hoodock grasping
Hooked caught.
Hool the outer case
Hoolie softly.
hoond hoon+ houn+ hun hound
Hoord hoard.
Hoordet hoarded.
hoose hous+ houss house
HOOSE house
horl whorl
Horn a horn spoon; a comb of horn.
Hornie the Devil.
horse horse(s)
hose stockings
Host v. hoast.
hotch hoatch heave
Hotch'd jerked.
hotchin hoatchin seething+ restless
hott a few
hotter simmer
hou hoo how+ why
Houghmagandie fornication.
houie hooie+ hooy exchange+ barter
houlet hoolet owl+ owlet
Houlet v. howlet.
Houpe hope.
housomeivver however
hove raise+ throw+ expand
Hove swell.
hover pause
howder swarm
howdie midwife
Howdie howdy
howdle huddle
howe a hollow+ low lying piece
howf shelter+ public house
howie valley
howk dig
Howlet the owl.
howp hope+ believe+ suppose
hoy hurry
Hoyse a hoist.
Hoy't urged (R. B.).
Hoyte to amble crazily (R. B.).
HUD had
hudder huddle
hudge a vast amount+ amass
hugger shiver
huggerie slovenly
Hughoc dim. of Hugh.
huidie houdie+ hudie hooded
huif hufe hoof
huil hule+ hool+ hull shell+ skin+ hull
huilie moderate+ slow+ careful
Hullions slovens.
hulp help
hulster hoist a load
humf humph hump
humfie-backit hump-backed
humlock hemlock
hummel hornless cattle
humour uimour+ eemer humour
humple a small hillock+ limp
hunder hundred
hundert hundredth
hungert hungry
hunker squat
Hunkers hams.
Hunt ee gowk April fools day
hurcheon hedgehog
Hurchin urchin.
hurdies buttocks
Hurdies the loins
hure hoor whore
hurkle crouch
hurl wheel+ dash
Hurl to trundle.
HURLS rides
HURRY BURRY carry on+ fuss
hurt hurt
hurtit hurt
hus hiz us (emphatic)
Hushion a footless stocking.
hushoch hushloch a confused heap+ tangled
husk cough violently
hutten hit
hyke hike move with a jerk+ sway
hynd hind+ hine+ hyne a farm worker
hyne hine hence+ far away+
hyne awa hine far off
hypal worthless
hyst heist raise+ hoist
hyte hite mad+ excited+ keen
I' in.
iceshoggle icicle
Icker an ear of corn.
idleset idleness+ unemployment
Ier-oe a great-grandchild.
ile uilie+ eelieNE oil
ilk each
Ilk ilka
ILK+ ILKA each+ every
ilka ilkie every
ilka bodie everyone
ilkagate everywhere
ilkagate every way
ilkane each one
ilkawey every way
ill ull bad+ evil
Ill o't bad at it.
Ill-taen ill-taken.
Ill-thief. the Devil.
ill-trickit mischievous
ill-uise ill-use
Ill-willie ill-natured
in in
in a stable; a flail.
in a wee shortly+ soon
inbring import
inby inside+ enclosed
income arrival+ illness
Indentin indenturing.
indwaller resident
infirmary hospital
infuise infuse
ingaither collect
ingan onion
ingang entrance+ shortage+ lack
Ingine genius
ingle fire (hearth)
Ingle the fire
Ingle-cheek fireside (properly the jamb of the fireplace).
Ingle-lowe ingle-low
ingyne ingine genius+ senses+ an engine
ink-fish squid
inklin small amount+ inclination
in-kneed knock-kneed
inlat inlet
inmaist inmost
inner inner
innerlie kindly
Innerness Inverness
innin introduction
inouth inooth within
inower inside
inpit input+ contribution
Inshcoam Inchcolm
insteid instead
intae into
INTAE into
interdict injunction
interdict carry out an injunction
intil into+ inside
intimmers internal organs+ the works
invite invyte invitation
is is
I'se I shall
isna isn't
ISNAE is not
ither other+ each other+
ithergates otherwise
its its
itsel itself
Itsel' itself.
iver ivver ever
iverie ivery+ ivvery+ ivverie every
iveriehott everything
ivermair ever more
jabble splash+ choppy sea
Jad a jade.
JAD a woman past her prime
jag prick+ injection
jaicket jaikit jacket
jalouse suspect+ guess+ imagine
jandies jaundice
janitor caretaker
Janwar januar January
jarg creak
jaud jade
Jauk to trifle
Jauner gabber.
Jauntie dim. of jaunt.
jaup splash
jaur jar
jaurie earthenware marble
jaw ja surge of water+ pour+ splash
Jaw talk
Jaw to throw
jaw-box a sink+ drain
jaw-hole sewer
jealous jailous+ jeilous+ jeelous+ jealous
Jeddart Jedburgh
jeeg jeig a jig
Jeeg to jog.
jeeger jeger odd or eccentric person
jeegle jeigle jog+ shake about+ jiggle
jeel geel+ geal+ geil congeal
jeelie jeilie+ jeely jelly+ jam
Jennie-lang-legs cranefly+ daddy-long-legs
Jennie's blae een speedwell
jillet a flirt
Jillet a jilt.
jilp spurting+ splashing water
jimp slender+ contract
Jimp small
Jimply neatly.
Jimps stays.
jing-bang a considerable number
jingle noisy mirth+ an instant
jink turn quickly+ dodge
Jink the slip.
Jink to frisk
Jinker dodger (coquette); a jinker noble; a noble goer.
JINKIN' dancing
jirble spill and splash
Jirkinet bodice.
Jirt a jerk.
JIST just
Jiz a wig.
jo joe sweetheart
joco cheerful
Jocteleg a clasp-knife.
JOG ON YER GATE be on your way
jonick genuine+ fair+ honest
joskin country bumpkin
jossle shake+ totter
jotter joater notebook
joug joog jug
jougle joogle juggle
jouk jook+ deuk duck v. + avoid
JOUKS swerve
jouter jooter saunter+ totter
Jow to jow
jowe bell ring
JOYFU' joyful
juidge judge
juidges judges
Juin June
juist jist just
juist enough
Julie July
jummle jumble
Jumpet jumpit
jumpin-raip skipping rope
jundie a steady pace
Jundie to jostle.
Jurr a servant wench.
jute jute
jyle jile goal
jyne jine join
jyner jiner carpenter
kae jackdaw+ its call
kail kale cabbage+ soup
Kail kale
Kail-blade the leaf of the colewort.
Kail-gullie a cabbage knife.
Kail-runt the stem of the colewort.
Kail-whittle a cabbage knife.
kailwirm caterpillar
kailyaird kitchen garden
Kail-yard a kitchen garden.
kaim kame comb
Kain kane
kaip kep cap
Kaitie beardie loach
Kame a comb.
Kebars rafters.
kebbock kebbuck cheese
Kebbuck a cheese; a kebbuck heel = the last crust of a cheese.
keckle cackle
ked keb a sheep tick
kedge stuff
keek peep
keek o day crack of dawn
KEEK O' DAY dawn
keeker eye
keekin gless mirror
Keekin-glass the looking-glass.
keekit peeped
Keel red chalk.
keelie keilie tough
keelin keilin a cod
keelivine keilivine a lead pencil
keeng keing king
keep keep
keepit kept
keetchin keitchin kitchen
keevie keivee+ kievie on the alert+ in high spirits
keich keech excrement
keinin keenin wailing
kelpie water demon
Kelpies river demons.
Kelsae Kelso
kelt spawned salmon
kelter tilt+ wriggle+ struggle
KELTERIN' undulating
kemp contend+ competition
ken know
kenmerk distinguishing mark
Kenna know not.
kennin trace
kenspeckle conspicuous
kent knew+ known
KENT knew+ known
kep catch
KERDS cards
Ket the fleece on a sheep's body.
kevel walk or climb clumsily
Key quay.
Kiaugh anxiety.
kicher cough+ titter
kil kill kiln
kill kill
kilt killt killed
kilt tuck up
kilter good spirits
Kimmer a wench
KIMMERS young women
kin related+ relation+ kind+ sort
Kin' kind.
kin o well+ exactly+ thoroughly+easily
Kinaskit Kinneswood
Kincairdin Kincardine
kinch twist in rope+ problem
Kineuchar Kilconquar
King's-hood the 2d stomach in a ruminant (equivocal for the scrotum).
kink to curl+ gasp+ choke
kink-hoast whooping cough
KIN'LY kindly
kinnle kindle
kinrick kingdom
kintra countra country
KINTRAE country
kip play truant
kirk church
Kirkcaudie Kirkcaldy
Kirkcoubrie Kirkcudbright
kirn churn
Kirn harvest home.
kirnel kernel+ swollen gland
Kirsen to christen.
kirsten kirsen christen
kirstenin christening
kirtle to clothe+ dress
kis because
kist chest
Kitchen to relish.
kith relations+ neighbours
kittle tickle+ stimulate+ excite+
Kittle difficult
KITTLE restless
kittlie itchy+ ticklish+ intricate+
kittlin kitten
Kiutlin cuddling.
Kiver KeeverNE+ cuiver+ kivver+ cuver cover
knab nabb a person of importance+ snob
knacketie skilful
knackie clever+ ingenious
knag nag a knot or spur projecting
Knaggie knobby.
knap nap kneecap+ knock+ knob
Knappin-hammers hammers for breaking stones.
kned knead
knee knee
kneevle knievle+ kneevil a bit+ lump
kneggum disagreeable taste
knick nick click+ tick+ break+ snap
knip break off+ snap
knock nock clock+
knock hillock
knoit bunion
knoit noit a sharp blow
knot knot+ a lump
knotless futile+ aimless+ ineffective
knowe knoll+ hillock
KNOWES small hills+ knolls
knurl a bump
Knurl knurlin
knuse knoose+ noose+ noozle squeeze+ cuddle
kye cows+ cattle
kynd kind+ sort
kype kipe hole for marbles
kyte kite belly+ stomach
Kytes bellies.
kythe kithe appear+ show+ display
kythin manifestation

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Joe Offer
Date: 11 Apr 00 - 02:21 PM

