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What You Cats Play

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GUEST,KLSM KOA for Sale 1of 100 made 05 Sep 11 - 08:01 AM
Musket 05 May 11 - 01:27 PM
Don Firth 19 Mar 03 - 06:32 PM
Bill D 19 Mar 03 - 05:59 PM
curmudgeon 19 Mar 03 - 05:44 PM
Washboard Wiggle 19 Mar 03 - 04:18 PM
Jazzyjack 19 Mar 03 - 03:23 PM
Steve Benbows protege 19 Mar 03 - 12:16 PM
Jim Colbert 19 Mar 03 - 10:21 AM
Mooh 19 Mar 03 - 09:30 AM
Wesley S 19 Mar 03 - 09:13 AM
Roger the Skiffler 19 Mar 03 - 03:49 AM
JohnInKansas 19 Mar 03 - 03:33 AM
Mudlark 18 Mar 03 - 10:15 PM
Leadfingers 18 Mar 03 - 07:23 PM
Little Robyn 18 Mar 03 - 06:55 PM
bigchuck 18 Mar 03 - 10:50 AM
Sorcha 18 Mar 03 - 10:40 AM
BuckMulligan 18 Mar 03 - 10:23 AM
GUEST,Steve 18 Mar 03 - 08:48 AM
Genie 18 Mar 03 - 07:57 AM
Mr Happy 18 Mar 03 - 02:39 AM
Cleanhead 18 Mar 03 - 01:16 AM
Coyote Breath 03 Dec 02 - 12:17 PM
Firecat 02 Dec 02 - 04:32 PM
dorareever 02 Dec 02 - 08:12 AM
black walnut 02 Dec 02 - 07:43 AM
Rapparee 02 Dec 02 - 07:26 AM
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Bee-dubya-ell 02 Dec 02 - 01:58 AM
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Malachy 01 Dec 02 - 08:37 PM
KateG 01 Dec 02 - 04:34 PM
bigchuck 01 Dec 02 - 03:35 PM
Jim Krause 01 Dec 02 - 02:48 PM
RangerSteve 01 Dec 02 - 02:29 PM
Genie 01 Dec 02 - 02:25 PM
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CarolC 01 Dec 02 - 02:13 PM
Genie 01 Dec 02 - 12:39 PM
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EBarnacle1 01 Dec 02 - 11:18 AM
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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: GUEST,KLSM KOA for Sale 1of 100 made
Date: 05 Sep 11 - 08:01 AM

Plrase email me at if interested. Want someone to care for it as much as I do. AR

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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: Musket
Date: 05 May 11 - 01:27 PM

Most cats play with their fundamentals then cough up fur ball.

Me? I play a Rainsong OM10, a Martin D45, a Yamaha APX7-12, A Jim Harley dreadnought and a nondescript banjo, (presently in bits....)

"Steamin' Willie" as he calls himself is a mate of mine and when I saw his Rainsong in action, had to have one. To be fair, I rarely if at all play any of the others now. My son has the Martin at present and I'm not missing it.

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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: Don Firth
Date: 19 Mar 03 - 06:32 PM

I've had a whole variety of guitars over the years, but the current stable of instruments consists of:—

A flamenco guitar, made by Arcangel Fernandes of Madrid in 1961. A friend of mine, one of the founders of the Seattle Classic Guitar Society who made regular yearly trips to Spain, brought an Arcangel flamenco back with him in 1960. Once I played his, I had to have one. He put me in touch with Fernandez and a year-and-a half later, my new guitar arrived from Madrid by air freight. Fantastic instrument! I've used mine for everything: song accompaniment, classical, and even a bit of flamenco (had some lessons in 1962 from a genuine flamenco guitarist). Butter-soft action, powerful sound, crisp and clear and warm, wide dynamic range, and great for concerts because it goes all the way to the back wall. I learned that "Arcangels" had become the guitar of choice for most of the well-known flamenco guitarists. Fernandez is still making guitars, but he's back-ordered for years to come. This has made the price of used Arcangels in good condition soar. I found out recently that mine is now worth about 100 times what I paid for it! I'm scared to take it out of the house. THIS one was made many years after mine, but it looks just like it.

A Guitarra Artesana, made in Japan, imported by concert guitar maker José Oribé, inspected, labeled by him, and approved for sale under his name. It has a full, rich, concert guitar sound, and it's a dead-ringer for a José Ramirez. It not only looks like one, it sounds like one. In fact, I played a recital for the Seattle Classic Guitar Society some years ago, and the folks there (some of whom own Ramirezes) assumed that mine was also a concert Ramirez. It looks like THIS.

