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Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
na   (negative)+ no
nacket   small neat person+ packed lunch
nae   no
nae dout   no doubt+ doubtless
nae ither bodie   no one else
nae langer   no longer
naebodie   no one
naebody   nobody
naegate   nowhere
nael   navel
naesay   denial
naetheless   nevertheless
naethin'   nothing
naething   nothing
naig   a horse
nain   (your) own
naipkin   napkin
nairae nairra narrow
naither   neither
naither   however
naitral   natural
naitur   nature
nakit naikit naked
name nem name
nane   none / neither
nane ava'   nothing
nappy   ale
natch   notch
natch   a notching implement; abuse.
naur   near
naur(haund)   near+ nearly+ almost
naurby   nearly+ near
naurer   nearer
naw   no
ne'er   never
Ne'er's Day   New year's day
neat nate neat+ trim+ smart
neathmaist   lowest
neb   nose
Neebor   neibor
neebours   neighbors
need   need
Needna   needn't.
neep   turnip
neet neit a nit (louse)
neeze neize sneeze
neibour neebour neighbour
neibourheid   neighbourhood
neir neer a kidney
neist neest next
nervish   nervous
nesh   of delicate health
nestie naistie nasty
nether   lower
neuk   corner
neuk   newk
nevel   a sharp blow+ punch
nevoy neffie+ neffay nephew
new nyow+ nyoweNE new
new-ca'd   newly driven
newfangelt   innovative
newfangle   something new+ a novelty
newlins   recently
ney (an) nighan almost+ near
nicher   neigh+ snigger
nicht   night
nicht   night
Nick   to sever; to slit; to nail
Nick (Auld)   Nickie-ben
Nick-nackets   curiosities
Nickie-ben   v. Nick
Nicks   cuts; the rings on a cow's horns
niece   niece
niest   next
nieve neeve fist
nieve-fu'   fistful
nievefu   handful+ fistful
nievle   punch with the fist
niffer   barter+ exchange
nimmle   nimble
nine nyne nine
nint nynt ninth
nirl   shrink+ shrivel
nit   nut
nither   shiver
nittie   mean or disobliging
niver nivver never+ impossible
no   not
no aft   seldom
no ataa   not at all
no ava   not at all
no monie   a few
nocht   nothing+ nought
nochtie   good for nothing
noo   now
nor   than
nor(th)   north
Norland   northern.
norlins   northwards
norrie   whim+ fancy +notion
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.