labber slobber
lacer a (boot) lace
LACH+ LACHIN' laugh+ laughing
lad boy
LAD+ LADDIE boy+ young man
laddie boy
lade laid load
laden laiden loaded
LAED laid+ lying
laft loft
lag lingering+ slow
Lag backward.
Laggen the bottom angle of a wooden dish.
lagger make wet or muddy+ mud
laggin leggin the edge or bottom of
LAGGIN crest of a hill
laich laigh low
laidron a rascal
laif loaf
Laigh low.
Laik lack.
lair lear+ laer The act of teaching+ knowledge
Lair lore
laird lord
Laird landowner.
lairge large
lairin cf. lair teaching
Lairing sticking or sinking in moss or mud.
lairn cf. lair learn
lairnit cf lair learned
Laith loath.
laith v. loath
laithe v. loath+ loathing+ unwilling
Laithfu' loathful
laithsome loathsome
laldie a thrashing+ punishment
Lallan lowland.
lalland lowland
Lallans the Scots language
lamgammachieNE long rigmarole
lamiter lame person
Lammas 1st August
lammer amber
Lammie dim. of lamb.
lamp stride
Lan' land.
Lan'-afore the foremost horse on the unplowed land side.
Lan'-ahin the hindmost horse on the unplowed land side.
land lan+ laun+ laund land
landart landwart in the country
LANDBIRST breaking waves
lane alone+ solitary
LANELY lonely
lanesome lonely
lang long+ for long
lang syne long ago
LANG+ LANGER long+ longer
langle hobble+ tether animal
lang-luggit long-eared+ shrewd
lang-nebbit nosy
Langniddrie Longniddry
langsome slow+ tedious
lanimer Burgh boundary
Lap leapt.
lapper clot+ curdle+ freeze
lapster lobster
larick larch tree
larrie lorry+ truck
lass girl
LASS+LASSIE girl+ young woman
lassie girl
lat let
LAT let
lat abee leave alone
lat be leave alone
latch bog+ wet+ muggy+ delay
latchet small loop of thread+ string
late late
laubour lawbour labour
lauch lach laugh
laucht lacht laughed
laum lamm lamb
laup lap
lave remainder
Lave the rest.
laverock lark
Laverock lav'rock
law law+ a rounded hill+ low
lawer lawvyer lawyer
lawin (tavern) bill+ reckoning
laylock lilac
Lea grass
lea' leave
LEA leave
lead lead+ channel for water
leak leak
leal loyal+ faithful
lealtie loyalty
leam gleam
Lear lore
least least
leave permission
lectur lecture
ledder ladder
leddie leddy lady+ laird's wife
Leddy lady.
lee lie lay
lee lie (fib)
lee lane alone
leear liar
lee'd lay
Lee-lang live-long.
leemit leemit limit
leen laid
leep leip heat or cook partially+ sit
leerie leirie lamp lighter
leesome incredible+ shocking+ pleasant
Leesome lawful.
leet leit list+ select candidates
leeterarie leiterary literary
leeteratur leiteratur literatur
leeve leeve live
leevin leevin a person+ food
Leevinstoun Livingston
Leeze me on dear is to me; blessings on; commend me to.
LEEZE ME ON take delight in
left left
leid leed lead (metal)
leid leed+ lede language
leipit leepit warmed up+ scolded+
leister leester a pronged spear
Leister a fish-spear.
lempit limpet
Len' to lend.
lench launch
lend len lend
lenth length
Lergie Largo
less less
lest last
letter letter
leuch laughed
leuchen laughed
Leugh laugh'd.
leuk luik+ luke look
leukit looked
lew loo lukewarm+ warmth inside
lew-wairm lukewarm
Ley-crap lea-crop.
lib to geld+ castrate
Libbet castrated.
lice lice
licht light
LICHT+ LICHTLY light+ lightly
lichtit lighted
lichtlie disparage+ light of foot
lichtnin lightning
LICHTNIN'S lightning flashes
lichts lungs+ lights
lichtsome delightful
lick thrash+ a small amount
Licks a beating.
LIE MY LANE lie alone
lief(er) leefer rather+ prefer
LIEIN' lying
Lien lain.
Lieve lief.
lift sky+ lift+ pick up+ arrest
Lift a load.
liftit lifted
lig ligg lie (lay)
liggit lay+ laid
Lightly to disparage
lik(e) lyke like+ as it were
like eneuch likely+ possibly+ enough
likelie likely probably
liken on the point of+ likely to do+
liker more like
likit liked
lilt sing softly+ hum
lime lyme mortar
limmer mischievous+ slag.
Limmer to jade; mistress.
Lin v. linn.
line line
lines documentation
lingel shoemakers waxed thread+
lingle fetter
linn waterfall+ pool+ erosion by water
LINN waterfall
lint relax+ flax plant+ linen thread
lintel mantelpiece+ threshold of door
lintie linnet
Lintwhite the linnet.
Lint-white flax-colored.
lip taste+ edge+ boundary
LIP cheekiness
lippen trust+ depend on
LIPPEN anticipate
Lippen'd trusted.
lipper ripple+ almost overflowing
Lippie dim. of lip.
lippin-fou full to the brim
liquorie lickerie liquorice
lirk crease+ wrinkle+ fold
lisk the groin
lissance respite
lith joint in finger or toe+ part of fruit
Lithca Linlithgow
lithe lythe calm+ sheltered+ shelter from
lither idle+ lazy
lithock oatmeal gruel
little Little
loan lane
loanin field+ paddock
Loanin the private road leading to a farm.
loch lake+ fjord
LOCH lake
lockfast under lock and key
Lo'ed loved.
LO'ED+ LO'ES loved+ loves
Lon'on London.
LOO+ LOO'D love+ loved
lood loud
lood oot aloud
Loof (pl. looves) the palm of the hand.
LOOM O' MORN first signs of day
Loon loun
loose louss louse
Loosome lovable.
Loot let.
LOOT let
Loove love.
Looves v. loof.
lorin cormorant
losh Lord save us
Losh a minced oath.
loss loass lose
lost losst lost
louder lewder a wooden lever+ crowbar
loue loo+ lou love
loued looed loved
Lough a pond
loulie loolie softly
lounder loonder. lunner beat severely
lounNE loon youth+ boy
Loup lowp
LOUP+ LOUPIT leap+ leaped
lourach loorach tattered or trailing+
lourie loorie dull overcast
lousome leesome pleasant+ loveable+ fine weather+
LOUSOME beloved
loutch slouch+ loiter
Low lowe
Lowden The Lothians
lowden to lull+ abate
lowe glow+ flame
Lowin lowing
lown calm+ serene+ softly+ stillness
Lown v. loon.
lowp loup leap
Lowp v. loup.
lowpen jumped
lowper jumper
lowpit jumped
lowps leaps
lowse loosen+ free+ unrestrained
Lowse louse
lowsed loosened
lowsen loosen
lowsin time end of working day
lowt stoop
lubbart lubbard lout+ coward
lucken closed foot or hand
luckenbuith luckenbooth a lockable shop
Lucky a grandmother
ludge lodge
lug ear
Lugget having ears.
Luggie a porringer.
LUGS ears
luif loof+ lufe palm (hand)
luim lume loom
luit lute letpt.
lum chimney
Lume a loom.
Lunardi a balloon bonnet.
Lunches full portions.
Lunnon London
lunt a light+ a match
Lunt a column of smoke or steam.
Luntin smoking.
lutten let
Luve love.
lyart greyish haired
Lyart gray in general; discolored by decay or old age.
Lynin lining.
lythe a pollack
ma mi my
MA my
ma certies my+ certainly
machine machine
mad annoyed+ angry
made made
Mae more.
maen mane moan+ mourn+ lament
maggie a magpie
maggot a whim+ fancy+
magink a queer looking object or
maid maid
maik a half penny+ the equal of
Mailen mailin
Mailie Molly.
mainer mainner manner
mair more
MAIR more
mair bi taiken mair by token more over
mairch merch march+ boundary
mairchless infinite
mairie mairrie+ merry+ mairry marry
mairiet mairriet married
mairitch marriage
mairt mart+ mert an ox or cow fattened for
Mairtinmass 11th November
mairtyr martyr
maist most+ almost
Maist. most.
maister master+ mister
maistlins almost
maiter maitter matter
maithe maggot or egg of a bluebottle
major-myndit haughty+ proud+ high minded
mak make
MAK make
Mak o' make o'
makar poet (maker)
makdoun makdoon garment made to fit smaller person
makkit made
malafouster malafooster destroy
Mall Mally.
mament maement moment
mammie mother
man maun man
'MANG among
mangle mangle
mankit mutilated+ damaged
manse minister's house
mant stammer+ stutter
Manteele a mantle.
map nibble
mappit stupid+ exhausted
mar obstruction+ obstruct
Mark merk
marl mirl mottled pattern
marlie mirlie mottled. variegated pattern
marrae marra marrow
marrow companion+ partner
marrowless matchless
mart a market+ auction building
masel masell myself
mash a heavy two faced hammer
mash mesh of a net
mashlum mixed grains and pulses
mask infuse (tea)
Maskin-pat the teapot.
massacre massacker massacre
massie bumptious+ proud
mat thick bed cover
match equal
matrass mattress
maucht might n.
mauchtless helpless+ powerless
mauger notwithstanding+ ill-will
mauk maggot
mauk flie bluebottle
maukie maggoty+ filthy
maukin hare
maukit maggoty or filthy sheep
maumie ripe
maun mun must
MAUN may+ must
mauner gossip
maunna mustn't
MAUNT was able
maut malt
mavis song-thrush
maw maa seagull
mawe maw mow
mawed mown+ mowed
Mawin mowing.
mawn mown
Mawn a large basket.
mawsie warm+ thick+ comfortable
me me
meal mail+ male meal
mean mean+ possessed jointly
meantime meanwhile+ for the time being
Mear a mare.
measles maisles+ meisles measels
meat mait food
mebbe mibbe perhaps
mebbies mibbies perhaps
meddle middle meddle
medicinar physician
meenister meinister minister
meenit meinit minute
MEER mare
meeserable meiserable miserable
meesterie meistery mystery
meet meet+ encounter
megrim a crazy idea+ a whim
megstie me mighty God
meichie meechie mean+ stingy
meidae meedow+ meedie meadow
Meikle mickle