Two odd-balls, both "Go-GW" travel guitars. I got stuck in a wheelchair about twelve years ago, and it's not real easy to play a guitar while sitting in a wheelchair. The lower bout of the guitar and the right wheel of the chair both try to occupy the same space, which tends to throw the guitar out of position and makes it hard to hold. About a year and a half ago, I bought my first "Go" travel guitar from Sam Radding of San Diego (he taught Bob Taylor how to make guitars). The "Go" is small and looks like a cross between a guitar and a canoe paddle, but it sounds amazingly like a real guitar. Radding makes both nylon and steel-string "Go" guitars, and their sound is surprisingly full and rich for such small instruments (33.25" long, 8" wide, and 3.25" deep). I liked the classic so much that I bought one of the steel-strings. Used with the neck-strap, I can play them while in the wheelchair without their coming into conflict with the wheel. Very handy. I keep one or the other of them within arm's reach all the time.

Sam Radding also makes two small parlor guitars (nylon and steel string, differing slightly from each other in size and design), but these have to be special ordered. I've heard great things about the nylon-string one, and since it may be small enough to work for me, (12" wide at the lower bout) I'm thinking seriously about ordering one.

I used to play a bit of 5-string banjo and at one time I had a long-necked Vega Seeger Model. I didn't really play it that much, though, and I eventually sold it to a guy who coveted it, and who could really play.

I also have a laud, a Spanish instrument that sounds like a mandolin on steroids (click & scroll down), but I haven't figured it out yet.

Don Firth

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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: Bill D
Date: 19 Mar 03 - 05:59 PM

Since the USA is so big, there are several gatherings organized and attended by Mudcatters, though none 'limited' to Mudcatters.

Perhaps the biggest is the Folklore Society of Greater Washington's annual "Getaway" in October, where you can sometimes see Max, Dick Greenhaus, Pene Azul, MMario, and up to 60-70 more. You don't say where YOU are JazzyJack, but folks come from great distances, and we 'might' be able to squeeze in one more... *grin*

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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: curmudgeon
Date: 19 Mar 03 - 05:44 PM

Took piano for 7 years; can still play, sort of, but don't have one. I have 3 autoharps in various stats of disrepair; can play but don't.. Have tried banjo and fiddle, but thought better of it.

My first guitar was a Stella, had for 3 3/4 books of TV stamps. Moved to a Harmony classical, then to a Harmony Sovereign. a small body Gibson 12 string, a Martin 12 string and now a Guild D?, and a wonderful Lachenal New Model English concertina.

I do mainly English, Scottish, Irish, trad songs along with some Canadian and Australian, American and English union songs, all manner of sea songs, and a modest number of lyrica erotica -- Tom

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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: Washboard Wiggle
Date: 19 Mar 03 - 04:18 PM

It would be great to have Mudcat Festival. I am a picker/collector, here is my list. I just had to copy and paste my inventory list.
1. Taylor Liberty Tree
2. Goodall KJCK (All Koa Wood)
3. Morgan Concert CRW Custom (All Koa Wood)
4. National Guitar Custom Koa (All Koa Wood)
5. Taylor KLSM (All Koa Wood)
6. Taylor K22 (All Koa Wood)
7. Larrivee VC-10K (All Koa Wood)
8. Larrivee DV-10KK (All Koa Wood)
9. Taylor K65CE (All Koa Wood)
10. Taylor 910
11. Taylor K20C (All Koa Wood)
12. Taylor RSSM (All Koa Wood)
13. Tacoma PKK-40 (All Koa Wood)
14. Taylor K22 (All Koa Wood)
15. National Guitar 1935 Style "O" (Alcoa-just kiddin' it's brass)
16. Martin SPD-16K2 (All Koa Wood)
17. Taylor 420-K (All Koa Wood)
18. Harp Guitar   Real Old
19. Ovation 6868-ASB
20. Martin Cowboy X
21. Larrivee Parlor (All Koa Wood)
22. Dobro Duolian 1998
23. Derring Banjo Boston 6 String
24. Martin DM-12 12 String
25. Martin HD-28 1980
26. Martin Cowboy II
27. Martin Cowboy III
28. Larrivee US-10-KA Uke (All Koa Wood)
29. Martin Hawaiian X
30. Taylor Baby Liberty Tree
31. Epiphone Masterbilt Royal 1931
32. Ovation/Applause Mandolin
33. Esteve Classical FV Nylon String
34. Taylor 301-K (Back/Sides Koa Wood)
35. Taylor 301-M
36. Fender Squire Strat
37. Carlo 905-D
38. Cowboy Loye - Cowboy Guitar 1930

I am still looking for guitars made from all Koa wood. Anyone have any for sale?


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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: Jazzyjack
Date: 19 Mar 03 - 03:23 PM

WoW; When I started this thread, I thought I would discover the FEW instruments eveyone played. How the hell did folkies suddenly get to afford all this stuff? We're supposed to be poor working class guys and gals ( like Woody, Pete or Gordon ) but boy am I surprised. Makes me wish we could stage a NORTH AMERICAN MUDCAT FESTIVAL somewhere and all meet and play. Anyone interested ?

