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Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
labber   slobber
lacer   a (boot) lace
lach+ lachin'   laugh+ laughing
lad   boy
lad+ laddie   boy+ young man
laddie   boy
lade laid load
laden laiden loaded
laed   laid+ lying
laft   loft
lag   lingering+ slow
lag   backward
laggen   the bottom angle of a wooden dish
lagger   make wet or muddy+ mud
laggin leggin the edge or bottom of
laggin   crest of a hill
laich laigh low
laidron   a rascal
laif   loaf
laigh   low
laik   lack
lair lear+ laer The act of teaching+ knowledge
lair   lore
laird   lord
laird   landowner
lairge   large
lairin cf. lair teaching
lairing   sticking or sinking in moss or mud.
lairn cf. lair learn
lairnit cf lair learned
laith   loath
laithe v.   loath+ loathing+ unwilling
laithfu'   loathful
laithsome   loathsome
laldie   a thrashing+ punishment
lallan lalland lowland
lallans   the Scots language
lamgammachie (NE)   long rigmarole
lamiter   lame person
lammas   1st August
lammer   amber
lammie   dim. of lamb
lamp   stride
lan'   land
lan'-afore   the foremost horse on the unplowed land side
lan'-ahin   the hindmost horse on the unplowed land side
land lan+ laun+ laund land
landart landwart in the country
landbirst   breaking waves
lane   alone+ solitary
lanely   lonely
lanesome   lonely
lang   long+ for long
lang syne   long ago
lang+ langer   long+ longer
lang-luggit   long-eared+ shrewd
lang-nebbit   nosy
langle   hobble+ tether animal
Langniddrie   Longniddry
langsome   slow+ tedious
lanimer   Burgh boundary
lap   leapt
lapper   clot+ curdle+ freeze
lapster   lobster
larick   larch tree
larrie   lorry+ truck
lass   girl
lass   girl+ young woman
lassie   girl
lat   let
lat abee   leave alone
lat be   leave alone
latch   bog+ wet+ muggy+ delay
latchet   small loop of thread+ string
late   late
laubour lawbour labour
lauch lach laugh
laucht lacht laughed
laum lamm lamb
laup   lap
lave   remainder
lave   the rest
laverock   lark
laverock   lav'rock
lavrocks   larks
law   law+ a rounded hill+ low
lawer lawvyer lawyer
lawin   (tavern) bill+ reckoning
laylock   lilac
lea   grass
lea   leave
lea'   leave
lead   lead+ channel for water
leak   leak
leal   loyal+ faithful
lealtie   loyalty
leam   gleam
Lear   lore
least   least
leave   permission
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.