meir meer+ mere+ mear mare (female horse)+
meissle meesle crumble
meisur meesur+ maisur measure
Melder a grinding corn.
mell blend+ mix+ a heavy hammer
Mell to meddle.
melt the spleen+ fish milt
Melvie to powder with meal-dust.
men men
Men' mend.
menadge menodge savings club
mend mend+ repair
mense sense+ adorn+ honour+ respect
mensefu sensible
menseless unmannerly+ stupid+ foolish
ment mended+ repaired
MEN'T mended
menyie menzie a group of people
merble marble
mercat market
merk mark
merk up enrol+ enter
MERKET market
merle blackbird
Merran Marian.
merse a fertile piece of ground
mesmerise surprise+ astonish
Mess John Mass John
messages shopping
messan a mongrel dog
Messin a cur
met met
mettle spirited+ lively
mew mowed
mey may
mice myce mice
Michlemass 29th September
micht might v.
MICHT might
michtie mighty
michtna mightn't
MICKLE A DO much to do
midden dunghill+ slovenly woman
Midden dub midden puddle.
Midden-creels manure-baskets.
Midden-hole a gutter at the bottom of the dunghill.
midge move slightly+ mosquito
midlin middlin of medium size or quality
midnicht midnight
mids middle+ a medium+ centre
'MIDST amidst
mile myle mile
milk mulk milk
Milking shiel the milking shed.
mill mull mill
miller muller miller
mill-lead mill-lade channel bringing water to mill
mim prim and proper+ affected
Mim-mou'd prim-lipped.
mimp speak or act affected
Min' mind
Mind to remember
MINDIN' memory
minents minutes of meeting
mines mynes mine
ming a smell
Minnie mother.
minnin minnen minnow
minsh minch mince
mird meddle with+ have dealings with
mire-deuk a wild duck+ mallard
mirk dark
MIRK dark+ mirky
mirkie dark+ dirty+ merry+ mischievous
mirkle grow dark
mirligaes mirligoes vertigo+ dizziness
misbelieve disbelieve+ doubt
Misca' to miscall
miscaa misca miscall
mischaunce misfortune
mischief injury+ misfortunate+ trouble
misdout misdoot disbelieve+ suppose what is
misert mysert a miser+ miserly+ mean
misfortunate misfortunat unfortunate
misguide treat badly+ waste+ mismanage
mishanter misfortune+ accident
misken disown+ mistake
mislairt mislearit misinformed+ ill-bred
Mislear'd mischievous
mislippen distrust+ neglect
mismak unsettle+ make wrongly
misrestit suffering from lack of sleep
miss miss
misslie alone+ lonely
mist missed
mistaen mistaken
mistak mistake
misteuk mistook
Mistress Mrs.
mistryst to alarm
mither mother
MITHER mother
mittle mutilate
Mixtie-maxtie confused.
mixtur mixter mixture
mixtur-maxtur mixter-maxter a jumble
mizzle speckle
moch a moth+ warm moist weather
mocher coddle
mochie moth infested+ humid weather
mochiness dampness
moger mooger work slovenly
moidert confused+ dazed
moligrants a fit of sulks
molligrant a complaint+ complain
Monanday Monday
monie mony many
monie time many a time
monie a ane / yin many a one
monie's the time often
moniment monument+ a rascal
Mools crumbling earth
Moop to nibble
moose mouss mouse
moose-wab cobweb
mooth mouth
moothie mouth organ
morn(in) morning
moss boggy ground+ moorland
moss bluiter snipe
moss cheeper meadow pipit
mosscrap mosscrop cotton grass
mote a round hillock
Mottie dusty.
Mou' the mouth.
Moudieworts moles.
moul mool soil+ mould+ a chilblain
moulit mouldy
moup moop impair
moupit drooping
mouser mooser moustache
mout moot moult
moutar mootar miller
moutash mootash moustache
moutch mootch loaf
mouter mooter to fret
mouthfu+ moufu mouthfae+ moufae mouthful
mowd clothes moth
mowdiewarp mowdiewart mole
mowp moup+ moop twitch the lips+ nibble
muck clean out+ dung
muck-flee dung-fly
muckle mickle+ meikle large / much
Muckle v. meikle.
Mucklebaeth Meiklebeath
muid mude mood
muil mule crumble
muild mould
muils mould
muin mune moon
muir mure moor
muir cheeper meadow pipit
muir foul muir fowl red grouse
muircock male red grouse
muirhen female red grouse
muisic music
mulberrie mulberry whitebeam
Mulgey Milngavie
mull a headland+
mummle mumble
mump nibble+ complain+ mope
munk mink a noose+ loop+ a tether
munt mount+ prepare to depart+ a hill
murle crumble+ pulverise
murmle murmur
murn mourn
murnin mourning
murr purr
Muslin-kail beefless broth.
mutch cap
Mutchkin an English pint.
mynd remember+ mind
mynd ye mind you
myndin mindin a small gift+ a memory
mynt mint minded+ remembered
mype mipe chatter+ be diligent
na (negative)+ no
nacket small neat person+ packed lunch
nae no
NAE no
nae dout no doubt+ doubtless
nae ither bodie no one else
NAE LANGER no longer
naebodie no one
NAEBODY nobody
naegate nowhere
nael navel
naesay denial
naetheless nevertheless
NAETHIN' nothing
naething nothing
naig a horse
nain (your) own
naipkin napkin
nairae nairra narrow
naither neither
naither however
naitral natural
naitur nature
nakit naikit naked
name nem name
nane none / neither
NANE AVA' nothing
Nappy ale
natch notch
Natch a notching implement; abuse.
naur near
naur(haund) near+ nearly+ almost
naurby nearly+ near
naurer nearer
NAW no
neat nate neat+ trim+ smart
neathmaist lowest
neb nose
Neebor neibor
NEEBOURS neighbors
need need
Needna needn't.
neep turnip
ne'er never
NE'ER never
Ne'er's Day New year's day
neet neit a nit (louse)
neeze neize sneeze
neibour neebour neighbour
neibourheid neighbourhood
neir neer a kidney
neist neest next
nervish nervous
nesh of delicate health
nestie naistie nasty
nether lower
neuk corner
Neuk newk
nevel a sharp blow+ punch
nevoy neffie+ neffay nephew
new nyow+ nyoweNE new
New-ca'd newly driven.
newfangelt innovative
newfangle something new+ a novelty
newlins recently
ney (an) nighan almost+ near
nicher neigh+ snigger
nicht night
NICHT night
Nick to sever; to slit; to nail
Nick (Auld) Nickie-ben
Nickie-ben v. Nick.
Nick-nackets curiosities.
Nicks cuts; the rings on a cow's horns.
niece niece
NIEST next
nieve neeve fist
nievefu handful+ fistful
Nieve-fu' fistful.
nievle punch with the fist
niffer barter+ exchange
nimmle nimble
nine nyne nine
nint nynt ninth
nirl shrink+ shrivel
nit nut
nither shiver
nittie mean or disobliging
niver nivver never+ impossible
no not
no aft seldom
no ataa not at all
no ava not at all
no monie a few
nocht nothing+ nought
nochtie good for nothing
NOO now
nor than
nor(th) north
Norland northern.
norlins northwards
norrie whim+ fancy +notion
nott needed
nou noo now
nounae nounae Now then
nourice nurse
nous an thans now and then
November November
nowt cattle+ oxNE + bullock(s)
Nowt nowte
nuin nune noon
nummer number
nurr snarl+ growl+ purr
nyaff bark+ yelp+ a trifle+
nyatter chatter+ rain slightly in wind
Nyod God
o of
O' of.
OAN on
obleege obleige oblige
ochone woe is me!
ocht anything+ nothing+ ought
October October
O'ER over
O'erword the refrain; catchword.
offisher officer
on on / upon
oncairie oncairrie+ onkerry+ oncairry a fuss+ carry-on
oncome oncum the beginning+
onding downpour
onfaa onfaw rain+ snow+ attack+ beginning
ongaun behaviour
ongauns goings on
onie ony any
onie ither bodie anyone else
oniebodie anyone
oniegate anyway
oniething anything
oniewey anyway
oniewey at least+ at any rate+ anyhow
onieweys anywhere
onions and oatmeal boiled in a sheep's stomach.
only onlie only
oo ou wool
oor hoor hour
oor our
oorie chill+ sad
oors ours
oorsel(s) ourselves
oose ooze+ oos+ ouse+ ouze+ ous woollen fluff+ dust
oot out
oot o out of
ootby outside
OOTBY outlying+ distant
ootcast a quarrel
ootcome result+ effect+ profit
ooten ooton out of
ootgane past time+ fully
ootgang an outgoing+ departure+ expense
ootgate exit
ootgaun outgoing+ removing+ leaving+
oother outher fluff from frayed wool
ootland ootlan a stranger+ outcast
ootlin alien+ outsider
ootmaist outermost
ootower atour beyond+ across+ outside
ootpassin termination
ootrel ooteral a stranger
ootset an ornament
oot-stair oustside staircase
ootunner from under
ootwye outweigh
OP'D opened
open apen open+ free to do
or ere+ before+ till+ early
or or
oranger orange
ordein ordeen ordain
ordinar ordnar+ ornar ordinary
orp grumble+ complain
orra odd
Orra extra.
orral a scrap+ fragment
orrals bits and pieces+ odds and ends
ort waste
O't of it.
O'T of it
oubit oobit caterpillar
ouf oof small unimportant+ a fool
Ought aught.
Oughtlins aughtlins
ouglie oogly ugly
oul(et) ool(et) an owl
ourichie oorichie dismal+ gloomy+ strange
ourie oorie dismal+ gloomy+ strange
Ourie shivering
ourit oorit cold+ shivery+ tired
ourlich oorlich miserable looking
Outler unhoused.
ower over+ across+ farther off
ower excessively+ too
owerby over the way
owerend oweren turn up+ set on end
owergae surpass+ overflow
owerhail overtake
owerset translate(d)
owertaen made helpless+ overcome+
owerturn repeat a song+ story+ turnover
owerwird owerword chorus of poem or song
Owre over
owsen oxen
OWSEN oxen
owthor author
oxter armpit
Oxter'd held up under the arms.