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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: Steve Benbows protege
Date: 19 Mar 03 - 12:16 PM

Main Folk guitar : Gibson sj delux.
2nd folk guitar : K Yairi. - A well made underated guitar!!
Main jazz guitar: Epiphone Regent./ Maccaferi copy; made by my dad!
2nd jazz guitar: Aria cardinal series.- electric model; cs 350.
Rock guitar: Fender squire strat.
violin: Maidstone model.
Mandolin: Fender
Classical guitar: Yamato - bought from Ivor moraints shop.
Accordian: Hohner cajun.
Harmonicas:'Tombo harmonicas' Folk blues.
Banjo: Hobgoblin music shops own brand.

That's only the tip of the Iceberg!!

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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: Jim Colbert
Date: 19 Mar 03 - 10:21 AM

Main guitar: 2000 Taylor 414 with a Fishman active pickup installed

dadgad tuning guitar: 1997 Taylor 414-k (limited edition koa model)
2001 Baby Taylor

Also have an Ovation celebrity (crap unplugged sound but the guitar that got me playing and allowed me to easily record at home for the first time) and an old, unnamed Hungarian 12-fret that was my wife's grandfathers. Oh yeah, and a National lap steel that was my mom's.

We have a few open mic nights at area bars here in State College PA, but by and large they are of little interest to me (too late, too smoky, too much of a college crowd.) I've been seeking out alternative venues in the area, and play every now and then at area coffee houses and bookstores. My next gig is Friday May 2 at a coffee house; I played their open mic night and was offered a job on the spot, which was kinda cool.


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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: Mooh
Date: 19 Mar 03 - 09:30 AM


Welcome. You're right, this has been discussed before but alot can change in a short time, so...

I play traditional, roots, folk, blues, singer-songwriter stuff, some classical, hymn tunes, and when the spirit strikes, a bit of loud jam style rock music.

I use: Beneteau 6 string acoustic guitar, Beneteau 12 string acoustic guitar, Beneteau 6 string baritone acoustic guitar, Moon celtic style mandolin, cheap Washburn mandolin, Washburn 5 string banjo, Telecaster electric guitar, cheap uke, Harmony Sovereign flat top lap guitar, home made steel guitar, home made bass guitar, headless bass guitar, 5 string Ernie Ball electric bass guitar, Harmony archtop guitar, plywood double bass, old German fiddle, autoharp, various harmonicas, pennywhistles, Yamaha keyboard, La Patrie classical guitar, various hand drums, several guitars in various states of decay or repair, lots of shakers, spoons, tambourine, melodica, voice.

I will sometimes accept donations of beater instruments which I can repair and make available for sale or permanent loan to more needy students.

I play in southern Ontario Canada with a casual celtoidish group named Kerrykeel, a fiddle/guitar duo named Guiddle M'Jig, a singer-songwriter duo named The Preachers' Sons, and I hire out as a mercenary musician for hire when I'm not instructing music (about 25 hours per week) or working a part-time grunt job for the local public school board (thank goodness for its benefit plan!). Have also played in rock cover bands, reception music bands, dance outfits, and a Neil Young tribute band. I sing bass in the local Anglican church choir.

So much music, so little time.

Peace, Mooh.

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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: Wesley S
Date: 19 Mar 03 - 09:13 AM

1967 Martin D-18
1999 Martin OM-28V
198? Lowden 12 string
2002 Collings 000 Slothead
1999 Weber Bridger
2001 Davy Stewart Octave Mandolin
Mid-Missouri M-4 mandolin { for sale }
An uncertain era Vega star 5-string
One mountain dulcimer

Currently on a quest for an "F" style mandolin { that's why the OM-28V and the M-4 are for sale } and there's bound to be a Uke in my future.

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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: Roger the Skiffler
Date: 19 Mar 03 - 03:49 AM

Columbus Washboard Company "Maidrite" stainless steel washboard; metal thimbles (probably from John Lewis) mixture of large & medium sizes; quart scrumpy jug (glass);Chinese-made "Victory" harmonica in unknown key (for train noises only); anonymous metal kazoo replacing longserving Christmas cracker plastic one which finally died (these 2 on neck rack); voice made for mime. All stored in cotton "Laskarina Holidays" shopping bag with Mudcat patch on.

(chutzpah no substitute for ability)

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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: JohnInKansas
Date: 19 Mar 03 - 03:33 AM

I started with a Martin Bb Tenor saxophone (according to the factory, made 5 years before I was born), added a King Eb Alto Sax and a Selmer Bb clarinet sometime along the way in high school.

Unfortunately, my kids have played all of the above - without good maintenance - so the pads have all fallen out and they are all currently unplayable. The above is somewhat irrelevant since my teeth all fell out and I couldn't play them now anyway.

I acquired a "full rack" of p'whistles (C, G, D, A, F, Bb, ...) somewhere during my early festival days, when I was noted for never missing a note while sipping my beer and not dropping my cig.

