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Scots Glossary

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Scots English
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Scots Words Alt. Scots Words English Meanings
jabble   splash+ choppy sea
jad   a jade
jad   a woman past her prime
jag   prick+ injection
jaicket jaikit jacket
jalouse   suspect+ guess+ imagine
jandies   jaundice
janitor   caretaker
Janwar januar January
jarg   creak
jaud   jade
jauk   to trifle
jauner   gabber
jauntie   dim. of jaunt
jaup   splash
jaur   jar
jaurie   earthenware marble
jaw ja surge of water+ pour+ splash
jaw   talk
jaw   to throw
jaw-box   a sink+ drain
jaw-hole   sewer
jealous jailous+ jeilous+ jeelous+ jealous
Jeddart   Jedburgh
jeeg jeig a jig
jeeg   to jog
jeeger jeger odd or eccentric person
jeegle jeigle jog+ shake about+ jiggle
jeel geel+ geal+ geil congeal
jeelie jeilie+ jeely jelly+ jam
Jennie's blae een   speedwell
Jennie-lang-legs   cranefly+ daddy-long-legs
jillet   a flirt
Jillet   a jilt
jilp   spurting+ splashing water
jimp   slender+ contract
jimp   small
jimply   neatly
jimps   stays
jing-bang   a considerable number
jingle   noisy mirth+ an instant
jink   turn quickly+ dodge
jink   the slip
jink   to frisk
jinker   dodger (coquette); a jinker noble; a noble goer
jinkin'   dancing
jirble   spill and splash
jirkinet   bodice
jirt   a jerk
jist   just
jiz   a wig
jo joe sweetheart
joco   cheerful
jocteleg   a clasp-knife
jog on yer gate   be on your way
jonick   genuine+ fair+ honest
joskin   country bumpkin
jossle   shake+ totter
jotter joater notebook
joug joog jug
jougle joogle juggle
jouk jook+ deuk duck v. + avoid
jouks   swerve
jouter jooter saunter+ totter
jow   to jow
jowe   bell ring
joyfu'   joyful
juidge   judge
juidges   judges
Juin   June
juist jist just
juist   enough
Julie   July
jummle   jumble
jumpet   jumpit
jumpin-raip   skipping rope
jundie   a steady pace
jundie   to jostle
jurr   a servant wench
jute   jute
jyle jile goal
jyne jine join
jyner jiner carpenter
kae   jackdaw+ its call
kail kale cabbage+ soup
kail   kale
kail-blade   the leaf of the colewort
kail-gullie   a cabbage knife
kail-runt   the stem of the colewort
kail-whittle   a cabbage knife
kail-yard   a kitchen garden
kailwirm   caterpillar
kailyaird   kitchen garden
kaim kame comb
kain   kane
kaip kep cap
kaitie beardie   loach
kame   a comb
kebars   rafters
kebbock kebbuck cheese
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Many thanks to John in Brisbane for this concept and the initial data.