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Joe Offer
Date: 11 Apr 00 - 02:22 PM

Pace Easter
Pack an' thick confidential.
packman a travelling merchant
paction packtion bargain+ deal
pad path
paewae pale+ sickly+ drooping
paidle paddle
Paidle nail-bag.
paigle housework+ chores
paik beat
painch paunch
paip fruit kernel or stone
pair pair
paircel parcel
pairish parish
pairk park
pairt part
pairtial partial
pairtie pairty party
pairtner partner
paitren paittren+ paittern+ pattren pattern
paitrick partridge
Paitrick a partridge; used equivocally of a wanton girl.
pal friend+ befriend
palaiver palaver+ a fuss+ a fussy person
pale a small shovel or scoop
palie thin+ pale+ sickly-looking+
pall a pole+ strong post
pallal(s) hopscotch
pan skull+ cranium+ solid soil
pane a sheet of glass
pang ache+ pain+ cram full
pan-jotral(s) odds and ends of food
pant fun+ a prank
pap the uvula+ a conical hill+
pap touch + strike lightly+ throw+ aim
Pape the Pope+ a catholic
paraud parawd parade+ procession+ march
Parishen the parish.
parr a young salmon
parrie parry waste time+ dawdle+ delay
parritch porridge
Parritch-pats porridge-pots.
partan edible crab
parteeclar parteicular+ parteiclar confidential
pat pot
pat put
pattie clay or earthen ware (marble)
Pattle pettle
pauchle pochle a small load+ bundle+ a swindle
Paughty haughty.
Paukie pauky
paum pawm palm of hand
paumie pawmie belt on the hand with tawse
paut pawt strike the ground with the foot
paveelion paveilion pavilion
paw pa dad (father)
pawkie matter-of-fact humorous outlook
pawkie a mitten
PAWKY cunning+ sly
pawnd a pawn+ a pledge+ a pawnshop
peace paice peace
pearl purl+ a stitch in knitting
pease piz+ pizz pea+ peas
peasie a small marble
peat peat
pech pant
Pechan the stomach.
pechie pechy short winded
Pechin panting
pecht out of breath+ a Pikt
PECK a measure of weight
peek peik tiny point of light+ tongue of flame
peel peil an equal match+ a stockade
peeler a small crap at shell casting time
peelie-wallie peilie-wallie pale
peend pein+ peen sloping point at the end of a roof
peenge peinge whine
peenie peinie pinafore
peeoy peioy schoolchild's home-made firework
peep peip small flame from a gas cooker
peerie peirie little+ a fircone+ a spinning top
peetie peity pity
peetifu pitiful
peewee lapwing
peil peel pill+ a tablet
peir peer pear
pen a pointed conical hill
pend an arch
pennie penny
Penny-fee wage in money.
Penny-wheep small beer.
pent paint
penter painter
pentit painted
perfaission profession
perfit perfect
perjink neat
perk a pole or rod
permeession permeision permission
pernicketie pernickity particular+ fastidious+ difficult
pertend pretend
Perth Perth
PERTIN' parting
pest pester v.
pestur pastern+ rope
peth path
Pettle v. pattle.
peuch pyoch imitating a gust of wind
peuchle pyochle+ pyocher work ineffectually+ a cough
peul pewl while+ complain+ weak animal+
peuther a fuss about doing nothing
pey pay
peyd paid
phanton phantom
Philibeg the Highlander's kilt.
photae photie photograph
Phraisin flattering
phrase frase+ fraise elaborate flowery speech+
Phrase to flatter
phrasie fraisie gushing+ too fussy
pianae pianie piano
picher confusion+ useless person+
pick pitch+ spade in playing cards
pickle a few
pickman a miner
pickmaw black-headed gull
pictarnie common or arctic tern+ thin
pictur picter picture+ film
pictur-hoose cinema
picturs picters cinema+ pictures
piever(s) peever(s) hopscotch
pig pigg pot+ jar+ earthenware
pike pyke pointed tip+ spike+ thorn+ quill
pikie spiked+ jagged+ barbed
pikit weir pikit weer barbed wire
pile increase speed by moving
pilk pick out+ shell+ peel+ steal
pillae pilla+ pillie pillow
PILLAR pillar used for the same purpose as the cutty stool
piller small crap at shell casting time
pinch scrooge+ stint+ lever with crowbar
pinchers tweezers+ crowbar+ pliers
pincil pencil
pine pyne waste away from disease
pingle strive+ compete+ quarrel
pink primrose
pinkie little finger
Pint (Scots) three imperial pints.
PINT STOWP a measure of drink
pintle penis
pirl purl twist+ twirl+ coil+ roll+ spin
pirn bobbin+ reel
pirr a tern
pirr ripple+ flow+ tremble with anger
pirr-maw black-headed gull
pish urinate+ urine
pit put
pitcher hopscotch
pith energy
pitten put
Placads proclamations.
plack a small coin+ worldly
Plack four pennies (Scots).
plackless hard-up
Plackless penniless.
PLAID+ PLAIDIE+ PLAIDEN tartan cloak/scarf/kilt
Plaiden coarse woolen cloth.
plain featureless ground
plainstane flagstone+ pavement
plaister plaster
PLAIT pleased
plane-tree sycamore
plat plet plot+ flat+ clear+ plain+ very+
plaunt plant
playock a toy
please pleise to relish+ like+ please
pleisant pleesant pleasant
pleisur pleesure pleasure
plenish furnish
Plenish'd stocked.
plenishin furniture
plett pleat plait+ pigtail+ fold+ twist
pleuch pleugh plough
Pleugh plew
pliskie prank+ escapade
Pliskie a trick.
pliver plivver plover
PLOOBOY ploughboy
PLOOMAN ploughman
plou plew+ ploo+ pleu plough
plouk plook pimple
ploum ploom plum
plowter plot wade+ flounder+ dabble+
ploy venture+ scheme
pluffie pluffy plump+ puffy+ fleshy+ toffee
plug play truant
plunk plank set down+ play truant
plunker heavy glass or clay marble
POACKETS pockets
poatch stir+ poke+ push+ prod
Pock a poke
podle tadpole
Poind to seize
poke pock+ poak bag+ sack
polis police
POOCH pocket
poond poun pound sterling
poor pour+ a heavy shower of rain
poorie a jug
Poortith poverty.
pootch pocket+ purse
pose place an object to hide it
poseetion poseition position
posie collection+ hoard of valuables
pottie made of earthenware
pou pu+ poo pull
Pouch pocket.
poud pood pulled
pouer pooer power
pouk pook pluck+ pull
Pouk to poke.
poukit pookit plucked+ puny+ meagre
poulie poolie a louse
poupit poopit pulpit
Pouse a push.
pouss pooss push
Poussie a hare (also a cat).
poust poost strength+ power+ force
pouter pooter poke+ stir
pouther poother+ pooder powder
Pouther powther
Pouts chicks.
Pow the poll
POW head
powe poll+ the head
powe a slow moving stream+ pool
poweheid tadpole
powk pook poke
powl pole
pownie powny pony
powt poot poult+ a young game bird
powt poke+ prod
Pow't pulled.
praisent present
praisentlie praisently presently+ at this moment
prap prop
preceese preceise precise+ exactly+ precisely
pree taste
Pree'd pried (proved)
preen prein pin
prent print
prentice apprentice
preser preserr preserve
preses preeses+ preises president+ chairperson
press large wall cupboard
PREST pressed
pridefu prydefu snobbish
Prie to taste.
Prief proof.
prig importune+ plead
Priggin haggling.
prime pryme fill+ stuff+ load
primp dress-up
Primsie dim. of prim
privie hedge privy hedge privet hedge
prog probe+ goad
prood proud
propone propose
Proushya Prussia
proven proved
Proveses provosts.
provost mayor
provribs proverbs
pruif prufe proof
pruve pruive prove
pruved pruived proved
psaum psaulm psalm
Pu' to pull.
PU' pull
puckle a small quantity
pudden puddin sausage meat pudding
puddock paddock frog+ toad
puddock stuil mushroom+ toadstool
puddock's cruddles frogspawn
Puddock-stools toadstools
pudgetie short and fat
puffle puff up
puggelt exhausted+ done for
puggie monkey
puil pule pool
puir pure poor
PUIR poor
puirtith poverty
pul pull
pump break wind
Pun' pund
punce pounce
pund pound weight
pund pound+ enclosure for animals
puppie poppy flower
puppie show a puppet show
purfelt fat an asthmatic+ plump
purl pearl
purls small balls of dung
purpie purple
Pursie dim. of purse.
pushion pooshion poison
puss(ie) a hare
Pussie a hare.
putt put push+ thrust
Pyet a magpie.
pyke steal+ pilfer
Pyke to pick.
pyle pile a snowflake
Pyles grains.
pyne pain
pynt point
PYOCK satchel
pyot magpie+ irresponsible person
quaisten quaistion+ queystion question
quait quate quiet
quak quake
quakin-bog a quagmire
quarrel a quarry+ quarry stone
quarrel find fault with+ criticise
Quat quit
quaw qua bog quagmire+ marsh
Quean a young woman
queek squeak+ cheep
queen queen
queen o the meidae meadow-sweet
queern quern+ a hand milling stone
queesitive queisitive inquisitive
queir queer choir+ a chancel+ church ruin
quey heifer
quick swarming+ infested
quickens couch grass
Quietlin-wise quietly.
quinkins traces of food on pan
quirk a riddle+ problem
quirkie quirky intricate+ twisted+ cunning+
quit quit+ leave+ abandon
quitance receipt
quitten quit
quo quoth
Quo' quod
QUO said
quoit play at curling
quorum a gathering+ a company
quut rid+ quit
quyneNE quine girl
Rab rob.
rack stretch+ pull+ twist+ dislocate+
rackle a chain+ the clanking of a chain
rackless reckless
rackon reckon
rade rode
RADE rode
radge rage+ mad+ violently excited+
RAE roe deer
raen raven
Raep a rope.
raff plenty
raft a rafter
rag rough projection after sawing+
raggit ragged
raggitie ragged
raggle cut unevenly or jaggedly
ragglish erratic+ uncertain+ wild
ragnail loose piece of skin or broken
ragweed ragweid ragwort
raible rabble+ gabble
Raibles recites by rote.
raiglar regular
raik rake roam+ stray
raip rape rope
rair roar
rairie loud+ noisy+ drunk+ bright
Rairin roaring.
Rair't roared.
raise arouse+ infuriate+ state of
Raise rase
raised infuriated+ wild+ over-excited
raither rather
raivel rile entangle
Raize to excite
rake rake+ search+ a hoard
rame raim repeat+ recite+ talk nonsense
Ramfeezl'd exhausted.
ramfeisle ramfeezle+ ramfoozle muddle+ confuse+ exhaust
Ramgunshoch surly.
rammage storm about
rammie a free-for-all+ violent disturbance
rammle ramble+ wander
ramp romp+ climbing of plants
rampage an outburst of rage
ramscuiter ramscooter+ ramscouter beat+ drive off in terror
ramsh eat greedily
ramskeerie ramskeiry wild restless romp
ramstam headstrong+ rash+ heedless
Ram-stam headlong.
ramstouger rough in manner+ boisterous
ran ran
rance diagonal supporting bar on
rander ranner render+ talk idly+ ramble+
randie aggressive+ a beggar
Randie lawless
Randie randy
rannoch farn+ bracken
ranshackle search+ ransack
rant romp+ sing a tune+ fuss+ complain
Rant to rollick
ranter sew+ darn or mend roughly
Rants merry meetings; rows.
rap rap+ dash+ thump
Rape v. raep.
raploch coarse woollen cloth
Raploch homespun.
rappit rapped
raptur rapture a fit of rage
rash rush plant+ active+ agile
Rash-buss a clump of rushes.
Rashy rushy.
rasp a raspberry
ratch damage by rough usage
ratS a rut+ groove+ scratch
rattan ratton+ rottan rat
Rattan rattoon
rattle strike or beat repeatedly
Ratton-key the rat-quay.
rauchle loose untidy heap+ ramshackle
raucle bold+ rash+ strong+ rough+ crude
Raught reached.
rave tore+ a windbag
Ravensheuch Ravenshaugh
raw ra+ raa row
rax stretch+ pass+ reach
read rade read (Past t.)
read(en) read (past perf.)
real real
ream reim+ reem cream+ foam
reap reip reap
reason raison+ reison reason
Reave to rob.
reboond rebound
Rebute rebuff.
receit receet+ recait prescription+ recipe
reck reckon
Red advised
Red rede
redd red tidy+ prepare+ spawn
redd free+ rid+ relieve
redd arrange+ arranged
REDE red
Red-wat-shod red-wet-shod.
Red-wud stark mad.
ree tipsy+ delirious+ crazy
reek reik smoke
reekie reikie smoky
Reekie reeky
reenge reinge range
reeshle reishle rustle
reest reist arrest+ impound+
Reestit scorched.
Reestit refused to go.
reft torn+ snatched+ stolen
refuise refuse
regaird regard
reid red
Reif theiving.
reist reest cure fish etc.+ frame for curing
reist reest mould-board of plough
rekiver recuiver+ rekivver recover
releegion releigion religion
Remead remedy.
remeid remeed remedy
remit terms+ reference
renaig refuse to do work+ shirk
repeat refund+ repay
replenish repair+ renovate
repone answer+ reply
reser reserr reserve
residenter resident
retiral retirement
retour return
revrent reverend
rheumatise rheumatis rheumatism
rheums rheumatic pains
rhyme repeat+ drone
rhymless without good reason
richt right
RICHT right
ricketie a wooden rattle
rickle loose heap+ skeleton
Rickles small stacks of corn in the fields.
RICKLIN' filtering
ridden ridden
ride ride
Rief plunder.
rieve reeve+ reive tear+ grab+ snatch+ steal
riever reever+ reiver cattle thief
rife ryfe abundant+ plentifully
rift belch
rig rigg ridge+ back
rig-bane back bone
riggin roofing
Riggin the roof-tree
riglin undersized or weak animal
RIGS O' RYE haystacks
Rigwoodie lean.
rimple wrinkle+ ripple
rin run
RIN run
RIN THE GLESS used up the allotted time
rinagate fugitive
rind slat of wood
rind render+ melt down fat etc.
rind hoar-frost
ring reign
ringin domineering
Ripp a handful of corn from the sheaf.
rippet noisy boisterous uproar
Ripplin-kame the wool or flax comb.
ripture riptur rupture
Riskit cracked.
risp file+ saw roughly
rissom rizzom single ear of oats
Rive to split
riven rivven torn
rizzar redcurrant
ROARIN' FU' extremely drunk
roch ruch rough
rochle rough+ rough person etc.
Rock a distaff.
Rockin a social meeting.
rodden rowan berries
rone roof gutter
rone-pipe drainpipe
Roon round
ROON round
roond round
roond aboot around
roose rooze rouse
Roose to praise
Roose reputation.
Roosty rusty.
roset resin+ roset
rosidandrum rhododendron
rosie reddish marble
rot rot
Rottan a rat.
rotten rotted
rottit rotted
rouk rook riot+ disturbance
Roun' round.
roup roop shout+ roar+ hoarseness
roup roop plunder+ rob+ prune
Roupet exhausted in voice.
Roushae Rooshie+ Roosha Russia
roust roost rust
rout root sea roar+ rumble
Routh v. rowth.
Routhie well-stocked.
rove wander in thought or speech
Row rowe
rowan mountain ash
ROWAN FU' pregnant
rowe row roll+ tie
rowed rolled
rowk rouk+ rook mist+ fog
rowle rule
rown rolled
rowp roup plunder+ devour+ sell by auction
rowst shout+ roar+ bellow+ arouse
rowt roar of animals+ play a horn
Rowte to low
rowth plenty
Rozet resin.
rubbage rubbish
rue repent+ regret
ruid rude rood
ruif rufe roof
ruind rind edge of strip of cloth
ruit root
rumgumption common sense
rummle reimle rumble
rummlie stony soil
rump topside beef cut
run ran
runch crunch+ grind the teeth+ a bite
Run-deils downright devils.
rung a strong stick
Rung a cudgel.
runkelt runkilt creased+ crumpled
Runkl'd wrinkled.
runkle wrinkle
runt decayed tree stump
Runt a cabbage or colewort stalk.
ruse a trick+ cunning
rusk claw+ scratch
Ryke to reach.
ryle rile royal
ryme rime hoar-frost+ frosty haze or mist
rynd get in order
rype ransack+ rifle+ clean
ryve rive tear
ryved torn