Somewhere else along the line I picked up a fairly full set of harmonicas - currently missing only a good C to be able to not play very well in any key.

During the early years of festival going I got my first mando - a Washburn A style, and on one occasion got drunk enough to think I was playing it. Several in the campsite were also drunk enough to think the same, but when I sobered up the next day I found that it was a totally recalcitrant instrument from which ordinary humans could not coax music - so I entered semi retirement in the mando performance area for a few years. (And enjoyed a little more music and a lot less "drunk" at the festivals.)

While on a work transfer from Kansas to Seattle, I met a sweet young thing who had an urge to visit her mother in Texas, so on the way to taking her there we stopped at my favorite festival in Winfield Kansas, where she became enamored of "music stuff" and bought a kit for a mountain dulcimer - which of course I was delegated to assemble. We tripped back from Seattle for the next three year's festivals, and then moved back to Kansas just to cut the travel time.

Her interest in "music stuff" led to a revival of my mando career, and ultimately to a much more expensive Vega F-style - currently unplayable because the knobs all crumbled and fell off the tuners.

Three mountain dulcimers, hand built. One new purchased "pretty" laptop dulcimer for the loved one. One (and possibly the only in existence) double bass washtub bass (two tubs). One no-name Chinese standup bass. One Washburn acoustic-electric bass guitar. A Stagi English Concertina (her venture into the world of chromaticity). And a couple of keyboards used mostly for notation input.

And my current number 1 instrument - a no-name all plywood A-style mandolin, currently sporting a bridgecap whittled out of a clothespin when the original cracked on the second day of last year's festival.

Fortunately, I only play for my own enjoyment - so I have none of that "acquisition syndrome" stuff to contend with.


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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: Mudlark
Date: 18 Mar 03 - 10:15 PM

I've read thru this whole thread again just for the fun of seeing all these great instruments being named and talked about...and obviously cherished. What a rush...

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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: Leadfingers
Date: 18 Mar 03 - 07:23 PM

Martin D35(1969)had from new,Tanglewood Earth poseur guitar,Maya 5
string resonator banjo,Docherty Mandolin,all with WHITE Calton cases.
A set of Chieftan Aluminium whistles,a set of Tony Dixon plastic whistles,Mid 20's Dallas open back 5 string,Mid 20's Vega COPY short
scale tenor banjo,Gianni Mandolin,Applause Ukulele,Melody Maker mando
banjo,Antoria Semi-acoustic 333 copy guitar,Home made (by a Friend)
Bass Guitar,Ozark Banjola,C and G Hohner chromatic Harmonicas,most of a set of Shaw whistles,and a voice like broken coke bottles being crushed under a door.Two P A set ups,and full Equity membership.Yes,
the fools actually pay me to play often enough.

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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: Little Robyn
Date: 18 Mar 03 - 06:55 PM

My main instrument now is Northumbrian Smallpipes but I also play piano accordian for the local Morris Dancers and at diddley sessions. My husband usually plays guitar but recently has been playing electric bass in a diddley band.
However, we have a large cupboard full of instruments we have worked our way through over the years - various guitars including a lute guitar, 5string banjo, Oscar Schmit autoharp, 3string dulcimer, fiddle, mandolin, minstral's harp, concertina, whistles, recorders, flutes, you name it - it's probably there.
But no brass!
Oh, we also have a Casio keyboard and there's an old pedal organ out in the rumpus room. That's not to mention the various percussion instruments and the odd indigenous things that turn up in the trade aid shops. If it plays a tune, I'll give it a go, and if it's not too expensive I'll buy it!

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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: bigchuck
Date: 18 Mar 03 - 10:50 AM

Guess I missed this one the first time through. Lets see now.....

Guitars: Taylor 710, Gibson Hummingbird, luthier made 12 fret slothead dreadnaught, and I just got a Guild F-50 rosewood jumbo that I suspect I'll be playing a lot.

Other: Vega Little Wonder banjo (by Deering), 1920 Gibson A mandolin, homemade mandolin, Howe-Orme Mandola, Flatiron Bouzouki, and a couple of old fiddles that I don't do much with. Mostly I play guitar, banjo and mandolin.


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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: Sorcha
Date: 18 Mar 03 - 10:40 AM

It ain't a guitar, that's for sure. Maggie the Fiddle is an early 1900's Lyon and Healy machine made fiddle with 12:1 geared tuning pegs (like a guitar/banjo). Cheap old thing, but she is a "banjo killer" and I love her! She was Mr.'s grandfathers way back when he played for dances. Well broken in............

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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: BuckMulligan
Date: 18 Mar 03 - 10:23 AM

A Gurian, Jumbo, from the pre-fire era (about 1972) whihc I've had since about 1981. My son & I also just got an Alvarez AJ60SC, which is a mighty sweet, ballsy guitar for the money. Occasionally he lets me muck around with his Gibson SG or his Strat. Same drill as so many others, leftover 60s folkie, unreconstructed and unapologetic.

