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Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
'boon   above
'bout   about
'daurknin'   darkening/twilight
'ee lang   live long
'fore   before
'mang   among
'midst   amidst
'twas   it was
'wa'   awaywad
'yont   beyond.
A Ah I
a   a
a bodie   someone
a haip   a lot+ often
a maiter o   as much as
a thocht   the least bit
a wee   a little while
a while sin   some time ago
a'   all
a' the go   extremely popular
a'place   everywhere
A'thegither   altogether.
A-fiel   afield.
a-jee   ajar; to one side.
aa a'+ aw all
aa ither thin   everything else
aa weys aw weys in every way
aabodie awbodie a'bodie everyone
aagates awgates everywhere
aamaist awmaist almost
aareadies awreadies already
aaricht awricht all right
aathegither awthegither altogether
aathing awthing everything
aawhaur   everywhere
aback   behind
abee   as it is+ alone
abeelitie abeilitie ability
abeich abeech aloof
abi’s abeis+ abees compared with
Abiegh   aloof
ablins   v. aiblins.
ablo ablow below
Aboon   above up.
aboot   about
abraid   abroad
Abread   abroad.
Abreed   in breadth.
abreest Abreist abreast
abuin abune; aboon above
abuise   abuse
abune   above
accoont   account
accuistom   accustom
ackwart   awkward
acquent   acquainted Past t.
acquent acquant acquaint
acquentit   acquainted Past perf.
acre   acre
adae ado going on+ being done+ the matter with
admeet admeet admit
admoneetion admoneition admonition
advocate   barrister
ae   one+ the only one
ae   one+ any
ae day   one day
aefauld   honest
aefauldlie   sincerely
aff   off
aff luif aff-lufe+ aff-loof off-hand
aff o   away from
aff-hand   at once
aff-loof   offhand
affuird   afford
afore   before+ in front of
afore   before
aft   oft
aft   often
aft(en) affen often
aften   often
again agen agane again
age   age
agin again against
agley aglay aglee off line
aheid   ahead
Ahin   behind.
ahint ahent ahin behind
Aiberdeen   Aberdeen
Aiberdour   Aberdour
Aiberfyle   Aberfoil
aiblins   perhaps
aicht echt+ aucht+ eicht eight
Aidin   Eden
aidle   liquid manure
Aidle   foul water.
aigle   eagle
aik   oak
aiken   oaken
ail   ail
ain   (on its) own
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.