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Joe Offer
Date: 11 Apr 00 - 02:25 PM

sab sob
sae so
sael bind cattle+ cattle bind
saft soft
saicrament sacrament
said sayed+ sayd said
saidle saddle
saidler saddler
saikless sakeless innocent+ feeble
saim same fat+ grease+ lard
sain sane bless+ protect
sain sayen+ sayn said
saip sape soap
sair sare sore+ very
Sair to serve.
Sair sairly
sairie sairry sorry
saithe saith full grown coalfish
saitin satin
saitisfee satisfy
sall sal shall
samin same
Sandy Sannack
sang song+ sang
SANG song
sanna shan't
sanshach wily+ shrewd
sant disappear+ vanish
sap a sop
sappie juicy meat+ plump+ soggy
sapple soak with water
sapples soapy lathers
saps pieces of brad soaked in milk
sapsie soft+ sloppy+ effeminate
sark serk shirt
sarkin roof boarding
Sassenach English (Saxon)
sassenger sausage
sat sat
sattle settle
sauch saugh sallow+ willow
saucht ease+ quiet
sauf safe+ save
Saugh the willow.
SAUGHS willows
saul sawl soul (religious)
saumon salmon
Saumont sawmont
saunt saint
sauntlie saintly
saur taste+ smell+ slight breeze
saurless tasteless+ lacking in wit
saut salt
Saut-backets v. backets.
savendie strong+ secure+ trustworthy
saw saw (wood)
Saw to sow.
Sawbath Sunday
sawd sawed
sawe saw sow
sawed sowed
sawn sawed
Sawney v. sandy.
sax six
SAXPENCE sixpence
saxt sixth
saxteen sixteen
saxteent sixteenth
saxtie sixty
say say
scabbit skabbit scabbed+ bare infertile land
scaff skaff scrounge+ gather what is
scaffenger skaffenger scavenger
scaffie skaffie street sweeper+ refuse collector
scallion skallion a spring onion
scam skam burn+ singe
scance skance scan+ analyse+ glance
scant skant lack+ scarcity
scantlins skantlins scarcely
Scar to scare.
Scar v. scaur.
scart skart scratch
Scathe scaith
scaud skaud scold
Scaud to scald.
Scaul scold.
Scauld to scold.
scaum skaum scorch+ singe
scaup skaup scalp+ this soil+ stony ground
scaur skaur scar+ steep rock+ precipee
Scaur afraid; apt to be scared.
scaw skaw scaly skin disease+ barnacles
scawt skawt having a skin disease
scent scent+ small quantity
scheme skeme plan+ housing estate
Scho she.
schuil skuil+ scuil+ scule+ schule school
scissor pair of scissors
sclaff sklaff strike with open hand
sclaffer sklaffer clumsy flat footed person
sclam sklam climbed
sclammer sklammer clamber
sclatch sklatch smear+ smudge+ a heavy fall
sclate sklate slate
scleff skleff thin and flat+ thin slice
sclender sklender slender
sclent sklent aslant
sclent sklent move at a slant+ squint
scleushNE skleush walk clumsily
scliff skliff shuffle+ strike+ segment of orange
sclim sklim climb
sclimt sklimt climbed
sclinter sklinter splinter+ break off
sclum sklum climbed
scly slide+ skate as on ice
sclyte sklite fall+ work clumsily
scob skob twig+ rod or slat of wood
scodge skodge a servant+ do rough work
sconce skonce guard
scone crush flat
scone scone+ flat round baked cake
Sconner disgust.
Sconner sicken.
scoor skoor+ skour scour+ light shower+ gust
scoorie scruffy+ shabby
scoor-oot scatter coins
scoot skoot+ skout squirt+ spout+ hurry+ scout
score skore scratch a mark+ crevice
Scots Word Alt Spelling Meaning
scouk skook+ skouk conceal+ hide
scouk skook skulk+ avoid+ scowl
scoul skool scowl
SCOUR THE DURK drive out the big clumsy person
scoush skoosh squirt
scoush skoosh gush in spurts
scousher skoosher a sprinkler device
scouth skooth scope
scowder skowder burn+ scorch+ over toast
scowe skowe flat bottomed boat
scowes skowes barrel staves+ splinters
scowthe skowthe freedom+ scope
scrae skrae stunted+ shrivelled
scraible skraible+ skraibil scrabble
Scraichin calling hoarsely.
scrammle skrammil scramble
scran skran scraps of food+ beg
scrat skrat scratch+ claw+
scrauch skrauch scream+ shout
scrauchle skrauchil scramble with hands and feet
scree skree loose stones+ sieve
screed scried+ skreid long speech or piece of writing
Screed a rip
Screed to repeat rapidly
screenge screinge scour+ search
screich skreech+ skraich screech
Scriechin screeching.
Scriegh skriegh
scrieve screeve+ screive+ skreive write
scriever skreiver+ screiver+ screever writer
Scrievin careering.
scrimp skrimp skimp
Scrimpit scanty.
scrink skrink shrivel+ shrink
scriptur scripter scripture
scrog skrog stunted bush or tree
Scroggie scroggy
scruif skruif+ scrufe+ skrufe scruff+ scurf+ scab
scrunkit skrunkit shrunken+ shrivelled
scrunt skrunt worn by use+ scrape
scud skud a blow+ smack+ naked
scuddie skuddie naked
scuff skuff graze
scug skug hide+ shelter
scuip scupe+ skip scoop+ brim of hat+ cap peak
scuipit bunnet skippit bunnet cloth cap with peak
sculdudderie skulldudderie fornication
Sculdudd'ry bawdry.
scult skult slap+ smack
scumfish scomfish suffocate+ choke
scunge squeenge prowl about
scunner skunner disgust
scunneration causing disgust
scunnersome disgusting
scurl skurl scab
scurrivaig skurrivaig tramp+ vagabond+ aimlessly roam
scutter do messily
sea sea
sea maw sea gull
sea pyot oyster catcher
season saison season
seat sait seat
sech sigh
seck sack
secretar secretary
sederunt sederount list of present at meeting
see sie see
seed seed
see'd seed saw
seein gless mirror
seek seek
seek seik sick+ vomit
seek seik+ siek soak+ ooze
seeken sicken
seel seil happiness+ bliss+ prosperity
seelfu pleasant+ happy
seem seem
seen seen+ saw
seendle seindle rare+ seldom
seep ooze+ leak
seerup seirup syrup
seestem seistem system
seetiation seitiation situation
seg segg sedge+ yellow flag iris
seg sag
seggan a wild iris
seicont saicont+ seecont+ saicant second
seil seel strain+ filter
Seisins freehold possessions.
sel sell self
sell sell
Sell'd sell't
selt sellt sold
semmit woollen undershirt
semple simple
Sen' send.
send send
sent sent
September September
ser sair+ serr serve
serrin sairin serving
sert saired+ serred served+ satisfied+ full-up
servit servette napkin
set set+ sit
Set sat.
Sets becomes.
Seturday Saturday
severals several persons or things
sey sieve+ trial piece of work
sgagivenent skinny adolescent
Shachl'd shapeless.
SHACKLED shapeless
shae shoe
shaidae shaida+ shaddie shadow
Shaird shred
shairp sherp sharp
shairpit sharpened
shak shake
shakit shakkit shaken
shakit shook
shaks shakes
shammle shammil shamble
Shanagan a cleft stick.
shangie a forked stick+ a row
shangies handcuffs
shank leg+ walk+ shaft
Shanna shall not.
shap shop
shape shape
shapit shaped
sharg small+ stunted person
sharn cattle dung
shauchelt shauchilt worn out+ out of shape
shauchle scauchil shuffle
Shaul shallow.
shauld shallow
Shaver a funny fellow.
Shavie trick.
shaw show+ display
shaw copse
she shae+ sheu she
shear sheir shear+ clip
shear moose shrew
shearer reaper
SHEARIN' cutting hay
shears scissors
shed shedd separate+ divide
sheel shell
sheen shein shine+ gleam+ glisten
sheep sheep
Sheep-shank a sheep's trotter; nae sheep-shank bane = a person of no small
Sheerly wholly.
Sheers scissors.
SHEILIN cottage
sheltie Shetland pony
shenachie storyteller
sherrack a noisy quarrel
Sherra-moor sheriffmuir.
sheuch ditch+ trench
Sheugh a ditch
sheuk shuik shook
sheuken shaken
shevel showl twisted mouth+ twist+ bitter taste
shew sow+ sowed
shewd sowed
shewd sown
shewn sown
shiel sheil temporary rough hut
shielin shieling+ sheilin high summer pasture
shilagie coltsfoot (plant)
shilfie shillie+ shilfa chaffinch
Shill shrill.
shilp bitter
shilpie thin+ puny
shilpit pale+ sickly+ weak
shin ridge or steep hill face
shirpit thin+ shrunken
shirra sheriff
shite defecate+ excrement
shiver shiver+ shudder
shivereens small bits
shock a paralytic stroke
shod shod
shoden shod
Shog a shake.
SHOOIN' being shod
Shool a shovel.
Shoon shoes.
SHOON shoes
shore threaten+ scold
Shore to offer
shored threatened
shorn shorn
Short syne a little while ago.
shot shot
shotten shot
shoud shuid+ shude+ suld should+ ought
shouder shooder+ shoother shoulder
shouer shooer shower+ pang of pain
shoug shog shake jolt
shougle shoggle shake
shouglie shay+ unsteady
Shouldna should not.
shoup shaped
Shouther showther
SHOUTHER shoulder
showd rock+ sway
showl scowl
showl grimace
SHOW'RS showers
shreed shreid shred
shrood shroud
shrunkelt shrunken+ shrivelled
shue shoo+ shew swing+ rock or sway
shuester sempster
shuil shule+ shool shovel
shuin shune+ shoon shoes
shuir sure
shuir shure shore v.
shuirlie surely
shuit shute shoot
Shure shore (did shear).
shyve shive a slice
sib related
sic such
siccan such
siccar secure+ safe+ certain+ sure
sicht sight
SICHT sight
Sicker steady
siclike such like+ of the same kind+
sicwice thus
sidelins sideways
sieven seeven+ saiven seven
sievent seventh
sieventeent seventeenth
sieventie seventy
sile syle newly hatched young fish
siller money+ silver
simmen straw rope for thatch
simmer summer
sin sen since+ ago
sin sun+ son
sin syne since then
sinder sinner part+ separate
SINDER to part company from
sinderie sinnerie sundry
sindoun sunset
sindrins a fork in the road
Sindry sundry.
sing sing
singe singe
singed singed
Singet singed
singit sang
single single
Sinn the sun.
Sinny sunny.
sirple sip+ drink continuously
sist delay proceedings (legal)
sister sister
sit sit
skaich scaich sponge+ obtain
skaich scaich pilfer+ disappointment
skail scail spill
skailie scallie+ scailie a slate+ a slate pencil
skails spills
skailt spilled
skair scar+ scare timid+ shy
Skaith damage.
skaith n. scaith harm
skaithe v. scathe harm
skathie scathie fence
skeel skeel skill+ experience
skeer skeir scare
skeetch skeitch ice-skate
skeetcher skeitcher stone for piever
skeich skeech+ sceech frisky+ restless+ in high spirits
skeichen skeechen timid+ fussy about food
Skeigh skiegh
skelf scelf splinter
skellie scellie squinting+ glance+ exaggerate+
skelloch scream+ wild mustard
skellochs screams
skellum scamp+ rogue+ scoundrel
skelp scelp slap
Skelp to spank; skelpin at it = driving at it.
Skelpie-limmer's-face a technical term in female scolding (R. B.).
skelter scurry+ scamper+ rush
Skelvy shelvy.
skemmels slaughterhouse+ meat or
skemmle shamble
skemp scamp
skep basket+ beehive
skerrie skerry ridge+ precipice+ rock in sea
SKERRY rocky island or reef
skew go off the straight+ twist
skewl turn aside+ twist
skiddle splash+ spill+ a mess
skiddle move quickly and lightly
skiddlie small+ insignificant
Skiegh v. skeigh.
skiff skim
skiffin slight fall of now+ thin partition+
skiffle skiffil skip or skim across
SKIFFS blows
skift skip+ skim+ fall lightly
skilt move about quickly and lightly
skimmer flicker+ shimmer
skink shin or knuckle of beef+ pour
Skinking watery.
skinkle glitter+ gleam+ sparkle
Skinklin glittering.
skione large amount of something soft
skirl scream
Skirl to cry or sound shrilly.
skirt run away+ play truant
skitter have diarrhoea
Sklent a slant
Sklent to slant
Skouth scope.
Skriech a scream.
Skriegh to scream
skyceNE skice leave quickly without detection
skyme skime glance or gleam
skyre skire shine+ glitter+ clear+ bright
Skyrin flaring.
skyte skite squirt
skyve skive roam+ shave+ pare+ slice off
slabber salivate+ talk drivel+ slobber
slack a hollow between hills
slade slaid slid
slae sloe+ slow worm
slaiger smear
slaik slake lick+ slobber
slair smear
slairie a smear+ daub+ lick of paint
slaister feed or work messily
slaisterie wet and dirty+ muddy
slaisterin untidy+ careless and messy
slait slate abuse
slaiter wood louse
slap slop narrow pass
Slap a breach in a fence; a gate.
slauchter slaughter
slaurie spread or splash with mud etc.
slaw slaa slow+ slowly
sled sledge
slee sly+ clever+ skilled
sleek sleik smooth+ deceitful+ cunning
sleekit sleikit sly+ smooth
sleep sleep
sleepit slept
SLEES slinks
slerp slobber+ daub with something
slicht sleight+ slight
slid slippery+ smooth
slidden slid
slidder slip+ slide+ slither
Slidd'ry slippery.
slide slyde slide
slidie slippery
slidit slid
slink smooth crafty person
slippie slippery
slippit slipped
slitter work or walk messily in water etc
slitterie wet and messy+ sloppy
sloch slough+ outer skin
sloch eat noisily
slock(en) quench thirst+ put out fire
slockin a drink+ enough drink
slogger a dirty untidy person
Sloken to slake.
sloonge slounge lounge
slootch slouch+ crouch+ cower
slorach slobber
slork make a slobbering noise
slorp slobber+ squelch
sloum sloom slumber
sloush sloosh sluice+ splash
slouster slooster work untidily or messily
sluch a slough
slump lump together+ a marsh
slung a sling
slunk wet and muddy hollow+ ditch
slunken weak- or starved looking
slup slip
sluppit slipped
slype slipe a hard slap or smack
Slypet slipped.
Sma' small.
SMA' small
smaa sma+ smaw small
smad stain+ discolour
smairg smear with something oily
smairt smert smart
smatter smash+ shatter
smeddum spirit+ energy
Smeddum a powder.
smeek smeik smoke
smiddie smiddy smithy
Smiddy smithy.
SMIDDY blacksmith
smirk smile
smirl smirk
smirr fine rain
smirtle giggle+ snigger
smit infect+ attack+ spot+ stain
smoch thick fog or smoke
Smoor'd smothered.
SMOORS smothers
smore smother+ suffocate+ choke
smorin thick choking
smou smoo smile
smouder smooder smoulder
smouk smook slink or sneak
smoul smool slip away
smourach smoorach fine dust or powder
smourich smoorich kiss
smourichs kisses
smous smoos smiles
Smoutie smutty.
smowt salmon fry+ smolt
smudge smirk
smue smew smile
smuir smour+ smure smother
smuist smuste smoulder
smush crush+ smash
Smytrie a small collection; a litter.
snack snap+ bite+ quick+ sharp+ alert
snagger snore loudly
snail a slug
Snakin sneering.
Snap smart.
Snapper to stumble.
snar severe+ strict
snash snap+ vituperate+ sneer+
snash pert+ saucy
Snash abuse.
snaw sna+ snaa snow
SNAW BREE melting snow
Snaw-broo snow-brew (melted snow).
snawd snowed
snawn snowed
sneck latch+ snap+ a notch
sned prune
sneesh snuff+ take snuff
sneesh sneish sneeze
Sneeshin mill a snuff-box.
sneest sneist behave contemptuously+ a taunt
sneestie cheeky
sneiter sneeter giggle+ weep
snell chilly
snell bitter+ severe+ sharp to taste
snib bolt+ fasten
snib fasten+ cut+ slice
snicher snigger+ tittle
Snick a latch; snick-drawing = scheming; he weel a snick can draw = he is
snievel sneevil snivel
snifter sniff+ snivel+ snort+ snore
snirlie gusty+ biting wind
snirt suppressed laughing
snirtle sneer
Snirtle to snigger.
snochter nasal mucus
snochter-dichter handkerchief
snod smooth+ level+ neat
snodge pace
snoit snore
Snoods fillets worn by maids.
Snool to cringe
snoot snout
Snoove to go slowly.
snorl knot+ tangle+ twist
snowk sniff+ smell
Snowkit snuffed.
snuid snude fishing line
snuil snule submit tamely
snuve snuive glide+ spin
socht sought
SOCHT sought
socht(en) sought
sock ploughshare
sodger sojer soldier
soiree swaree soiree
solvendie firm+ safe+ sure
some sum some
some bit somewhere
some ither bodie someone else
somebodie someone
somegate somewhere
somegate somehow
someither some other
something something
somewey somehow or other
somewey somewhere
sonse abundance+ prosperity+
sonsie fortunate+ plump
Sonsie sonsy
Soom to swim.
soond sound+ noise+ healthy
soop sweep
soopit swept
soor sour
soor-douk soor-dook buttermilk+ yoghurt
soorock sorrel
sooth south
Soothron English
sorn (on) sponge or scrounge off
sorner sponger
sorrae sorra sorrow
sort tidy+ arrange+ repair
soss a wet soggy mess
sotter simmer
sou soo sow+ pig
souch sooch sough+ sigh
souder solder+ unite+ combine
Sough v. sugh.
SOUGHS sighs
souk sook suck+ teachers pet
soukie soorocks sookie soorocks wood sorrel
soukit sucked
soum soom swim
soumed swam
soumer swimmer

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Joe Offer
Date: 11 Apr 00 - 02:35 PM