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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: GUEST,Steve
Date: 18 Mar 03 - 08:48 AM

Whistles, Northumbrian Smallpipes and sing

I mess around with a flute and some guitars, but not at the same time...

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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: Genie
Date: 18 Mar 03 - 07:57 AM

Jerry R., your story about your friend Luke Faust brings to mind the poem (and song) The Touch Of The Master's Hand .

JJ, I forgot to mention that, having taken 4 years of piano lessons back in the pleistocene age, I am beginning to pick it up again (in other words, actually practice sometimes), now that I have a keyboard. I hope to be able to play it in public again one of these months.


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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: Mr Happy
Date: 18 Mar 03 - 02:39 AM

keyboard [chord organ], whistles, harmonica, guitar, melodeon, vocalisations

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Subject: RE: What You Cats Play
From: Cleanhead
Date: 18 Mar 03 - 01:16 AM

Martin DM, most of time and like Mudlark I sing a bit, and like many singers, my playing ability stopped when I could accompany myself on most of the songs I wanted to sing (sad but true). Again like Mudlark an old 60's folkie I sing pretty well whatever, from 60's folk to a little rock (I belive much of the best rock will be folk music some day) a little blues some country and western. But in my opinion you should play whatever sounds best to you. Be it a 200 dollar fender a 3000 dollar martin or taylor or a 50 dollar no name you pick up in a yard sale.

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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: Coyote Breath
Date: 03 Dec 02 - 12:17 PM


Welcome to the cat box Jazzyjack.


A Saga kit, 5 string and an Alvarez 5 string. The both greatly modified for old timey thumpiness. (using only the best socks stuffed into the back of the "pots" behind the heads). Both tuned DOWN a full note; Saga to F and Alvarez to B. The Alvarez some times has nylon strings, the Saga sometimes a steel banjo mute.

A new Gibson Songbird.

A "decal" 'A' model style mandolin

A 15 bar Oscar Schmidt autoharp

a bunch of penny whistles of many different makes and keys, none were a penny but none were more than $8 (US).

Sometimes an old Sears electric organ that I got free.


In Church, at re-enactments and other living history gatherings, on the porch, at our local bar, on the levee downtown and anywhere else I can get away with it. Oh and on the street occasionally.


Been doing it since late Spring of 1959. I used to play a stand-up bass in a jazz trio before that.


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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: Firecat
Date: 02 Dec 02 - 04:32 PM


I play cello, bodhran and keyboard and I sing a bit.

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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: dorareever
Date: 02 Dec 02 - 08:12 AM

my guitar has "stonehenge" written on it.That's all I know.

That's the only guitar of the same brand I ever seen,mine is similar,but is not the same.

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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: black walnut
Date: 02 Dec 02 - 07:43 AM

(Amen, Bobert, about the absence of referrals!)


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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: Rapparee
Date: 02 Dec 02 - 07:26 AM

A 1929 Conn B-flat trumpet I bought used in 1964, and it still sounds as sweet as when it came out of the factory -- and I have an original mouthpiece for it, too.

I'm trying to regain what I once knew about playing the piano on an electronic keyboard, but it's painfully slow!

When I play, I play: popular stuff from the '50s and '60s, Irish folk music, Civil War music, folk music from the late '50s and '60s, and so on. I just bought "O'Neill's Music Of Ireland" (reprint), and have such titles as the "Mitchell Trio Songbook" "Ton Lehrer Song Book" "Songs of Man" and "Songs For Swingin' Housemothers."

A good question is "Why Do You Cats Play?"

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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: Lanfranc
Date: 02 Dec 02 - 04:57 AM

Guitars: Martin D18, SPD16, DM12; Washburn Woodstock, EA20-12, J200 copy, WG2S; Yairi Mod 20 Classic, Guild Starfire II and Tanglewood Custom electrics, Outbound Travel Guitar.

Mandolins: Oscar Schmidt, Ozark Electro-Acoustic

5-String Banjo: Washburn B-7

Appalachian Dulcimer; by George Bowden, Palma, Mallorca

Bowed Psaltery: by Chris Harvey, Woodbridge, Suffolk

Baglama, Saz, Oud

Piano by Steinmayer, Keyboard by Technics

Running out of space in my Den/Office!

Used, with vocals, to produce an eclectic mix of folk, country, early and 20th C pop music. (including songs by several Canadian songwriters, you'll be pleased to hear - Cohen, Mitchell, Lightfoor, Smith, Tyson etc)


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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: mooman
Date: 02 Dec 02 - 04:56 AM

Custom Lakewood M-18 acoustic guitar (always open-tuned)

Old Antoria classical guitar

100+ year old French "parlour guitar" (for slide only)

Handmade custom electronics electric guitar (given me as a parting present by its maker leaving for more tropical climes)

Chris Eccleshall A.5 "Pearly" mandolin

Terry Docherty octave mandola

Lyon and Healy 1925 short-scale tenor banjo

Roland Meinl and Supercussion congas and bongos

Numerous and various un-named Indian and African drums and other percussion items

Chieftain D whistle

(I also own a piano and Roland synth but claim even less competence on these than the other instruments!)