sound of a large bell (R. B.)
soup soop sip
Soupe sup
souple soople supple
souse soose strike+ a thump
souter shoemaker+ cobbler
sowans sooans oat husks and meal steeped
Sowans nicht Christmas eve
Sowens porridge of oat flour.
sowff hum+ draught
sowk drench+ tipple
sowl soul+ person
Sowps sups.
Sowth to hum or whistle in a low tune.
Sowther to solder.
spae foretell+ prophesize
spaewife female fortune teller
spaicial special
spail spale splinter+ work
Spails chips.
spainyie Spanish+ Indian cane
spairge scatter+ sprinkle
Spairge to splash; to spatter.
spaiver trousers' front opening
spak spoke
SPAK spoke
spake spaik spoke of wheel+ perch
spang span
spank move quickly
spar wooden bolt+ rung+ perch
sparrae sparra sparrow
spart slatted
spartle leap+ spring
spat spat
spate heavy downpour+ tears
Spates floods.
spaul-bane shoulder blade
Spavie the spavin.
Spavit spavined.
speak speik speak
speal speel+ spiel+ speil splinter+ wood chip
spean spein+ suckling animal
Spean to wean.
speariment spearmint
Speat a flood.
speeder speider spider
speel speil spell of time
Speel to climb.
Speer spier
speerit speirit+ spreet spirit
Speet to spit.
speil speel climb+ play+ game+ story
speir speer+ spier inquire+ ask
speirins information+ news
speirt inquired
speld spel split+ cut+ slice open
spelder split+ cut up+ sprawl
spelk sharp splinter+ splint
spell v. spell words
spence inner room of house
Spence the parlor.
spendrif prodigal+ extravagant+
spentacles spectacles
sperfle sperfil scatter
speug spug house-sparrow
spew speu flow+ pour
spicket spigot outdoor tap
SPIER+ SPIERED ask+ asked
Spier. v. speer.
spindrift windy spray
spinner spider+ daddy-longlegs
spinnin jenny daddy-longlegs
spirl a small slender shoot
spit spit
spitten eemage exact image
splairge smatter+ besmear
splat split
spleet spleit split
spleetit split
spleuchan leather pouch
splore frolic+ escapade+ outing+ explore
Splore a frolic; a carousal.
splorer explorer
splurt squirt
splyce splice a sliver of wood+ splinter
spoken spoken
spoot spout
spounge spoonge ooze+ mop
Sprachl'd clambered.
sprad spread p.t.
sprat reedy rush or grass
sprattle scramble+ struggle+ sprawl
sprauchle climb+ struggle+ sprawl
spreckle speckle
Spreckled speckled.
spreid speed spread
spreidit spread
Spring a quick tune; a dance.
springheid source+ origin
sprit-new brand-new
Sprittie full of roots or sprouts (a kind of rush).
sproush sproosh spruce+ brisk+ spruce-tree
Sprush spruce.
spuin spoon
spulyie plunder+ spoil
spunk spark+ match
spunkie will of the wisp+ small fire
Spunkie full of spirit.
Spunkie liquor
Spunkies jack-o'-lanterns
spurtle spurtil porridge stick
Spurtle-blade the pot-stick.
sputten spat
spyle spile spoil
spylt spoiled
Squatter to flap.
Squattle to squat; to settle.
squeak squaik squeal+ squeak+ squawk
squeegee squeegie at wrong angle+ out of shape
squyle squile squeal
Srivling Stirling
staa staw stall+ queasy feeling
staa staw surfeit+ stall
stacher stagger+ stumble
stack stuck
Staggie dim. of staig.
staig stalk+ stallion
Staik to stroke.
stainch stench stanch+ satisfy with food
stainchel stainshell iron bar+ grating
stair stair(s)
stairch sterch starch
stairheid top landing
staive stave sprain
staiver saunter+ easy going
stale stail foundation of haystack
stamack stomach
stammer stumble+ stagger
Stan' stand.
stance station+ site+ bus stop platform
stane stone
STANE stone
stane chack(art) stonechat
stane chipper wheatear
Stanehoose Stonehouse
Stanetoun Stenton
stang sting+ stung+ a pole+ bar or rod
stangt stung
Stank a moat; a pond.
stank drain+ pond
STANS stands
Stan't stood.
stap step+ cram.
Stap to stop.
stap-faither step-father
stappit stepped+ stuffed
Stapple a stopper.
STAPT+ STAPIT filled to bursting
stark strong
starn star+ pupil of eye
starnie starry
Starnies dim. of starn
Starns stars.
Startle to course.
Staumrel half-witted.
STAUN stand
staund stand
staundart standart standard+ upright pole
stave sprain+ wrench
staves (broken) pieces
staw staa stole
Staw a stall.
Staw to surfeit; to sicken.
steal steal
stealt stolen
steam steam
steamie public wash-house
stech stuff
stechie stiff
Stechin cramming.
steek steik stitch+ close
Steek to shut; to close.
Steek to shut; to touch
STEEK stitch+ or harden
Steenhyve Stonehaven
steepend steipend+ stipend stipend+ clergy's salary
steer steir stir
Steeve stieve+ steave+ steive firm+ stiff+ true
Steeve compact.
steg stride
steid steed place+ situation+ farm buildings
steidin steading
STEIRS stirs
stell prop+ support+ place in position
stell whisky still
Sten a leap; a spring.
stend leap+ spring+ bound
stent stint+ fixed task+ stretch
stent annual fee
Sten't sprang.
STENT stretch
Stented erected; set on high.
Stents assessments
stert stairt start
sterve stairve starve
steuch cloud of dust+ uproar+ stink
stevel stumble
stey live at+ stay
stey steep
Steyest steepest.
stibble stubble
Stibble-rig chief reaper.
stick stick
Stick-an-stowe completely.
stickers goose-grass
stickit stuck
stiddie anvil
still an on nevertheless
Stilt limp (with the aid of stilts).
Stimpart a quarter peck.
stinkin Billie sweet William
stinkin Willie ragwort
stint restrict
stirk ox
stirk heifer
Stirk a young bullock.
stishie bustle+ uproar
stob stake+ fence post+ a thorn+ stab
stock hard plant stalk+ block of wood
Stock a plant of cabbage; colewort.
Stoited stumbled.
Stoiter'd staggered.
stoond ache +throb+ tingle+ astound
Stoor harsh
stoot stout
stop stop
stoppit stopped
storm cock missle thrush
stot stagger+ stumble
stot bullock
stot bullock+ clumsy person+ bounce
stotter stagger+ stumble+ rebound
stouk stook shock of corn
stoukie stookie stucco+ plaster+ slow witted
Stoun' pang
STOUND sudden pang of the heart
stour stoor dust
STOUR (BIDE THE STOUR) bear the struggle
Stoure dust.
Stourie dusty.
stovies stewed potatoes
stowe stow fill with food
stowed oot full+ packed
stown stolen
STOWN stolen
Stownlins by stealth.
stowp liquid measure+ tankard
Stoyte to stagger.
strack strak struck
strae straw
Strae death death in bed. (i. e.
strag stray pigeon
straidle straddle
Strak struck.
strake stroke
strake straik stroke+ blow+ spear+ spread
STRAKES strokes
stramash uproar
stramp tramp+ walk
strang strong
strange streenge+ stringe strange
strauchle struggle
straucht straight
Straught straight.
Straught to stretch.
straun street gutter+ little stream
stravaig wander+ roam
strave strove
straw strew
strawn strewn
streamer(s) aurora borealis
streek streek stretch
Streekit stretched.
streeng streeng string
STREETCHED stretched out
strenth strength
strick strik strike
Striddle to straddle.
strinkle sprinkle
strip stripe+ strip
strive strive
striven strove
strone urinate
Stron't lanted.
strounge stroonge bitter+ harsh+ gruff+ sullen
stroup stroop spout
strowe strow strew+ struggle+ quarrel
strucken struck
strunt strut
strunt sulk
Strunt liquor.
Strunt to swagger.
stucken stuck
stuckie starling
Studdie an anvil.
studie study
stuid stude stood
stuiden stood
stuil stule stool+ bench+ counter
stuit stute prop+ support
stummle stumble
Stumpie dim. of stump; a worn quill.
stunkart sullen
stupit stupid
Sturt worry
Sturtin frighted
styme stime glimpse+ particle
Styme the faintest trace.
styte stite nonsense+ stagger
subscrieve subscreive subscribe
succar sugar
Sucker sugar.
Sud should.
suddent suddenly
suddle dirty soil
Sugh sough
suidna shouldn't oughtn't
suin sune soon
suiner sooner+ rather
suit sute soot + suit
sumf sumph stupid+ sullen+ sulky person
Sumph churl.
Sunday Sunday
Sune soon.
sung sang
sunge singed
Suthron southern.
sutten sat past perf.
swadge swage subside+ relax
Swaird sward.
swall swal swell
swallae swalla+ swallie swallow
Swall'd swelled.
swalt swelled
swalt swollen
swank agile+ strong+ smart
Swank limber.
Swankies strapping fellows.
Swap exchange.
Swapped swopped
swarf faint
swat sweated
swatch a glimpse+ example
Swats new ale.
sweel swiel+ sweil swell
sweeng sweing swing
sweer sweir lazy+ unwilling+ reluctant
Sweer v. dead-sweer.
sweevel sweil+ swievel swivel
sweir sweer swear
sweit sweet sweat
sweitit sweated
sweltrie hot+ sultry
swey sway+ swerve
swick deceive+ swindler
swine swyne pig(s)
swinge heavy blow
swipper quick+ nimble
swirl swurl twist+ twirl+ coil
Swirlie twisted
swith quickly+ at once
swither be uncertain+ hesitate
Swoom swim.
Swoor swore.
sworn swurn sworn
swuire swure swore
swurd sword
swutten sweated
swyre swire hollow between hills
sy(v)er syre ditch+ drain+ gutter
sybae sybie+ syboe spring onion
Sybow a young union.
sye strain in sieve
syes chives
syke sike small stream
synd syne+ syn rinse+ wash out+ swill
syne sine then+ since that time
sype sipe seep+ soak+ ooze
sypins leakings+ last drops
tack a lease+ period of time
Tack possession
tacket small nail
tadger penis
tae in comparison with
tae toe+ to
tae to+ until
tae-brig draw bridge
tae-come profit
Taed toad.
Tae'd toed.
tae-draucht attractive force
tae-faw lean-to building
tae-flicht refuge+ asylum
taein taking
taen taken
Taen taken.
tae-nam nick name
Taet small quantity.
taiblet tablet
taid toad
taidspue toad spawn
taigelt hindered
taigle harass+ delay+ detain+ hinder
taiken token
tailyie cut or slice of meat
tainant tenant
tairge targe+ terge beat+ scold+ cross-examine
Tairge to target.
tairible tairrible terrible
tairt tart
taissle entangle
tait tate a small quantity
taiver wander
taivers rags+ tatters+ shreds
taivert muddled+ bewildered
tak take
TAK+ TAKS take+ takes
Tald told.
tallae talla+ tallie tallow
Tane one in contrast to other.
tangs tongs
tansie tansy ragwort
tap top
Tapetless senseless.
Tapmost topmost.
Tappet-hen a crested hen-shaped bottle holding three quarts of claret.
Tap-pickle the grain at the top of the stalk.
tappietourie tappietoorie tassel+ pom-pom
tappit topped
TAPS tops
tapsalteirie tapsalteerie upside down+ muddled
Targe to examine.
tarragat question closely+ pester
tarrock a turn (bird)
tarrow linger
Tarrow to tarry; to be reluctant
tash damage+ stain
tashie tattered
tassie cup
Tassie a goblet.
tattie tawtie potato
tattie-boggle scarecrow
tattrel rag
taucht taught
Tauk talk.
tauld told
taupie foolish+ awkward+ giddy+ idle
taur tar
taut tangled tuft of hair or wool
taw taa knead+ twist+ tug
Tawie tractable.
Tawpie a foolish woman.
taws leather strap
Tawted matted.
tea tea+ evening meal
teach teich teach
teacht taught
Teats small quantities.
teckle tackle
tedisome tedious+ tiresome
teel teil till land
teem teim pour rain
Teen vexation.
teend teen+ tein rage+ provoke
teepical teipical typical
teerant teirant tyrant
teet teit peep+ peer+ glance+ squeak
teeth teeth
teetle teitle title
teind teend+ teen+ tein a tenth part
teir teer+ terr tear+ wild vetch
televeesion telveesion television
tell tell
Tell'd told.
TELLT told
telt tellt told
Temper-pin a fiddle-peg; the regulating pin of the spinning-wheel.
ten ten
tend attend to+ look after+ see to
tender tenner sickly+ in poor health
tenner ten pound note
tenon tendon
tent attend to+ care
tent tenth
Tent to tend; to heed; to observe.
tentie careful+ attentive
Tentier more watchful.
tentless inattentive
Tester an old silver coin about sixpence in value.
teuch tough
teuchit lapwing
teuchter chuchter highlander+ bumpkin (contempt)
teug tug
Teugh tough.
teuk took
teylor teylour tailor
thack thatch n.v.
Thack thatch; thack and rape = the covering of a house
Thae those.
thae adj. these
thae dem. pron. those
thaim them
thair their
Thairm small guts; catgut (a fiddle-string).
thairs theirs
thairsels themselves
than then
thare there
thareawa thereabouts
thareoot outside
that that+ which+ who(rel. pron.)
that so
Thatwey in that way+ like that
thay thai they
the conter on the contrary
The Crail Crail
the hale haill the whole
the lenth o as far as
The Mey May Island
The Nethertoun Nethertown
The Pans Prestonpans
the sel o ye yourselves
the sel o't itself
the t'ae hauf o't one half of it
the tane the one
the tither the other
the tither hauf the other half
the war there was/were
the wey o't how it goes
Theckit thatched.
the-day today
thee thigh
theevle theevil+ theivil+ thievil+ theevle short stick for stirring food
thegither together
the-morn tomorrow
the-nicht tonight
thenk thank
thenkrif thankrife very grateful
the-nou just now
the'r there is / are
thesaurer treasurer
the-streen last evening
Thick v. pack an' thick.
thiefs thieves
Thieveless forbidding
thig beg+ cadge
Thiggin begging.
thimmle thimble
thing hing+ hin thing
thingmie thingmy a thing
think think
Thir these.
thir adj. those
thir (dem. pron.) these
thirl be bound+ obligation
Thirl'd thrilled.
thirsel(s) themselves
thirsels themselves
this this
thiswey this way
tho though+ indeed
thocht thought
THOCHT thought
thole endure
thon those (yonder)
thonder thonner yonder
thoosan thousand
thoosant thousandth
thorter across (timber grain)+ thwart
thoum thoom thumb
Thou'se thou shalt.
thowe thaw
thoweless listless
Thowless lazy
thrang throng+ busy
thrapple throat+ throttle
Thrapple the windpipe.
thrash thrash+ thresh
thrave throve
Thrave twenty-four sheaves of corn.
thraw throw+ twist
Thraw to twist; to turn; to thwart.
thrawart awkward
thrawd threw+ twisted
thrawn difficult+ twisted+ perverse
thrawn thrown+ twisted
THRAWN obstinate(ly)
Thraws throes.
threap threip+ threep insist
threeplet triplet
three-ply triple
Threesome trio.
threid threed thread
threidit threaded
threidit thread
threit threet threat n.
thresh thrash
threttan thirttan+ thirteen thirteen
threttant thirteenth
Thretteen thirteen.
Thretty thirty.
threw threw+ twisted
thrid third
thrien threen thriven
thrissle thistle
Thristed thirsted.
thrittie thirty
thrittient thirteenth
thrive thrive
THRO' through
throu through
throu over+ completed
througate passage way+ lane
Through mak to through = make good.
throuither any how+ in confusion
Throu'ther (through other) pell-mell.
thruish thrashed
thruishen thrashed
thrum strum
thrummle squeeze+ wring
Thummart polecat.
thummle thimmle thimble
thunner thunder
Thy lane alone.
tice tyce entice+ cox
ticht tight
tid time or season
tift tiff+ quarrel
tig tap+ pat
Tight girt
til to
till until
Tillicoutrie Tillicoultry
Till't to it.
timeous at the proper time
timmer timber
TIMMER timber
timorsome nervous+ timid
Tine to lose; to be lost.
tingle v. tinkle+ chime
TININ losing
tinkle trifle
tinkler tinker
tint lost
TINT lost
Tip v. toop.
tippence two pence
tipper walk on tiptoes+ well dressed
tirl vibrate+ quiver
Tirl to strip.
Tirl to knock for entrance.
tirr strip+ remove
tirraneese tirraneise harass with overwork
tirrivee tirrivie rage+ excitement
tishie tissue (paper)
titch touch
tither the other
Tittlin whispering.
TO DRINK THE BREEST YOU'VE BREWED to be responsible for the
tocher dowry
Tocher to give a dowry.
Tocher-gude marriage portion.
tod fox
To-fa' the fall.
Toom empty.
TOON town
Toop tup
Topsalteerie topsy-turvy.
torn torn
tortie tortoise
tortur torter torture
Toss the toast.
tossle tassel
tot the sum total+ the whole lot
tottie tiny
tottle toddle
touel tooel towel
touer toor tower
toun toon town
Toun town; farm steading.
TOUROCKS smoke from chimneys
tousie toosie disordered+ dishevelled+ rough
Tousie shaggy.
tousle toosle ruffle
TOUSLED tangled
Tout blast.
tove rise into air+ stream out
Tow flax
towe tow+ rope
Towmond towmont
towmont twelve months+ a year
Towsing rumpling (equivocal).
towt slight illness+ huff
Toyte to totter.
Tozie flushed with drink.
traik trake ill+ wander+ trek
traikle traicle treacle
TRAIVELS travels
traivelt travelled+ walked
traivle traivil travel+ walk
Trams shafts.
Transmogrify change.
Trashtrie small trash.
trauchle trauchil drudge
treason traison+ treison treason
treat trait treat+ treated
tredden trodden
tredit trod
tree tree
treen trees (arch.) wooden
treeple treiple tripple
treid treed tread
tremmle trimmle tremble
Trews trousers.
TREWS tartan trousers
tricker trigger
trig smart+ quick+ clever
TRIG neat+ smart
Trinklin flowing.
Trin'le the wheel of a barrow.
trinnle trickle
troch trough
Trogger packman.
Troggin wares.
troke barter+ trade+ business+
TRON town market place
troot trout
Trouse trousers.
trowe trow trust+ believe
trowth truith truth
truible tribble trouble
trumf trump
trummle tremble+ tremor
Trump a jew's harp.
truntle trundle
tryst appointment+ meeting
Tryste a fair; a cattle-market.
TRYSTE cattle fair
Trysted appointed.
TRYSTED promised
Trysting meeting.
tuim tume empty
tuimt emptied
tuin tune
tuip tup+ tupe ram
tuir ture tore
tuith tooth
tulchan a calfskin +a substitute+
tulyie tuilyie+ tulzie brawl
Tulyie tulzie
tulyiesome quarrelsome
tumfie dull+ stupid+ fat person
tummle tumble
tummler tumbler
tumshie turnip
tung tongue
tur turr turf
turbot halibut
tushilaigo tushilago coltsfoot
twa twae two
twa three a few
TWA'D it would
Twafauld twofold
twa-fauld bent over+ folded double
twal twelve
Twal twelve; the twal = twelve at night.
twaloors midday meal(dinner)+ midday
Twalpennie worth a penny worth (English money).
twalt twelfth
twang pang
Twang twinge.
'TWAS it was
Twa-three two or three.
Tway two.
tweetle tweitle whistle+ warble
twicet twice
Twin twine
TWIN plait
twintie twanty+ twuntie twenty
twintieth twentieth
Twistle a twist; a sprain.
twyne twine separate
tyauve chyauve knead+ struggle
tyke tike cur
Tyke a dog.
tyne tine lose
Tyne v. tine.
tyned lost
Tysday Tuesday