I play, in almost equal proportions: traditional Irish and other "Celtic" (ducking!) music, folk (some traditional but mainly contemporary), blues, some jazz "standards", Latin (mainly salsa), acoustic "rock" (if one can define such a genre!) and Bonzo Dog Doo Da Band type "goodtime" rock. I also teach Irish traditional, guitar and mandolin.

In my spare time I work as science director of a medical association!

All the best


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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: Greycap
Date: 02 Dec 02 - 03:11 AM

D-28, D-18, Santa Cruz F-128, Takamine Santa Fe & a Keith Young Autoharp

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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: Bee-dubya-ell
Date: 02 Dec 02 - 01:58 AM

Instrumentwise, I play several stringed instruments including guitar, 5-string banjo, tenor banjo, bouzouki, mandolin, dobro, hammer dulcimer, and autoharp. I listed the guitars in my collection in a previous thread. Click here if you wanna see what they are. Stylewise, I play Irish and old-time music in a couple of groups, mostly swing music when just playing for myself, bluegrass when I have to, and just about anything except rap and heavy metal if I'm just picking with friends.


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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: Bobert
Date: 01 Dec 02 - 08:45 PM

TO ALL CATTERS: Congrates on not draggin' up a bunch of old threads, well, unless I missed a couple blue clickies...

Jazzer-catter: Welcome..

Ahhhh: My only two real instruments: '35 Gobson Tenor guitar, '63 Martin D-18.

My top beaters: Fender La Brea, Regal steel bodied Resonator


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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: Malachy
Date: 01 Dec 02 - 08:37 PM

I used to have a Gibson Hummingbird. Ma bought it for me on my 18th birthday. It met an untimely end in the back of a transit van , when a PA speaker fell on it....I only had a soft case for it!! My sister baled me out..I was strapped for cash....and lent me £40 . With it I bought an Eko 6 string (a tough little number). That was back in 1984...I still use it to this day, it still sounds great! More recently I bought a very flash looking Crafter. Dark blue, cut away ,semi acoustic..looks great,sounds great, but it has no soul. I always run back to my Eko.
Oh yeah ..and as Katlaughing might remember,I just got back together with me aul' Dulcimer (Appalachian)after 5 years....Having a whale of a time with it now.
I think I should get out more!!
Oiche mhaith!

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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: KateG
Date: 01 Dec 02 - 04:34 PM

Mountain Dulcimer (a McSpadden and a FolkRoots baritone tuned down to G), Guitar (an Alvarez Regency Folk, laminated top but a really nice sound for a small-bodied starter guitar), Irish flute (one of Ralph Sweet's redesigned six hole, keyless models), recorders (a hold-over from my days as an early-music freak, fortunately I recovered)and in odd moments, tin whistle.

My husband plays Mandolin (a Ditson bowl-back that I found and had restored for him, he's learning fast and will soon be in the market for something a bit more up-to-date), harmonicas (Herings, but he used to love Hohner Golden Melodies till the dreaded metal allergy set in) and ocarina.

We also have an assortment of kazoos, jaw harps, shaker eggs, spoons and other musical gizmos that we pick up when the mood strikes.

What do we play? Old time fiddle tunes, Celtic, Sixties folkie stuff (I learned to play guitar in high school and am coming back to it after a 30 year hiatus), and just about anything else that we can fake or follow along with. Blues and bluegrass are still beyond's that barre chord thang. But we're game, and practicing.

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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: bigchuck
Date: 01 Dec 02 - 03:35 PM

Oh geez; Taylor 710, Gibson Hummingbird, Martin 000-15S, occasionally a luthier-made 12 fret slothead Dreadnaught; 1920 Gibson A mandolin, a mando I made about 10 years ago; Deering Vega Little Wonder banjo; 1910 Howe-Orme Mandola (tuned as octave mandolin); Flatiron 'zook. I play at various jams around home (central Vt)and with my band Woodchucks' Revenge around northern New England.


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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: Jim Krause
Date: 01 Dec 02 - 02:48 PM

In answer to your question, click here. Find photo here. That way I don't have to type so much.

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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: RangerSteve
Date: 01 Dec 02 - 02:29 PM

Mostly I play a Deering 5 string banjo - the Vega copy, Lee Oscar harmonicas, an Oscar Schmidt autoharp, and a Gibson tenor guitar from around 1954. I have a Cort 6 string guitar that I'm learning to play, and I keep a Saga banjeurine by my computer for playing while I'm waiting for things to download.