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Joe Offer
Date: 11 Apr 00 - 03:18 PM

ugg ug loathe
uggin disgusting+ horrible+ annoying
uggit upset+ annoyed+ disgusted
uggsome ugly
Uil Yule+ Yuil Christmas
uin une+ oon oven
uisage yissage usage
uise yaise+ eeze+ eese use v.
uised used
uiss use n.
uissless yaisless useless
uisst used (to)
uisual yaiswal usual
Ulzie oil.
umberellae umberella umbrella
umwhile umquhile late+ deceased
unbidden uninvited
Unchancy dangerous.
uncle uncle
unco very
Unco remarkably
Unco remarkable
UNCO WHACKS (SIC' UNCO WHACKS) such blows as these
uncolie very much
uncos strange or unusual things
Uncos news
unction auction
undecent indecent
unfarrant unattractive+ unpleasant
unfreend unfreend an enemy+ non-friend
unhonest dishonest
Unkend unknown.
unkent unknown+ strange+ unfamiliar
unkiver uncuiver+ unkivver uncover
unner under
unnerstaund unnerstan understand
unraivle untangle
UNROWES unrolls
unsert unserred unserved
unsiccar unsteady
Unsicker uncertain.
Unskaithed unhurt.
unsneck unlatch
unsnib unbolt
unsteek unsteik unfasten
unweel unweill ill
unwicelike unwyce unwise+ foolish+ indiscreet
up up
upbring bring up+ rear+ upbringing
upby up there+ heaven+ upstairs
uphaud uphold
uphauden upheld
uplift pick up
upo upon
upredd a cleaning+ tidying
upreddin a scolding
upstaundin regular (wages)
upsteer upsteir stir up+ turmoil
uptail leave in a hurry
uptak intelligence
ure damp mist+ drizzle+ haze
us uz+ iz us
Usquabae usquebae
utmaist ootmaist utmost
v (vowe) vau v+ the 22nd letter of the alphabet
vacance holiday
vaig vage wander
vainish vanish
variorium decoration+ trinket+ ornament
vauntie proud+ boastful
vause vawse vase
veecious veicious vicious
veenegar veinigar vinegar
veesion veision vision
veesit veisit visit
veet veit vet
veeve vieve+ veive life-like+ bright+ clear
veige veege voyage
vennel alley
vent chimney flue
ventur venter venture
Vera very.
verra very
veshel vessel
vex fret grieve+ be sorry + trouble
view vyow view
Virls rings.
virr force+ strength
Vittle victual
vizzie study+ examine closely
Vogie vain.
vou voo vow
vyce vice voice
Wa' waw
WA' wall
'WA' awaywad
waa waw wall
wab web+ weave
wabbit exhausted+ weak+ feeble
wabble wobble
wabblie wishy-washy+ thin
wabster weaver
wad would+ wed+ bet+ wager+ wedded
Wad to wed.
Wad would
Wad'a would have.
waddin wedding+ cotton wool
Wadensday Wednesday
wadge wedge
wadna wouldn't
Wadset a mortgage.
wae woe+ woeful+ sorrowful+ vexed
Wae woful
Wae wo; wae's me = wo is to me.
Wae worth wo befall.
waerifu troublesome+ annoying+ sad
WAE'S ME woe is me
waesome sorrowful+ causing sorrow
Waesucks alas!
waff wave
wagitie pied wagtail
Wair v. ware.
waird guard
wairm werm warm
wairn warn
walcome welcome
wale choose+ choice
Wale choice.
Walie wawlie
walk wauk+ waak walk
wall well
wall girse watercress
wallae wallie+ walla wallow
wallie porcelain+ china+ pleasant+
walloch violent heavy movements
Wallop to kick; to dangle; to gallop; to dance.
walth wealth
walthie wealthy
Waly fa' ill befall!
wame womb+ belly
Wamefou bellyful.
wan won
WAN one
wanawnt unclaimed
wanchancie unlucky
Wanchancie dangerous.
wannd wand+ stick+ rod
wanndert lost+ confused+ senile
wanner waunder wander
Wanrestfu' restless.
wanshapen deformed
wansonsie mischievous
want waant need+ short of
wantin short of / lacking
wap wrap+ fold
wappin wapin+ wappen weapon
wappinshaw wapinschaw shooting competition
war wur were
WAR were
war the were there
ware spring (season)
ware kind of seaweed
ware spend money
Ware wair
Ware worn.
Wark work.
wark n. wirk v. wurk work
Wark-lume tool.
warks works
Warl' warld
warld world
warldlike normal in appearance
Warlock a wizard
WARLOCK wizard+ male witch
Warl'y warldly
warna warny weren't
warnish warn
WARP+ WARPIN weave+ weaving
Warran warrant.
Warse worse.
warsh tasteless
warsle warstle wrestle+ struggle+ strive
warslin struggling
warst worst
WARST worst
wase bundle or band of straw
wash waash wash
washt washed
wast west
wastart wastert westward
wasteid website
waster farther west
wastmaist westernmost
wastrie wasteful+ extravagant
Wat wet.
Wat wot
wat(en) wetted
Water-fit water-foot (the river's mouth).
Water-kelpies v. kelpies.
wather weather
watter water
watter brash heartburn
wattergaw incomplete rainbow
Wauble to wobble.
wauchelt perplexed+ bewildered
wauchle wachle walk clumsily
waucht a gulp of air or drink
wauges wages
Waught a draft.
wauk wake+ awake+ watch+ moist
wauk waulk cloth making process
wauken awake+ waken
Waukin awake.
Waukit (with toil) horny.
waukrif wakeful+ sleepless+ watchful
Waukrife wakeful.
WAUKRIFE sleepless
Waulie jolly.
waur worse
Waur't worsted
waux wax
waux claith oilcloth
we we
weak waik weak
wean (wee ane) baby /child
Wean (wee one) a child.
Weanies babies.
weary weary+ depressing+ annoying
Weason weasand.
weave weave
wecht weight+ weigh
Wecht a measure for corn.
wechten make heavier
wechtie weighty
wechts a pair of scales+ large amount
wee small+ tiny+ little
Wee a little; a wee = a short space or time.
Wee things children.
weed a plant in the wrong place
weed weid sudden high fever
weedae weeda+ weidae widow
week ook week
weel weill well
WEEL FAURED well favoured
WEEL STOCKET MAILIN+ HIMSEL FOR THE LAIRD well stocked farm landlord
weel-a-whit certainly
Weel-faured well-favored.
Weel-gaun well-going.
Weel-hain'd well-saved.
weemen weimen women
weeng weing wing
weeoors early morning
Weepers mournings (on the steeve or hat).
weet weit wet
weetit wet
weetit wetted
weidger weedger wager
weir weer wear+ wire+ guard+ defend
weird wierd fate
weizer weezer ooze
welter overturn+ upset+ confused noise
went gone
Werena were not.
WERENAE were not
werrock a corn+ a bunion
wersh tasteless
We'se we shall.
Westlin western.
WESTLIN westward+ western
wey wye way
wha whae who
WHA(S) who (whose)
whaal whale
whaizle wheeze
whalp a whelp
Whalpet whelped.
Wham whom.
whan when+ while
Whang a shive.
Whang flog.
Whar whare
Wha's who is.
Wha's whose.
whase whause whose
What for whatfore
What reck what matter; nevertheless.
Whatna what.
Whatt whittled.
whauk whack+ a cut+ great number
whaup curlew
whaur where
whaurawa whereabouts
whaure're wherever
wheem wheim whim
wheen whein a few
wheenge wheinge whinge
Wheep v. penny-wheep.
Wheep jerk.
wheeriorum wheeriorum toy+ thingamajig
wheesht wheisht be quiet+ silence
wheich wheech stench+ disgust
wheimer wheemer mutter+ whimper
wheip wheep squeak
wheiple wheeple whistle
whid lie+ exaggeration
Whiddin scudding.
Whids gambols.
whiffle play the flute
whigmaleerie whhigmaleirie whim+ whimsical
Whigmeleeries crotches.
while whyle while+ until
whiles whyles sometimes
whilk whulk which
whin whin basalt+ flint
whinbuss gorse or furze
Whingin whining.
Whins furze.
whip whip
WHIPPERT hastily
whirl whurl whirl+ wheel+ trundle+ cart
Whirlygigums flourishes.
whirrie whirl away
whissle whussle whistle
Whissunday whutsunday 28th May+ Whitsunday
Whist silence.
whit what
white whyte white
whiten what kind of+ which+ what sort of
whitfor why
whither whether
whitrat whitret weasel
Whitter a draft.
whittle whuttle knife
whitwey how? why?
whowe whow wow
whud fib+ lie
whummle whammle overturn+ turn inside out
whurligig spinning top
why why
wi with
Wi' with.
WI' with
wice wyce wise
wicelike sensible+ respectable
wicht person
Wick a bore hit a curling-stone obliquely and send it through an opening.
wickit wicked+ bad tempered+ angry
wid wuid+ wude wood
WID would
widdershins anti-clockwise+ opposite way
widdie wuidie twig of flexible wood+ willow
Widdifu' gallows-worthy.
Widdle wriggle.
WIDNAE would not
WIE with
Wiel eddy.
Wight strong
Wighter more influential.
wild wile+ willd wild
will wull will
Willcat wildcat.
Willyart disordered.
wilt wult wilt
Wimple to meander.
WIMPLIN' WAY winding road
win reach / won
WIN' wind
winch wench
wind wund wind
windae winda+ windie window
WINDAE window
windlestrae winnlestrae withered grass
winkers eyelids
Winn to winnow.
winna won't
winnd wind
winner wunnwe wonder
Winnin winding.
winnock windock window
Winnock-bunker v. bunker.
winsome charming
Win't did wind.
winter wunter winter
wintle stagger+ reel+ wriggle
Wintle a somersault.
Winze a curse.
wioot outside+ except
wir our
wird word+ wurd word
wirm wurm worm
wirr growl+ snarl
wirrie wirry worry
wirs ours
wirsel(s) ourselves
wirsit worsted
wirth warth worth
wis wus+ wiz+ wuz was+ were
Wi's with his.
WIS was
wisna wasn't+ weren't
wiss wuss+ weish wish
wisses wheeshes wishes
wisst weesht wished
wit wut sanity+ reason+ wisdom
Wi't with it.
WIT what
witch bewitch+ witch
wits wuts wits
wittins knowledge+ news+ information
wizzen wither(ed)+ dry(ed)
Won to dwell.
wone dwell
Wonner a wonder.
Woo' wool.
Woodie woody
Woodies twigs
Wooer-babs love-knots.
Wordy worthy.
worn worn
Worset worsted.
worth to befall
Worth v. wae worth.
worthed befell
worthed befallen
wrack vrackNE wreck
Wraith ghost.
wranch runch wrench
wrang wrong
wrat wart
wrat cf. wrate wrote
wratch vratchNE overstrain+ fatigue+ wretch+ miser
wrate writ
wreath wraith wreath
wricht wright
write write
wrocht worked
wrutten written
wud mad
Wud wild
wuish washed
wuishen washed
wulk wilk whelk+ periwinkle
WULLIE WAUGHT a hearty draught
Wumble wimble.
wumman woman
wun win
wund wound
wundit wound
wure wore
wurn complain
wyde wade+ weed
wye weigh
wyliecoat under frock+ under petticoat+
Wyliecoat undervest.
wynd a narrow winding street
WYND wind
wynt allow to go bad or sour
wyse wise+ wize lead+ entice
wyte wite blame+ accuse
Wyte (weight) blame.
yaff bark+ yelp+ chatter
yair fish-trap
yaird yard
yairn story+ yarn
yall yell+ howl
yallae yalla+ yella yellow
yallae lintie goldhammer
yallochie yellowish
yammer lament+ harp on
Yard a garden; a stackyard.
yatter chatter
Yaud an old mare.
yauld yaul active+ alert+ vigorous
yaup bawl
ye you
YE you
Yealings coevals.
yeld barren
Yell dry (milkless).
yelloch yell
yer yur your
YER your
Yerd earth.
YERDS yards (shipyards)
yerk jerk
Yerkit jerked.
yerl earl
Yermooth Yarmouth
yerp grumble+ fret
yers yours
yersel yourself
yersels yourselves
yese yeeze you pl.
Ye'se ye shall.
yestreen last evening+ yesterday
yett gate
Yettum Yetholm
yeuk itch
yill ale
Yill-Caup ale-stoup.
YIN one
yird earth+ bury
yirdit buried
yit yet
yoke grip+ deal with
Yokin yoking; a spell; a day's work.
yon yonder
YON yonder+ that
yon time that time
yonder yonder
yont along+ through
'Yont beyond.
yonwey yonder way
yorlin yellow hammer
you you
your your
yours yours
yoursel yourself (emphatic)
yoursels yourselves (emphatic)
youse youz you pl.
YOUSE you plural
youthheid youth+ adolescence
yowdendrift snow driven by the wind
yowe sheep+ ewe
Yowie dim. of ewe; a pet ewe.
yowl howl
yowt howl+ yell+ cry
Yule Christmas.
yung young
yungker younker youngster
yunk a stake marble

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Joe Offer
Date: 11 Apr 00 - 03:39 PM

Whew!!! Posting this took about three hours, and a number of computer crashes. I think it's all working OK now, both in MSIE and Netscape. Good work, John!
-Joe Offer-

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: John in Brisbane
Date: 11 Apr 00 - 11:35 PM

Thanks for your hard work Joe! When you return we'll need to revise the A-C which is somewhat more complete than my earliest posting. The revision was included in the file I sent you late last night. Once that's done the glossary will be about 7,000 Scots words. Regards, John

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Joe Offer
Date: 14 Apr 00 - 10:17 PM

I think what's posted now is John's complete glossary, but I've asked John to proofread to make sure it's all OK. After that, I'll delete or move the messages that are between the sections of the glossary.
-Joe Offer-

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: GUEST,Murray on Saltspring
Date: 15 Apr 00 - 02:37 AM

Good work, but I'm puzzled by the inclusion of things like "leak, seem, send, sent" which are not Scotticisms. Also: "cloot" represents the English "clout" (pr. clowt), = cloth; while "clout" (pr. clowt) = blow, hit, strike etc. "Dang " is the preterite of "ding", so = "struck", "belted" you might say. "Ding" however means more than "strike"; as in the phrase (motto) "Dunse dings a'," it means "surpasses", "beats" in the metaphorical sense. More comments maybe once I digest this. But it's a real accomplishment all the same.

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Joe Offer
Date: 15 Apr 00 - 04:47 AM

Netscape has a problem with this glossary that I can't figure out - the "go" buttons from Max's dropdown menus and a "reply box" appear at places in the middle of the page, as well as at their appropriate locations. Anybody know why, and does anybody know how I can eliminate the problem? It seems to work OK with MSIE 5.0.
-Joe Offer-

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Robby
Date: 29 Sep 00 - 10:32 AM

Whew! And I thought the glossary at the end of The Ballad Book, MacEdward Leach, Harper & Row, New York, N.Y. (1955), was extensive. I didn't think my printer would ever stop. An extraordinary effort.

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: John in Brisbane
Date: 29 Sep 00 - 08:12 PM

Hi Murray, I won't pretend to be a linguist nor an expert on Scottish music, so if there are words herein of doubtful paretage I apologise - I simply scraped and scanned and collated anythong I could find which I thought may have helped Mudcatters to appreciate. I feel a bit guilty sometimes when I see bitsy translations in song collections and I don't incorporate them in the Glossary, but the truth is I doubt that I'll ever get the energy to try this again.

Robby, I'd always envisaged that users could save this thread as a HTML file or text file to use as a reference, but I guess once you've printed it you'll have it forever. From imperfect memory there are almost 7,000 lines of reference.

Regards, John

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: JohnInKansas
Date: 28 Aug 01 - 06:17 AM

I found a request from Joe Offer for a way to reduce the size of this file here: HTML PRACTICE
I'm not sure whether I have anything working here, but:
The glossary information here is about 14,841 paragraphs when set up as a table.
Word Tools - Wordcount shows 6,669 paragraphs when converted to straight text.
If I interpret what is here, each entry consists of a "Word" with "Word Variants" and a definition, in three columns.

If this is changed from a column layout (table^#041; to a text line of:

Word (variants): Definition

there is a slight saving in character count, since you don't need the table element and table row declarations.

Potentially, the change in format could reduce the file size to about a third of what is needed to post as a table(?)

Attempting to download this entire thread crashed my rather wimpy machine several times, requiring considerable reboot, disk cleanup, delete temps, etc., but I think I got all of the glossary that is listed in the thread. This is apparently only a small piece of what is in the whole thing.

On my Win98 machine, with 64M RAM, I was unable to do a table convert to text on the whole 122 pages of table in this string, but didn't have any trouble converting half of it at a time.

Because the size of the file is rather large, I am posting this note as a warning.
My next post will attempt to include the part of the glossary in the present thread as a single post.



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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: JohnInKansas
Date: 28 Aug 01 - 06:29 AM

Looks like I only got through with part of it
Probably a time-out on the connection.

Word count on the part that came through shows about 56KB transmitted.

I will refrain from sending more now, pending comments on whether this is really an improvement.

Any experts looking in?

I deleted John's partial glossary because it made the thread too hard to load. However, I think it would be a good idea to have a text version of the glossary in another thread.
-Joe Offer-

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
Date: 28 Aug 01 - 04:19 PM

Doesn't "Heelster Gowdie" mean "Helter Skelter"?

The crank

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Abby Sale
Date: 30 Aug 01 - 08:47 AM

"Heelster Gowdie" = Heels over head (topsy-turvey)

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Abby Sale
Date: 30 Aug 01 - 09:20 AM

Crowdie = pot cheese (ie, small curd cottage cheese) I once watched it made in Ballantrushal, Isle of Lewis.

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Subject: Help re: 'banƒters'
From: Abby Sale
Date: 09 Sep 01 - 03:11 PM

What with today being the anniversary of the battle at Flodden-Field,  September 9, 1513, I thought I'd sing "floo'ers of the forest."  So I'm looking at the 4th of the "usually sung six verses,"  ie. # 20 in Herd (1769). (Actually this verse is rarely sung, too.)  The data base  Floo'ers gives that Hickerson implies it on Drive Dull II but he doesn't, actually. Anyway the DT misprints one word & naturally, that's the single word in the song I can't gloss.  The verse is:

In herƒt at the ƒhearing nae younkers are jeering:
The banƒters are lyart, runkled, and gray.
At fairs nor at preaching, nae wooing, nae fleeching,
Since our braw foreƒters are a' wed away
It's 'bansters' in the second line I hope someone can help with.  I don't find this or anything similar in any of my glosseries or dictionaries, including Herd's own.  I did find in Herd "bangster" and I've a feeling he's misprinted the word in the song - I haven't accidented across 'bangster' in any other Herd songs.  "Bangstrie," as all will know, is one of the charges leveled against MacPherson just before he Lamented ans hanged.  FYI, since I have them right here, other words in that verse would be:

herƒt = harvest
younkers = young men
banƒters = ? perh. banterers or bangsters (in essence, 'ruffians')
lyart = hoary/grey-haired
runkled = wrinkled
fleeching = coxing/flattering
wed away  = cut down / lost (arguable)

Thanks for the advice.

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: GUEST,guest Jackie
Date: 10 Sep 01 - 04:31 AM

A few weeks ago I asked John Moulden to track down a few words for me that are Ulster/Scot. A few of the words (quite a lot actually) have been printed above. Good work John. I have also heard that there is a book published to cover the Ulster/Scots dialect though sorry to say I have forgotten who by. John Moulden who writes here at times may be able to help you there if you are interested. It may make all your hard work a little easier. Keep up the good work.


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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: katlaughing
Date: 10 Sep 01 - 05:29 AM

Fantastic work, JohninB. Thanks, very much!


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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Q (Frank Staplin)
Date: 05 Nov 03 - 05:53 PM

1794, in Ritson, Scot. Songs, II. "The bandsters are runkled, lyart and grey." A Bandster is one who binds sheaves after reapers.

1863, Tom Taylor. "Onward press the shearers, the bansters come behind."
Both quotes from The Oxford English Dictionary.

I wouldn't doubt that both spellings were used.

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Strupag
Date: 05 Nov 03 - 06:28 PM


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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Joe Offer
Date: 05 Nov 03 - 06:53 PM

Using the posts above as a base, Pene Azul designed our Scots Glossary. It's available on the QuickLinks dropdown menu that you'll find on most Mudcat pages. I added "bandster" to the glossary. Other submissions are welcome. Post them here, or send me a personal message or e-mail.
-Joe Offer-

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: GUEST,noddy
Date: 06 Nov 03 - 12:30 PM

The things people post just to claim the record of the BIGGEST POSTING ...EVER !!!

Well Done.

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Reiver 2
Date: 06 Nov 03 - 02:07 PM

This is absolutely FANTASTIC!! Many thanks to all who've worked so hard on this. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Reiver 2

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: GUEST,remore
Date: 24 Feb 07 - 01:05 PM

Roup (Pronounced rowp) - a public auction
Rookit - no money left
Bowlie - morning break (bowl of tea)
Lousin time (pronounced louwsin) - the end of the day's work
Yokin time - the beginning of the days work
Lairage - holding area for cattle (in an abattoir)
Cock Pheasant - a mechanical hay turner

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: masato sakurai
Date: 25 Feb 07 - 06:38 AM

The Dictionary of the Scots Language is the most comprehensive.
The Dictionary of the Scots Language (DSL) comprises electronic editions of the two major historical dictionaries of the Scots language: the 12-volume Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (DOST) and the 10-volume Scottish National Dictionary (SND). DOST contains information about Scots words in use from the twelfth to the end of the seventeenth centuries (Older Scots); and SND contains information about Scots words in use from 1700 to the 1970s (modern Scots). Together these 22 volumes provide a comprehensive history of Scots, and a New Supplement now (2005) brings the record of the language up to date. These are therefore essential research tools for anyone interested in the history of either Scots or English language, and for historical or literary scholars whose sources are written in Scots or may contain Scots usages.

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Rusty Dobro
Date: 25 Feb 07 - 07:02 AM

Wonderful! Loved the definition of 'piller'- scope for some transatlantic confusion, I feel!

One Glasgow drunk to another, peering in the baker's window:'Is that a doughnut or a meringue?'

Second ditto: 'Nae, you're right enough, it's a doughnut!'

I'll get my plaid.....

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: GUEST,Scotty
Date: 05 Feb 09 - 07:27 PM

Not comprehensive yet, but entertaining. Scottish words translated, defined and illustrated with a cartoon. Worth a visit and growing each week.

Scottish Words Illustrataed at


All the best

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
Date: 13 Apr 09 - 06:09 PM


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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Vic Smith
Date: 14 Apr 09 - 06:34 AM

masato sakurai wrote (Two years ago!)

The Dictionary of the Scots Language is the most comprehensive.

It is but I have never found it to be particularly user-friendly as an on-line resource. My first port of call is to go to my shelves (Does anybody remember dictionaries in book form?) and reach for The Scots Dialect Dictionary Compiled by Alexander Warrack MA ISBN 9 781902407098 published by Waverley Books.

However, you won't find words in it that are derived from Scots Traveller Cant ("galoot" for example) so you would need a separate list for that. The best list that I know for those is in the long-out-of-print Victorian book "History of The Gypsies" by Simson.

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: LadyJean
Date: 28 Aug 10 - 12:28 AM

You don't have "redd up" meaning clean up. We use it in Western Pennsylvania too. We also say slippy, instead of slippery. Neb is used in Western PA, but it means an inquisitive person. Nebby, however, means nosey.

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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
From: Gutcher
Date: 28 Aug 10 - 04:41 AM

A nebby person hereabouts {ie.) S.W. Scotland, is a sharp sarcastic person.


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Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words (PermaThread)
From: Joe Offer
Date: 17 Dec 11 - 02:59 PM

    I'm closing this thread because it has been drawing a lot of Spam. If you would like to add comments or Scots words, post them in one of the Scots glossary threads crosslinked at the top of this page. Your comments will be incorporated into this PermaThread or our Scots Glossary.
    Using the posts above as a base, Pene Azul designed our Scots Glossary. It's available on the QuickLinks dropdown menu that you'll find on most Mudcat pages. I added "bandster" to the glossary. Other submissions are welcome. Post them here, or send me a personal message or e-mail.

    Thanks to John in Brisbane for creating this glossary. John died in 2005. May he rest in peace.
    -Joe Offer- 17 Dec 2011-

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