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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: Genie
Date: 01 Dec 02 - 02:25 PM

And, oh, JJ, you asked WHAT (music) we play, too. If I CAN sing and play it and I LIKE it, I do. Don't care if it's folk, show tunes, Gospel, R&B, reggae, show tunes, rock 'n' roll, semi-classical, Tin Pan Alley, c/w, or whatever. Judging from your chosen Mudcat "handle," sounds like you may venture from the "strictly folk" fold PRN, too, eh?

Welcome aboard.


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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: Jazzyjack
Date: 01 Dec 02 - 02:22 PM

To Nick and black walnut; Go on the web and get aquainted with Eileen Laverty, Todd Butler, Tim Williams Kristin Sweetland and Andy Ruszel. These are Canadian artists with totally different styles. I also am keen on Americans Jack Williams, Jonelle Mosser and Kathleen Wilhoite.

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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: CarolC
Date: 01 Dec 02 - 02:13 PM

Welcome to the Mudcat Jazzyjack.

I play a beautiful 120 bass, 41 key "Super Midget", Italian piano accordion. The dealer who sold it to me thinks it was built at the Crucianelli factory. It's about 1/2 the size of most other 120 bass, 40+ key piano accordions, and it has as sweet a sound as any accordion I've ever heard.

My favorite music to play is traditional Finnish music, but I also play some pieces from England, Scotland, France, Canada, and the US. I recently married a native Newfoundlander, and he's been teaching me some of the traditional music of that amazing place.

I sometimes play at jam sessions and open mics, but mostly I play at home here in Georgia (USA).

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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: Genie
Date: 01 Dec 02 - 12:39 PM

My oldest and favorite guitar is an old Martin 00018. I use that for most song circles, jams, and gigs where I really want the guitar to sound good and don't need to amplify it.
For my everyday work (playing and singing at retirement and nursing homes and senior centers, etc.) and whenever I need to amplify the guitar and don't think a mic will work well, I play a cutaway acoustic-electric Sigma (roughly the same size and shape as the Martin).
I like direct-ins for amplifying my guitar, since I move around a lot when I play and sing, and it's really hard to keep a guitar mic positioned properly.
I also have about 8 more guitars (a Martin Backpacker, a 3/4 size Ibanez, 2 dreadnought style flattops, an electric, an Takamine Jasmine cutaway acoustic-electric nylon-string, an Alvarez that's the same size and shape as my Martin but needs a peg replaced, and an old Gibson LGO which is nice to play but doesn't stay in tune very well, and another Sigma which I play when I'm in San Diego).

The Backpacker has turned out to be quite convenient for keeping by the computer when I'm working on sheet music or lyric/chord sheets. The Ibanez is great for travelling when a full size guitar would be too unwieldy. I haven't really learned to play the electric yet, but I want to. Several of the others I'd like to sell, but I haven't got around to it yet. It's nice to keep one or two of the cheaper guitars on stands in the house, though, so I can grab one when I want to plunk out a tune. (I like to keep the better guitars in their cases so the cats can't knock them over.)

For fun, I play at jams and song circles in Seattle, Portland, and (a few times a year) in San Diego, as well as at the various folk singer gatherings in the Pacific NW (RainyCamp, SunnyCamp, Camp Runamuck, Singtime Frolics, etc.) and at NW Folklife Festival in Seattle on Memorial Day weekend.

Come play music with us "south of the border" sometime, JJ--OK?


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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: black walnut
Date: 01 Dec 02 - 12:11 PM

Hi Jazzyjack. I'm in Toronto. I play Celtic harp (Josephus, made in B.C.), dulcimer (Bear Meadow, made in Rochester), piano (old and broken), and a bit of open-string guitar and things.

I sing at song circle, and have been known to perform at open stages, benefits, weddings and choral concerts, often with my music partner guitarist Jeff Morrison.

My daytime passion is teaching early childhood music to children ages 3 months to 3 years, with their grownups.

I am in the middle of recording a CD of early childhood music for Merriweather Records at Ken Whiteley's studio. The musicians who have joined me so far include Ben Grossman (percussion), Kirk Elliot (fiddle and Irish whistle), Arnie Naiman (banjo), Kathy Reid-Naiman (dulcimer and voice), and Ken himself, playing everything from soup to nuts (piano, accordian, bass, teacup.....). I'm having the time of my life!

I am very proud of the Canadian folk music community. We have great talent in this country. I have had Eileen McGann and David Francey, with Dave Clarke, do house concerts in my living room. Other folk heros of mine include Bruce Cockburn, Don Ross, Katherine Wheatley and Rick Fines.

I attend many folk festivals every summer, and one of my favourites was the Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2001.


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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: katlaughing
Date: 01 Dec 02 - 12:10 PM

To all of the newbies in this thread: Welcome to the Mudcat!

coinwolf, love that pegleg! Looks like a really nice fest.

Mountain/Apple-lay-shun/Lap dulcimer "Peaches", sometimes fiddle (need to practice!), Navajo flute, voice box:-)and I've a baritone uke I need to restring got it, practice (the three chords I know on it!*bg*)


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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: dick greenhaus
Date: 01 Dec 02 - 12:03 PM

Hey Jerry-
Do you know whatever happened to Luke Faust? I haven't seen him in 45 years.

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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: dorareever
Date: 01 Dec 02 - 11:39 AM

I play myself..*lol* no,it doesn't sound very good if I tell it like that ;)...I mean,I sing.

I play rhytm guitar too,if you want an instrument.
I have lots of other instruments I can play badly or I can't play at all: an electric bass guitar,a violin,a tin whistle,a 4-string banjo,two maracas,an harmonica,my old middle school recorder (I can play it still...a bit...but I don't like recorders much :( and it's made of plastic,bleah!!)...bass and banjo and maybe harmonica I guess I will try to learn better...the rest I don't know...I guess I'll keep buying and/or storing things I can't play ;) Is like a fever,if I have money and I am in a music shop I have to buy something...thw violin I didn't buy it,I'm not so crazy.I only buy cheap instruments.

My cats don't play.They dance instead.And sleep on guitars.One is not very interested in music,the other likes Johnny Cash but overall music isn't their main interest.They appreciate my voice and guitar playing,but they hate harmonica sounds.;)

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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: GUEST,coinwolf
Date: 01 Dec 02 - 11:24 AM

I am blind in one eye, only have one leg and play the fiddle.
I beat the rhythm with my wooden leg and tail!


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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: EBarnacle1
Date: 01 Dec 02 - 11:18 AM

English concertina, Wheatstone model E2. I spent more than a year haunting every music shop and hock shop I saw. When I came to Bronen's in the Bronx, I walked in and saw a collection of the usual mother of toilet seat anglo's but asked anyway. the clerk brought out what is now my concertina, Virginia. I tried her and found everything to be in good working order. They asked $250 and I put down a deposit, saying I would be back the next day. [This before everyone had 3 or 4 credit cards.]

When I came back, the shop owner asked me to take $250 on top of my deposit. I refused and stuck to the deal because I could not afford what he really wanted.

I have tried many other instruments [and even owned 2 others] but have always come back to Virginia.

In addition, I play the kazoo [So many songs seem to demand it!] and am learning the full sized xylophone that I found in a dumpster. I may even bring it out in public in the next year or two.

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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: Jerry Rasmussen
Date: 01 Dec 02 - 06:33 AM

I have four acoustic guitars, two electric guitars, a mandola, a mandolin or two, a fiddle, two or three banjos, a banjo-mandolin and various and sundry other stuff. I can remember the makes on some of them, some don't have a brand name on them, and I haven't the faintest idea what model numbers any of them are. The music that comes out of them is only as good as the music that comes out of me. They fit me well and play what I hear in my head. For someone who is primarily a singer, who rarely plays with other musicians, the sound of the instrument is most important to me, and the model number isn't necessarily the best measure of that. I bought an Alvarez Signature guitar (one of the few instruments I can remember the name AND model, a few years ago and was fortunate enough to be able to play four or five of them and pick the one that sounded best. They were all the same model and the same price, but there was a fair range of sound to them (to my ears.)

Six years ago, I bought an electric guitar... a Hamer. I never heard of the name before. I played a half a dozen different brands and models of guitars in the store, some with makes you'd recognize. But, the Hamer sounded better than any other guitar I played in the store, so I bought it. I also liked the look of it and its Cherry Red color. For electric guitars, I've seen models for a thousand dollars that I wouldn't be caught dead playing because in my eyes they look ridiculously stupid.

The most gifted musician I ever knew, or heard was Luke Faust. He could play the cheapest, warped neck mexican guitar and make it sing sweeter than any $3,000.00 brand name. Plywood topped mandolins sounded like Gibsons in his hands. I've heard people play Gibson mandolins, and all that came out of them were a lot of notes. For a long time, his only guitar was a cheap nylon string mexican guitar someone left behind when they crashed in his apartment. The neck was pulling away from the body, so the action was a mite high, so he asked me to fix it. I ended up accidently breaking the neck from the body, trying to fix it, but got it re-attached with the action lowered to a reasonable level, and he played that guitar for a long time. I had to have better instruments than Luke did, because the music inside of me wasn't as good as his, so I had to compensate..


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Subject: RE: BS: What You Cats Play
From: Oaklet
Date: 01 Dec 02 - 06:09 AM

At the moment, I am playing a dreadful loan instrument whilst my beloved and curvaceous Klotz copy fiddle is being restored. It was handed to me by its creator with the news that it was his final examination piece at the Newark school of instrument making. I am not ungreatful, but I had to ask him very pointedly if he passed!

It makes noises though.

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